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Home Tourism Where to go to relax at sea in October 2018: 15 countries

Where to go to relax at sea in October 2018: 15 countries

Beach with palm trees


  •  October is not the best season for a beach holiday. Most Mediterranean resorts are already feeling the breath of winter (it is expressed, however, only in the number of precipitation). And the popular tourist countries of South Asia are barely out of the rainy season.

However, there are still places where the average Russian can stock up on solar vitamin D for the long winter. We have selected for you 15 places to go on holiday in October 2018 – from Russia to abroad, from inexpensive to VIP class. The resorts are sorted from the most expensive to the most budgetary destinations.

  •  The price is based on a seven-day tour in a 4 * hotel.


15. Maldives: Laviani, Raa

Air temperature during the day: 31°
Air temperature at night: 28°
Water Temperature: 29°

  •  October is a chance to try Maldivian resorts for a more or less reasonable price. At this time of the year, the sea is warm to the point of obscenity, but the wet season can spoil the whole idyll. Sunny and rainy days are approximately equal, but strong winds will pleasantly amaze surfers, and the migration of whales and stingrays passing just at this time is lovers of wildlife and diving. For a beach holiday, it is best to go in the first half of the month – it rains less often and the wind is not so strong.

14. Dominican Republic: Boca Chica, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana

Air temperature during the day: 30°
Air temperature at night: 25°
Water Temperature: 29°

  •  The best time to visit the Dominican Republic is October November. Exhausting summer heat along with heavy rains at the end of the month are just beginning to recede. But the sea is warm as soup – 29 °, and the beaches seem to have left the advertising picture.

  •  If you wish, you can try to walk around the sights. For example, the main city of the country, Santo Domingo, was included in the list of world attractions according to UNESCO. And wildlife lovers can enjoy all its tropical diversity in the country's national parks. However, diving enthusiasts should remember that the sea is still restless at this time of the year, there are strong winds and even storms on it. An additional plus is that tourists can visit the Dominican Republic without a visa.

13. Indonesia: Jakarta, Kuta, Ubud

Air temperature during the day: 29°
Air temperature at night: 22°
Water Temperature: 28°

  •  In Indonesia, every tourist will find a place for himself – cheaper, richer, smaller, bigger, more active, more relaxed. The tourist infrastructure in the country is well developed, only the specific local sand may surprise you a little. Due to the abundance of volcanoes in the past, it is of a non-standard black color. However, it is pleasant to walk on it. In addition, Indonesia is just a very beautiful country with its own culture and architecture, which is not familiar to the European eye.

12 Spain: Canary Islands, Puerto de Naos

Air temperature during the day: 26°
Air temperature at night: 19°
Water Temperature: 24°

  •  In October, it starts to get colder in Spain. And this means that there is nothing to count on the beach season at the resorts located on the mainland of the country. Of course, if you do not regularly harden yourself in the hole, then yes, the water temperature of 21 ° will not scare you. In October, Spain is only for hiking and sightseeing.

  •  True, there are still places where the sea is warm, and the sun generously floods everything around with its rays – these are the Canary Islands. It does not rain there, cold winds come much later. Unless you can’t sit in the water all day, in the morning and in the evening it is uncomfortable for the human body. But one or two dip to cheer up, too.

11. Jordan: Aqaba, Dead Sea

Air temperature during the day: 29°
Air temperature at night: 18°
Water Temperature: 25° or 29° in the Dead Sea

  •  The sea in Jordan is not simple – Dead. People go there at any time of the year on vacation, regardless of weather conditions, with health and spa purposes, and October is no exception. The “ordinary” sea also pleases with its temperature, and the abundance of interesting places will not let you get bored. It is better to go to the Mediterranean Sea in mid-October – it is still warm during the day, but it starts to get colder at night, so it would be useful to take a couple of warm clothes with you just in case.

10 Cuba: Havana, Masanillo

Air temperature during the day: 29°
Air temperature at night: 23°
Water Temperature: 28°

  •  October is the last month of the hot summer season in Cuba. Therefore, white-skinned tourists who come from northern countries are advised to use sunscreen. And it’s better not to appear on the beach at all from 11 o’clock until the evening.

  •  October beckons to Cuba mainly with its fishing. It is at this time of the year that fishing for the famous blue marlin is especially good (remember “The Old Man and the Sea”? It is about this fish there). But living conditions in Cuba can remind you of the Soviet past, and not the best part of it. Therefore, we especially recommend paying attention to the reviews. Sometimes you can run into such a shed without air conditioning that even a catch is not able to help you survive disappointment.

9. Morocco: Marrakech, Agadir

Air temperature during the day: 26°
Air temperature at night: 17°
Water Temperature: 22°

  •  Morocco is a great option for trips that combine swimming in the sea with an excursion program (and there is something to see there). If your goal is to properly fry in the sun and swim in plenty, then it is better to choose another country. The sea in Morocco in October is no longer as hospitable as before. Especially since there are cheaper options.

