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The biggest, longest and thickest dick in the world (photo) 18+



  •  In many ancient and modern cultures, the male phallus is an object of worship as a symbol of fertility and the productive power of nature. The Japanese generally devoted a whole festival to the subject of male pride, which is called Kanamara Matsuri (“Festival of Iron Penises”). And the length and thickness of manhood since ancient times were one of the most important factors of the phallic cult.

  •  And today, these parameters greatly influence both the self-esteem of a man and the attitude of women towards him. Want to know who has the longest dick in the world? Take the kids away from blue screens and we'll tell you everything.

The biggest cock in the world

  •  Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, a modest 54-year-old man living in Mexico, is the owner of almost half a meter penis. If you give exact figures, then the length of his penis is 48 centimeters, the circumference is 25 centimeters, the diameter is 7.9 cm, and the weight is 907 grams.


  •  That is, Cabrera is at the same time the man with the thickest member in the world and with the longest member. In the photo, his dignity looks very impressive, but Roberto's life cannot be called happy. After all, women are not admired, but frightened by the huge size of his reproductive organ. Some women were too scared to agree to have sex with such a giant, while others felt that sexual contact was very painful and gave up halfway through.

  •  In addition, Cabrera often suffers from urinary tract infections because his urine cannot quickly travel all the way down his penis. He constantly wears special bandages in the causal place, and not out of modesty in front of the camera, but because he rubs very hard in his groin. And when walking, the member has to be tied to the leg with a stocking.

World's Biggest Cock 2

  •  And because of problems with movement and the inability to wear the standard uniform for a particular company, Cabrera cannot get a normal job. He is considered disabled and needs help from the Mexican government.

How Cabrera was able to increase the penis

  •  The owner of the largest male member in the world at a young age was obsessed with "sexual gigantomania". He hung various weighting agents on his most valuable organ, which often led to skin injuries. Over time, the injured area overgrown, and Roberto hung a new weighting agent to the phallus, which provoked new injuries and so on. Over time, additional tissue grew on the penis, and over several decades turned the dignity of the Mexican into “what a dignity!”.

0gaa54umOnly the body of the penis itself is about 18 centimeters long, and the remaining 30 cm is the foreskin. And in an erect state, the penis does not increase in size.