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100+ Best New Year Gift Ideas 2023

New Year gifts


  •  The time to give gifts for the New Year will not come soon – so much the better. It is possible to order things that are suitable for the budget and characteristics without haste and without overpayment.

  •  Don't know what to order and don't want to rack your brains over it? This article has already collected 100 gift ideas for the New Year 2023, from the most budgetary to luxurious. And to make it easier for you to navigate in their diversity, I have compiled a selection of 10 subcategories.

Electronics and gadgets

10. GoPro HERO11 Black Action Camera

GoPro HERO11 Black gift idea for New Year 2023

The list of gifts for the New Year opens best action camera 2023, with which even a beginner in vlogging can definitely make great videos. It can be presented both to an active person and to someone who wants to capture city walks and interesting moments from life.

9. Webcam Logitech C920

Logitech C920 Best Webcam of 2023

  •  A universal version of a New Year's gift for both a schoolboy and a student and for a remote worker. This webcam features high image quality, easy setup, and excellent build quality.

8. 34″ monitor Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming

Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming (XMMNTWQ34) best gaming monitor 2022

  •  A gaming monitor with a high refresh rate, low matrix response time and good brightness and contrast ratios. Suitable for both casual gamers and fans of hardcore virtual battles.

7. Smart column Yandex Station 2


Among the gift options for the New Year, Station 2 stands apart. It is suitable for a person of any age – set it up the first time you turn it on, and your mother or grandmother will be able to chat with Alice, learn recipes and news, listen to your favorite songs and watch movies on Kinopoisk. This is only a small part of the capabilities of a smart speaker. See our other models top list of smart speakers.

6. Smart speaker VK Capsule mini

VK Capsule mini in the top 5 smart speakers

  •  What gift to choose for the New Year for a family with children so that all family members are satisfied? The answer is a smart column with Marusya, who has no equal in telling fairy tales. And it can also play thousands of music tracks from VKontakte (with a subscription), set an alarm or a timer.

5. Laptop Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H best gaming laptop 2022 value for money

  •  What adult would not be happy with a powerful laptop that can easily handle all modern games? And there’s no need to talk about a student or schoolchild, there will be happiness until the end of 2023.

4. 55″ TV LG 55UP7500


  •  A wonderful gift for relatives who have been watching movies and news on an old TV for many years. Or to yourself, if you want to watch videos in 4K resolution, while enjoying not only a bright picture, but also high-quality sound.

3. Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Lite TWS on-ear headphones

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro Wireless Headphones

  •  Affordable yet stylish wireless earbuds feature active noise cancellation, sweat and splash resistance, and support for touch gestures. Both simple melodies like “A Christmas tree was born in the forest” and compositions with an abundance of basses sound great in them.

2. Apple Watch SE GPS Smart Watch


  •  A design suitable for men and women, functional for fitness fans, diving enthusiasts and those who care about the quality of sleep. Allow you to control the smart home of the Apple ecosystem.

1. Smartphone Poco X3 Pro

Smartphone Poco X3 Pro is the best gift for the New Year

With this smartphone, you can go through not only the whole of 2023, but also a couple more years – the processor power reserve allows. Bright IPS screen 120 Hz, comfortable for the eyes, NFC and a slot for a memory card, fast charging, capacious battery – these are the main, but not the only advantages of this cool device. Top for your money! More options on our list best smartphones of the year.

Clothing and footwear

10. Scarf Gryffindor Harry Potter (with fringes)


  •  A cool gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages. Made of acrylic, scarf length – 200 cm, width – 20 cm.

9. Downy shawl Warm winter gray 130*130 cm


  •  New Year gift ideas 2023 are mainly related to young and middle-aged people. But for older ladies it is difficult to find the right gift, they already have everything they need. Everything except a warm shawl, which evokes nostalgia and perfectly warms both at home and on the street. This thing is made of goat down (80%) and cotton (20%).

