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Top 3 car gadgets for women


  •  It is estimated that female car enthusiasts are 10 times less likely to have accidents than men and park better (13,4 points out of 20 possible versus 12,3). And in general, they do not cause much trouble for insurers: the average Casco loss for women is 9% less than for men.

  •  Meanwhile, it is objectively more difficult for women to drive a car – historically, cars were designed for the anatomical conditions of larger and differently built drivers. Of course, it will not be possible to quickly correct the unfair state of affairs, but something can be done. We present to your attention three useful devices that will help make the car more convenient and safer for autoladies and further increase the gap between men in driving quality.

Video recorder – protection against aggression

2078498Most reckless and auto-boomers are men, and there is a biological reason for this: the level of testosterone, which also determines the level of aggression, is many times higher in the stronger sex: about 100 nanograms per liter of blood versus four in the lady. Therefore, it is easy to run into an inappropriate person in the traffic flow, and getting involved in “road wars” is too dangerous: the average woman has practically no chance against a strong bully.

  •  But the competent authorities, insurers and judges have it, especially if “all moves are recorded” with the help of another useful gadget – a video recorder. It will help a lot to identify the culprit and deal with the offender. And if we ignore serious topics, the DVR will record and save a lot of funny moments on the road.

“When choosing such a device, you need to pay attention to its functionality. The registrar must have several important features”, — Ilya Petrov, the leading brand manager of Digma, comments.

  • It is desirable to have two high-quality cameras that are able to record both the traffic situation in front of the car and events in the cabin. For example, the main one, Digma FreeDrive 212 Night FHD, records in Full HD resolution (1 x 920), while the salon one records in decent HD (1 x 080).
  • The ability to conduct high-quality shooting day and night – this is usually indicated by the presence of filters that can remove video noise. In this case, the numbers and colors of cars, traffic lights and road signs will be clearly visible on the video, which will allow it to be used as evidence in an accident.
  • Convenient mounting method and swivel system to fix the recorder in the desired position.
  • Wide viewing angle: better than 160°. This allows the registrar to control almost the entire space in front of the car, across the entire width of the carriageway, including the sidewalk.
  • The presence of a motion sensor – it will start the device as soon as the car starts moving, and when it stops, it will “fall asleep” if the parking mode is not enabled, which allows you to record events while parking with the car turned off.
  • Anti-shock system G-shock, which will save the video obtained during sudden changes in movement (emergency braking, strong shaking, skidding, and so on) to a separate folder and protect it from overwriting.

Is the belt safe?

idndvd0yAlthough women drive more carefully, they are 47% more likely to be seriously injured. And all because the cars are not designed for them at all: the standard test dummy is an “average” man (177 cm, 76 kg), and the “average” girl is 165 cm and 72 kg. Because of this, for most women, the standard belt is simply uncomfortable, and for those who are expecting a child, it can also cause serious harm. As a result, women are 79% more likely to break their legs, 58% more likely to break their arms, and 44% more likely to injure their neck due to a deployed airbag.

  •  Of course, some premium automakers, such as Volvo, make adaptive passive safety systems that take into account the anatomical features of lighter and shorter women. However, most motorists drive economy class cars, experiencing constant inconvenience: a standard belt presses on the neck, chest, and can even limit the field of view.

  •  In this case, you can purchase a primitive but effective device. This is a seat belt adapter: either a small textile “envelope” through which a regular car belt is passed, or a metal (steel or titanium) plate of complex shape – it allows you to slightly move the tape and make it fit more comfortably. As a rule, such devices are positioned as "children's", but in practice they are excellent help and miniature autolady drive even better.

  •  A more serious adapter is definitely needed for pregnant women. Such a gadget is a whole belt system and allows you to completely avoid pressure on the stomach even for a long time, while maintaining safety.

  •  For example, modern devices for expectant mothers, such as the Tummy Shield, are a special pad on the seat. It provides a comfortable position for the regular seat belt and removes pressure on the stomach thanks to the special design of the gadget's hip belts.

Glass hammer: in case of an accident

cu3sw0phA woman is on average 30-50% weaker than a man – for the same anatomical reasons. And this is what becomes a hindrance in a critical situation: you may simply not have enough strength to unfasten a stuck belt or squeeze out the glass of a jammed door in order to leave the emergency vehicle. Special devices are capable of coping with such difficulties. For example, these are hammers that can be seen in public transport. They are also produced for personal cars – both for mounting in the cabin and pocket options.

  •  All such devices make it possible to quickly cut off the seat belt and just as quickly break the triplex glass in order to free the opening, get out of the car itself and help passengers leave it. The "stationary" option allows you to mount the gadget, for example, on the driver's door or on the dashboard.

  •  The pocket version is usually small, the size of a large keychain, and is a multi-tool: in addition to a knife for cutting belts and a glass striker, it can include a flashlight and, for example, a simple pressure gauge for monitoring tire pressure.

  •  Today, women drivers are about a third of the total number of car owners, and their share is growing every year. Women participate in road traffic at least on an equal footing with men. However, until now, automakers, both domestic and foreign, are not eager to massively adapt equipment to women's needs. It's pointless to wait – it's easier to habitually take everything into your own hands and bring your favorite car to mind, since there are all the possibilities for this!