  •  But do not be surprised if you suddenly find that all the places in your favorite hotel are booked for the weekend – October in Morocco is a favorite time for surfers. The increased wind creates just such waves, followed by tourists from Spain and France.

8. Malta: Gozo, Marsakala

Air temperature during the day: 25°
Air temperature at night: 23°
Water Temperature: 24°

  •  Although October is considered autumn in Malta, the temperatures still delight the tourist. Not particularly hot, but pleasantly warm air temperatures are conducive to long walks, museum trips and sightseeing. And the sea cools down slowly, so you can swim in plenty. At night, however, it is already cooler, and the sea winds begin to blow, so take a windbreaker with you.

7. Thailand: Patong, Bangkok

Air temperature during the day: 32°
Air temperature at night: 27°
Water Temperature: 30°

  •  October is a great opportunity to travel to Thailand cheaply. The rainy season is just ending there, so tours are cheaper than in the high season. True, vacationers will be disturbed from time to time by summer rains, but they are warm and usually not too bothersome.

  •  An additional bonus is that there are not as many people on the beaches as on the eve of the New Year, so you can bask in the sun without colliding with other vacationers when turning sides.

6. Cyprus: Limassol, Paphos

Air temperature during the day: 26°
Air temperature at night: 20°
Water Temperature: 25°

  •  Cyprus is beautiful even in October. The temperature of water and air is just the same, optimally suited for a pleasant beach holiday. At the same time, it is not too hot, as there is a fresh sea breeze. No wonder that October in Cyprus is a hot month for tourism, perhaps even more densely populated than in the summer. However, taking a warm jacket or a light windbreaker with you still does not hurt – in the late afternoon the air temperature may seem cool.

  •  There are other advantages – for example, it is in October that a local all-island festival takes place, where locals look at people and show themselves. In general, Cyprus is one of the best places to go to the sea in October.

5. UAE: Abu Dhabi, Dubai

United Arab Emirates
Air temperature during the day: 35°
Air temperature at night: 21°
Water Temperature: 27°

The heat subsides and the best country for retirees begin to stretch young and not very tourists. The air temperature is still high, but not so high as to paralyze the entire daily activity of the tourist. You can swim, you can see the sights. The only thing that can overshadow the rest of a tourist in the United Arab Emirates is that the month of Muslim fasting, Ramadan, falls just in October. This means no noisy entertainment, shows, or alcoholic drinks in restaurants. Fortunately, these harsh rules do not apply to infidels, who just at this time have no hesitation in entertaining themselves in hotels.

4. Tunisia: Djerba, Sousse

Air temperature during the day: 27°
Air temperature at night: 22°
Water Temperature: 25°

  •  Autumn in a hot African country is almost invisible. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the temperatures prevailing there. However, taking a light windbreaker or raincoat with you will not hurt, since October, even in Africa, can show character. True, it is expressed in a small warm rain.

  •  Just in October, Tunisia is experiencing a “velvet season” – the heat is not so exhausting, and the sea is still at a pleasant temperature. An excellent option for trips with children, especially those who leave their homeland for the first time and are little accustomed to climate changes.

3. Turkey: Side, Belek, Alanya

Air temperature during the day: 29°
Air temperature at night: from 13 °
Water Temperature: from 22 °

  •  The list of where to go to rest in October at sea would be incomplete without the country beloved by Russian tourists. Tours to Turkey in October become even cheaper. However, do not rush to rejoice – in most resorts of the country, autumn comes into its own. It may rain, and the sea becomes noticeably colder. And only in the very south of the country are there still conditions for comfortable lying on the beach.

  •  First of all, you should pay attention to the resort towns with magnificent sandy beaches – Side, Belek and Alanya. Although the temperature of the water and air is still suitable for a good beach holiday, we still recommend taking warm clothes with you. It is hot during the day, but in the late evening and at night it becomes already cool in autumn.

2. Egypt: Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada

Air temperature during the day: 29°
Air temperature at night: from 19 °
Water Temperature: 26°

  •  It is worth going to Egypt at the beginning of the month. And it's not even the rains and temperatures, but the school holidays at the end of October. At this time, many parents are in a hurry to take their child out into the sun. And tour operators increase the price of tours accordingly.

  •  The weather is not as stable as in summer or winter – it can rain. But in general, a good option if you want to swim in the sea and go see the sights.

1. Russia: Yalta, Alushta, Sochi, Anapa

Air temperature during the day: 21°
Air temperature at night: 11°
Water Temperature: 17°

  •  A great option for those who cannot stand the heat, but want to look at the sea (and maybe take a dip once or twice). The prospect of combining a beach holiday with tourism looks tempting, especially when it comes to such a place rich in history as Crimea. Plus fresh vegetables, fruits, architectural monuments and few people. Where is the best place to go? There are few options – these are Sochi, Anapa and, of course, Crimea.

We have already written about the most beautiful places of the Crimean peninsula, so the only difficulty that you may have in October is the choice of suitable housing for a holiday in the Crimea. With clean air, beautiful landscapes and entertainment, there will be no problems.