8. Sweater Velikoross, "winter evening"


  •  A warm and beautiful sweater with a winter motif will please both a teenage son, a colleague, a husband, a friend and a relative. Available in sizes 44 to 60.

7. Women's sweater VAY 5212-41076


  •  Stylish and warm women's sweater in beige or red color is made of PAN 70% and wool 30%. Available in sizes 46 to 56.

6. Longsleeve featuring a character from your favorite game/movie


  •  Clothing with an individual image can be ordered in various Internet services, such as, Printio, etc.

5. Thermal underwear WOOL THERMO three-layer woolen up to -30


  •  A set of thermal underwear will come in handy not only for an active person who loves winter sports, but also for a hunter, fisherman and just anyone who has to walk to work in any frost. This set of thermal underwear is available in sizes 42 to 60. Composition – viscose 30%, polyester 50%, wool 20%.

4. Children's socks with non-slip soles, blue with a fox/pink with a kitten


  •  Such socks are a good gift for children who are just starting to walk, or who are already confidently running on the floor, refusing to put on slippers. On Yandex.Market you can find sizes 24-25 and 26-27.

3. Children's boots KENKA, silver


  •  Children are difficult to please with shoes, they usually look at the appearance, while adults look at the materials. And KENKA boots strike a balance between cute design and workmanship. They are insulated with artificial wool, the upper material is artificial leather and textiles, the sole material is thermoplastic elastomer. Available in sizes 33 to 38.

2. Men's hiking boots Spine


  •  These boots in burgundy, gray, yellow or black are suitable for trekking and everyday wear. The upper material is genuine leather, inside the boots are insulated with Thinsulate material. Sole – thickened, non-slip. Available in sizes 36 to 45.

1. Women's PATROL boots

PATROL women's boots in the top 100 gifts for the new year 2023

  •  Feminine design combined with a flexible sole, a comfortable last and a warm faux fur lining = a wonderful gift for your girlfriend or wife. You can choose the size from 36 to 41.

Food and drink

10. Coffee beans and loose leaf tea TiSun


  •  The set includes 3 types of coffee beans (arabica) in glass jars:

  1. Chocolate truffle – flavored, 125 grams.
  2. Irish cream – flavored, 125 grams.
  3. Impresso, 127 grams.

  •  And 4 types of tea in glass jars:

  1. Milk oolong, 76 grams.
  2. Juicy citrus, 42 grams.
  3. Exquisite bergamot, 52 grams.
  4. Juicy cherry, 62 grams.

9. Tea Basilur Vintage style assorted gift set


  •  This tea from Sri Lanka is packaged in a cute box with Santa Claus, Christmas tree and happy kids. Well, why not an ideal gift for any person – from your favorite teacher to a colleague, friend or relative.

8. Subscription to a grocery delivery service with recipes at home


  •  Does your loved one love to eat delicious food but hate cooking? Then he will be happy, having got rid of the need to be in the kitchen for at least a week. All meals will be delivered directly to your home.

7. Honey soufflé Gift set "Collection of flavors" 12x30 ml Cream honey assorted


  •  Delight the sweet tooth by giving him/her a large set of delicious and delicate soufflé honey. The set includes 12 jars with different types of honey.

6. Confectionery bouquet "Raspberry dawn", 560 gr


  •  A charming bouquet that will please both a schoolgirl, a girl and a strict business woman. Consists of white chocolate with the addition of peanuts and raspberries.

5. Gift set for making tinctures from vodka or moonshine "Persistent Host" author's recipe No. 3


  •  Does your dad, grandfather, friend or colleague love quality alcohol? With this set, he will be able to make 5 delicious tinctures with his own hands! According to customer reviews, the taste of tinctures is natural, the flavor is felt, but not pronounced.

4. Aged extra brut white sparkling wine “Aristov. Cuvée Alexandre Blanc de Noir" harvest


  •  The best classic sparkling wine according to Roskachestvo, with such it is not a shame to come to visit on New Year's Eve. The bottle looks very presentable, and inside is a golden-straw drink made from Pinot Noir grapes.

