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20 New Year 2022 Gift Ideas for Grandpa

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  •  Grandparents are the people who value attention the most, not material things. But this does not mean that they are not looking forward to something special for the New Year. For those who want to please their grandfather for the New Year 2022, we have prepared the top 20 gift ideas.

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20. Mug on wheels Lefard "Merry Friends" 350 ml


  •  A cheerful and unusual gift for grandfather for the New Year will please both performance and spaciousness. The wheels spin well, and the product itself is made of hardened porcelain.

19. Garden chair for summer cottages and camping, 102x58x58cm up to 150kg


  •  Such a gift will be useful to grandfather-fisherman or gardener. It will be possible to relax in nature with comfort, because the chair is equipped with a pocket, a cup holder and a cover that can fit important little things like bait and wobblers.

18. Lawn mower Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus


A great New Year's gift for a grandfather who lives in a private house. Caring for your lawn by hand becomes more difficult as you get older. It is better to entrust this task best lawn mower . It is made in Italy, runs on gasoline and comes with a 10-year warranty.

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17. Cube bag for tools DEKO DKTB56


  •  If grandfather is actively engaged in repairing the house and in the garage, then such an accessory will definitely come in handy for him. This bag (LxWxH 26x20x19 cm) will accommodate both a screwdriver and a hammer, and there will be room for screwdrivers.

19. Petrol snow blower PATRIOT PS 603, self-propelled


  •  If grandfather lives in his own house, he probably has to clean the paths and the entrance to the house from snow. And the powerful PATRIOT PS 603 snow blower will make this job much easier.

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18. Hasbro Board Game Jenga Games A2120


  •  The main enemy of the elderly is boredom. And board games like Jenga not only brighten up leisure time, but also help to train fine motor skills of the hands, develop dexterity and spatial thinking. 1 player is enough for this game.

17. Electric dryer for vegetables, fruits, mushrooms DVN31-500


  •  If your grandfather is an avid mushroom picker or gardener, give him a vegetable dryer for the New Year. So he will save the surplus of the harvest, and prepare sweets for his beloved grandchildren.

  •  The appearance of the Evgo DVN31-500/​5 dryer has something warm, lamp-like, Soviet, and the cost distinguishes this model from the numerous "sisters".

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16. Knife GANZO G8012 with sheath


  •  A truly masculine gift for an active grandfather who enjoys fishing, hunting or hiking. Yes, and in the economy such a knife is useful, at least for working with wood. It has a comfortable, grippy handle, good fixation of the blade in the sheath and there is a belt mount.

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15. Personalized terry bathrobe


  •  A cozy yet personalized gift that will show your grandfather how much you love and appreciate him. The price of such dressing gowns, together with embroidery of words, is about 3500 rubles.

14. Table lamp with handmade oriental mosaic "Orient", 14x37 cm


  •  And this is an excellent choice for a grandfather who appreciates originality in presents. Such a lamp, decorated in oriental style, will decorate the room, and at the same time will last a long time, because it is made of metal and glass.

13. Gift set of tea and coffee Traveler's set, Bergamot and Cinnamon


  •  A universal set that will give grandfather both positive emotions and a good portion of caffeine. It includes 2 types of coffee ("Kenya AA" and "Brazil", 2 types of tea (black "High Mountain" and green "Lu Zhu (Green Pearl)"), as well as cinnamon sticks and oranges – decorative elements.

12. GOODWINE wine sommelier gift set


  •  An elegant gift for a grandfather who has a collection of wines and understands that you can enjoy not only alcohol, but also the process of serving it.

  •  The kit includes an electric corkscrew, which facilitates and speeds up the process of uncorking a bottle, charging, an aerator, a foil knife and a vacuum stopper. And all this is in a stylish leather suitcase.

11. Car trunk organizer bag "Standard"


  •  Need a Christmas present for a motorist grandfather? Not another word! The "Standard" organizer bag with a volume of 50 liters will hold a set of automotive tools, a fire extinguisher, and a grocery bag.

  •  If necessary, the bag can be folded or moved from place to place by the handles on the sides.

10. DVR Daocam Combo wifi 2ch

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  •  Many older drivers in the old fashioned way prefer to do without DVRs. But in vain! In the event of a traffic incident, this device will be a reliable and impartial witness.

  •  If you decide to give your grandfather a video recorder, get ready to deal with the work of installing it. Or entrust this business to professionals. Grandpa can't do it himself.

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9. Heat gun Ballu BKX-5


  •  This device will help you quickly dry any room, such as an attic or basement. An indispensable gift for a summer residence and a garage, and also useful for heating a cottage or greenhouse.

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8. Protected smartphone Cubot King Kong 5 Pro


  •  The most weighty argument in a dispute with my grandmother... Of course, this is a joke, but only in part – the device is really solid, heavy, and designed for a man's hand. Thanks to the King Kong's rugged, protected body, nothing will be done if Grandpa drops it on the floor or even in a bathtub full of water. The processor of this model is not the most powerful, but the sound is very loud, there is fast charging and a good camera.

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7. Novex NC-202 hair clipper


  •  Going to the hairdresser is not cheap these days. Yes, and coronavirus restrictions make it difficult to do such a seemingly easy thing as going to a beauty salon. Therefore, a grandfather who wants to keep his hair well-groomed simply needs a hair clipper. But the grandmother may have to retrain as a stylist at home.

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6. Genealogical book in the NG cover "Family Chronicle"

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  •  This book is the best New Year's gift for a grandfather who puts family values above all else. In the genealogical book, you can enter all family members – both living and ancestors, filling it with memorable photographs and even records. This is a memory that can be passed on to children and grandchildren.

5. TALUS Orthopedic Insoles Winter Comfort


  •  In winter shoes with a hard insole, the feet can be uncomfortable. And soft orthopedic insoles will keep your feet warm and reduce the load on the feet while walking.

4. Echo sounder PRAKTIK 6M


  •  Grandpa loves quiet hunting? Please him with an echo sounder that shows the presence of fish, the depth of the reservoir, the density of the soil and the bottom topography. Thanks to frost-resistant sensors and a screen, this device is ideal for ice fishing.

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3. WIENJEE warm boots from Aliexpress


  •  These warm and comfortable shoes are made in China, but not "on Uncle Liao's knee", but at a reputable factory, whose products have hundreds of positive reviews on Aliexpress. The advantage of these boots is the lack of lacing, and the exact match to the Russian size.

  •  There's a 11.11/XNUMX sale ahead, so you'll have time to buy grandpa these boots at a good discount.

2. Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 5lhzze0z

  •  While this watch won't replace a full doctor's visit, it will help Grandpa keep track of important metrics such as sleep quality, heart rate, and physical activity levels.

  •  They can measure blood pressure as well as heart rate and rhythm (ECG). Another useful feature of this gadget for the elderly is the fall tracking sensor, which allows you to send an SOS notification to specified contacts in an emergency.

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1. DIY gift for grandfather for New Year 2022


  •  A hand-knitted warm scarf or mittens, a wine glass decorated with decoupage, a family tree, an embroidered handkerchief, a box of good wishes for the year from the whole family, homemade sweets – these are just a tiny part of the homemade gift ideas that you can give your grandfather.

  •  If “homemade” is not your profile at all, it doesn’t matter. Even a funny scene or a poem or a song performed by the whole family will please the heart of a grandfather no worse than an expensive purchased gift.