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Ezviz C8C – review of outdoor Wi-Fi PTZ surveillance camera



  •  Ezviz products are sold recently. The company produces Smart Home systems, recorders, baby monitors, but is primarily associated with CCTV cameras, both indoors and outdoors. In most new camera models, the company includes innovative developments and specifically for this purpose it has a research and development department.

Camera for today's review – Ezviz C8C, and here the manufacturer highlights the unique image detail, light signaling and "smart" night vision mode. Let's check.


Ezviz C8C

  •  Let's start with the design – it is very unusual, the camera is small, fits in the palm of your hand, the antenna ears give a slightly alien look, but in general, the black and white ball looks concise, it will look appropriate on any facade.

  •  The mounting bracket is convenient, it allows you to attach the camera to both the wall and the ceiling, you can easily attach it yourself.

Ezviz C8C

  •  For such a small size, the weight of the camera is decent, like expensive metal ones, although it is made of plastic. Let's see how long the plastic parts will last, but on the surface everything is very reliable.


Ezviz C8C dimensions

Model CS-C8C(1080P)
Matrix 1 / 2,7 "Progressive Scan CMOS
Exposure Adaptive
Lens 4mm, F1.6, FOV: 87° (horizontal), 105° (diagonal) 6mm at F1.6, FOV: 55° (horizontal), 66° (diagonal)
Pan and tilt angle Pan Angle: 352°, Tilt: 95°
Minimum lighting 0,5 lux at (F1.6, AGC ON), 0 lux with IR
Lens mount M12
Day/night mode Auto-switching IR cut filter
BLC Supported by
Black and white night mode 30 m
Max. permission 1920 × 1080
Frame frequency Max: 30fps; network transmission bootstrap
Video compression Smart H.265 / H.264
Video bitrate Ultra HD; Hi-def; standard. Adaptive.
Audio bitrate Self-adjusting
Max. bitrate 2 Mbps
Wi-Fi standard IEEE802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
Frequency range 2,4-2,4835 GHz
Channel capacity 20 MHz
Security 64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
Transmission speed 11b: 11Mbps, 11g: 54Mbps, 11n: 72Mbps
Connecting to a Wi-Fi network Configuration via access point
Protocol EZVIZ proprietary cloud protocol
Interface protocol EZVIZ proprietary cloud protocol
Wired network RJ45 × 1 (10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port)
Local storage MicroSD card slot (Max. 256 GB)
Cloud storage EZVIZ cloud storage
Smart Alarm Artificial intelligence-based people detection system
Custom alarm zone Supported by
Audio Microphone support
Common functions Anti-flicker, dual stream, health check function, password protection, watermark
terms of Use -30°C to 60°C , humidity 95% or less (non-condensing)
Degree of protection IP65
Power supply 12 VDC current, 1 A
Power Consumption Max. 6 W
Camera dimensions X x 158 157 149 mm
Packing dimensions X x 197 185 205 mm
The weight 920 g
Net weight 545 g
Box & Papers: C8C camera Power adapter with 1,5 meter cable Set of screws Waterproofing set Drilling template Regulatory information Quick guide
Certification: UL / FCC / CE / WEEE / REACH / ROHS

Recording quality

  •  Regarding the image quality, it is comparable to 2MP matrices and 1080p resolution of most video surveillance systems, it copes well with standard shooting of the territory. I didn’t need more, but if it’s extremely important for you to identify visitors on a video camera or read license plates, it’s better to look for other options (and increase your budget).

  •  The camera supports the person identification function – you can select a detection zone, and if someone enters this zone, the camera sends a video or notification according to your settings. The function works correctly, it determines the person accurately, there are no complaints.

Ezviz C8C people detection

  •  The camera records in 1080p resolution at 30fps, 4/6mm focal length. The camera rotates 352 degrees and tilts 95 degrees, that is, it provides a panorama, there is no increase. Covers 30 meters at night in black and white and about 10 meters in color.

Ezviz C8C swivel and tilt

Connection methods, compatible with NVR

  •  The camera can be used standalone, not connected to a recorder or anything else, but to record video on MicroSD, the card supports up to 256 GB, but it also supports storing information in the cloud. It is possible to save to the registrar, but the registrar will need a native one, from Ezviz, other cameras do not support.

Ezviz C8C write to memory cardRecording can be done 24/7 or only when motion is detected. In general, a motion sensor is an incredibly convenient thing, because a video with a moving object instantly comes to your phone and you can control the situation in real time, and not later, when everything is already broken or stolen.

Functional features of Ezviz C8C

  •  Night mode for panoramic cameras is usually only black and white. There are also three options here:

  1. Standard black and white photography with infrared illumination,
  2. color – with white LEDs,
  3. "smart" – all night the camera shoots in black and white mode, and when motion is detected, it automatically turns on the white LEDs and switches to color mode.

Ezviz C8C night mode

  •  Night vision, like daylight, is clear enough, but not enough to recognize facial features in the distance. There is also an interesting night function “winking” with white diodes when motion is detected. The manufacturer calls it a light alarm, the settings can also be set individually. Unusual.

Smartphone and PC control

The camera is configured only in the application for a smartphone or computer, you cannot manage the settings in the browser. The unavailability of the browser, on the one hand, is good – there is less chance that someone from the outside will interfere with the operation of your camera, but nevertheless there is such a nuance. For all the settings I had enough Ezviz Apps on a smartphone, the interface is simple and the control is basically intuitive.

Ezviz C8C smartphone appsThe application must be downloaded from or , then click on the cross in the upper right corner, scan the QR code on your camera and select a Wi-fi network. Everything, the device is connected. Then you are taken to the main screen, where you can play the video from the archive – blue indicates videos with background shooting, yellow – with detected motion. Here you can also take screenshots, change the image quality, enable privacy mode, tilt and rotate the camera.

  •  In the upper right corner there is a settings menu, here the sound, infrared illuminators, and the work signal on the case are turned on and off. In the "Alarm notifications" section, you can configure the reaction to the detection of movement and the silhouette of a person, as well as the format of notifications.

Cost and start of sales

  •  The novelty went on sale on April 1. The cost of Ezviz C8C in the official online store is 12990 rubles.


  •  It shoots well, the night video is quite clear, it gives a panoramic view, the declared functions work correctly. The detailing declared by the manufacturer is slightly better than that of cameras of this class, but you will not consider small details. The Ezviz C8C is a decent PTZ camera for panoramic shooting.