3. Non-alcoholic red semi-sweet wine Light Live Cabernet Sauvignon


  •  It is an appropriate present for someone who should be driving on New Year's Eve. And also to those who, for medical or other reasons, alcohol is contraindicated. According to reviews, Light Live Cabernet Sauvignon tastes like real wine, and feels like decaffeinated coffee.

2. WOWBESTBOX sweet box of 46 imported sweets


  •  Dear parents, we kindly ask you to remove children from our blue screens! Otherwise, they will find out about this gift, and you will have nothing left!

  •  The set includes sweets (cookies, chewing sweets and milk toffees, lollipops, marshmallows, etc.) from Japan, Indonesia, China, Turkey and South Korea.

1. Kinder Mix candy set, 199 g

A set of Kinder Mix sweets as a New Year's gift option

  •  A bright box and a surprise with a toy will surely please the child. And parents will love the fact that these candies are made with cocoa butter, not cheap substitutes. Contains no palm oil.

Christmas gifts

10. Handmade soap Darena "Bunny"


  •  A cute figurine of a blue bunny – the symbol of 2023 will be a pleasant and useful gift for a loved one, friend or colleague. The manufacturer carefully packs his goods, so that the risk of damage during transportation is minimal.

9. Set for creativity. Christmas balls for coloring "Wonderful holiday" + paints


  •  The best Christmas gifts are those that will interest both adults and children. Here, for example, these Christmas balls can be painted by the whole family, and then hung on the Christmas tree and admire all the New Year holidays.

8. Piggy bank "Rabbit Oliver" Gzhel


  •  The rabbit is the symbol of 2023. And it is unlikely that the gifted person will object if there is already a little money in the piggy bank.

7. Good souvenirs Stand for small things "Rabbit interior"


  •  This figurine is made of polyresin and will fit even on a small table. It is convenient to store jewelry and various household trifles.

6. Souvenir purse "Rabbit spoon"


  •  Whether this souvenir will help to attract money to the wallet is an open question. But he will undoubtedly amuse the new owner with his appearance. And, who knows, it may attract the favorable attention of the symbol of 2023.

5. Box "Hare in a top hat", birch bark


  •  Perhaps the most environmentally friendly option in the top gifts for the New Year. The box is made by hand, has a small size and can easily fit on a narrow shelf. Suitable for jewelry storage.

4. Santa Claus under the Christmas tree 30 cm


  •  This New Year's souvenir is offered in different colors. There is no practical benefit from it, but there is an aesthetic one. Made with high quality, looks presentable – it's not a shame to give to a friend, colleague or relative.

3. Figurine NEON-NIGHT Snowman with a gift


  •  A small (9 cm) figurine that can be stuck on a window or refrigerator with a suction cup or placed on a table with a stick. Glows and smoothly changes colors, creating a festive mood.

2. Wreath Winter magic With a bow, golden berries


  •  Such a present can be given to both the owners of a private house and the owners of an apartment. A wreath will look great on any front door. It is made of plastic, artificial needles.

1. Lamp NEON-NIGHT Santa Claus 501-066

NEON-NIGHT lamp in the list of New Year's gifts

  •  This item, stylized as a vintage lantern, is powered by 4 AAA batteries. Inside the lamp is a figure of Santa Claus with a miniature lantern. Such a gift will immediately create a New Year's mood.

For home

10. Garland curtain "LED Rain"


  •  One of the most inexpensive options among the original gift ideas for the New Year. Such a garland creates a festive mood, has 8 different glow modes, and is controlled remotely from the remote control. And it costs less than 1000 rubles.

9. Dolyana Dish Bunny 4826164


  •  This original cake stand can be used not only for the New Year, but also for other holidays. For example, at Easter.

8. Set for spices Dolyan "Bunny"


  •  The set is made of dolomite and consists of 2 pieces in the form of hares. Each animal has dimensions of 5,3 × 5,3 × 11,5 cm. Such hares will decorate any kitchen.

7. Blanket glowing in the dark Ethel "Snowflakes"


  •  What can warm you up in a cold winter better than a warm coral fleece blanket? But there are a lot of blankets on sale, but with patterns glowing in the dark, go find it. Such a gift will be a beautiful and unusual element of home decor.

6. Set Ethel New Year's fairy tale 1652726


  •  The set includes a tablecloth 220x150 cm with a water-repellent impregnation that lasts for 10 washes and 12 napkins 40x40 cm.

5. Humidifier Royal Clima Murrrzio (RUH-MR200/1.5M)


  •  According to the horoscope of Southeast Asia, the symbol of the coming year is the cat. Well, let's combine the horoscope with a useful device, and we'll get a beautiful cat with steam coming out of its ears. An air humidifier is an indispensable device in winter, when the batteries are working with might and main, and very dry air dries the skin and mucous membranes.

4. Electric heat gun RedVerg RD-EHC2


  •  An ideal gift for those who often work in a small and cold room in winter, such as a garage. Such a heat gun is inexpensive, heats up quickly and is very easy to use.

3. Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock S5 Max

One of the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2023 will be a welcome gift for the owner of a small apartment, and for the owners of a large house. It builds a route map, is controlled through software and can perform wet cleaning.

2. Barbecue grill DELTA DL-6700

The best electric grill DELTA DL-6700 in terms of price / quality

  •  An easy-to-use, well-made 5-skewers kebab maker will allow you to grill kebabs in the middle of winter. Both for the company and for yourself beloved / oh.

1. Samura Harakiri SHR-0250 set, 5 knives

Samura Harakiri SHR-0250 set is the best gift for a chef

  •  Sharp, durable, and most importantly, beautiful knives are one of the best New Year's gifts for a person who loves to cook. The set includes the following types of knives:

  1. vegetable,
  2. universal,
  3. nakiri,
  4. santoku,
  5. boss.

Health and Beauty

10. BONDIBON Eva Moda Makeup Set


  •  Cosmetic sets are one of the most popular Christmas gifts. This applies even to little fashionistas. The set from BONDIBON contains safe for children's skin and easily washed off eye shadow, lip gloss, 2 brushes, a mirror and 1 applicator.

9. SYSTEO Men's skin care set in a cosmetic bag


  •  The set consists of a washing gel (200 ml), a face cream (30 ml) and a travel bag. According to reviews, the products do not dry the skin, the cream is quickly absorbed, and the travel bag is dense and roomy.

8. Zeitun Hair cosmetic gift set Magic black cumin


  •  Any woman will be happy to find a gift under the Christmas tree that will make her hair more shiny and beautiful. Zeitun shampoo is economical, enough for a long time. And the mask helps to strengthen the hair and relieves flaking of the scalp.

7. Ekel Korean face masks


  •  If you don’t know exactly what gift a woman will be happy about, there is a win-win option – face masks. They contribute to the narrowing of pores and toning the skin, make it radiant, improve complexion. Ekel masks are suitable for all skin types.

6. ARAVIA Ultra-Nourishing Care Kit


  •  Universal set for all skin types. Scope – legs, arms, face.

5. Fruttilar Vitamins for immunity chewing. Pastilles 30 pcs


  •  Winter is a time when the body is subjected to increased stress. So a set of tasty and healthy vitamins will be a great gift for adults and the elderly.

4. Baby formula bears multivitamin chewable lozenges, 60 pcs.


  •  Vitamins in the form of jelly bears – even a child who does not want to swallow regular vitamins will like them.

3. VPLab Ultra Men's Sport tab., 90 pcs.


  •  What will Santa Claus bring to a sports man as a gift? Perhaps a complex of vitamins, which contains over 50 active ingredients to maintain vigor and prevent acute respiratory infections.

2. Lady's formula more than multivitamin caps, 60 pcs.


  •  A useful and not too expensive New Year's gift for charming ladies – from 18 and older.

1. 2K Beauty Cosmetic set #15 Barcelona Pink

Cosmetic set №15 Barcelona Pink, a cool New Year's gift

  •  An elegant pink suitcase is fraught with many things that are lovely for a woman's heart:

  • 2 lip balms
  • 2 shades of lipstick,
  • 2 shades of blush
  • 24 shades of eye shadow,
  • 3 brushes
  • comb for eyebrows and eyelashes,
  • 4 sponge applicators.

  •  According to the manufacturer, these cosmetics comply with European safety and quality standards.

Entertainment and recreation

10. Karaoke system for home Monster Karaoke MojoPro 130W


  •  New Year is a time to drink and sing. You probably already know what to drink, but a beautiful karaoke system with excellent sound and wireless microphones will help you sing with comfort and enthusiasm. It is easy to connect and set up.

9. Advent calendar DreamToys House


  •  A useful toy for children and handy storage boxes for adults. The size of the drawers is 60x60x40 mm. Together with the house, the manufacturer promises to send ideas for assignments and gifts for the whole month to the e-mail specified in the order.

8. Board game Equivoki For the whole family


  •  Board games are great entertainment for the whole family during the long New Year holidays. And "Ekivoki" allows you to demonstrate artistic abilities, because the right word needs to be quickly explained using gestures, singing, sounds and other ways.

7. Board game Uno


  •  A fun card game that can be played by at least two, and a maximum of 10 people. The minimum age is from 7 years old.

6. Hyundai portable speaker


  •  An inexpensive gift for a person who loves music and wants to listen to it wherever he goes. The speaker with stereo sound, supports playback from a flash drive and microSD card, has a radio with an FM band from 87,5 to 108 MHz.

5. Microsoft Xbox Series S 512GB SSD


  •  Keys for popular games for Xbox Series S can be easily bought, unlike PS5. You can also buy discs, and when the game is completed – resell them. Not all games from Game Pass are available for players from Russia, but this is solved if you switch the region to another (you can leave the language).

4. Mobile laser projector Epson EF-12


  •  This lightweight and compact device is capable of displaying screens up to 150” and supports frame rates up to 60Hz. Can play movies from a flash drive. It is expensive, but it may well be a New Year's gift to your favorite chef from the team.

3. Funtastique PRO 3D Pen


  •  Don't know what to do with a young creative nature on a long New Year's weekend? Put a 3D pen with a set of ABS plastics, PLA and stencils under the tree, step aside and observe. The peculiarity of Funtastique PRO is that it allows you to paint with 3 colors at once.

2. FlyingBear Ghost 3 6D printer


The latest model from a well-known Chinese manufacturer will be the best choice not only for a beginner in 3D modeling, but also for a home craftsman who periodically needs parts of a certain shape and size, and in stores it is either not available or expensive. Other models can be found in our material.

1. Quest for the New Year


  •  There are a great many such quests, you can find an option in which you do not even need to leave the apartment or courtyard of a private house. You can find a quest for a couple, one person or for the whole family, or just for children. Just type in the search engine "quest for the New Year" and choose the one you like.

For motorists

10. Tool set Gross 14157


  •  Let's face it, your motorist friends probably already have two or three of the most important tools. But they probably don’t have such a cool set of everything that a car soul needs. There is nothing that cannot be unscrewed or screwed on with the help of such a wonderful set.

9. Car vacuum cleaner Saferet WL-X025


  •  For those who like to take care of their swallow both outside and inside. This vacuum cleaner model is not only powerful, but also comes with everything you need, a long cable, and looks elegant – there is a classic black and gold body, there is also a brutal black and red.

8. E62 Bluetooth FM Transmitter with QC3.0 USB Quick Charge and PD 20W Type-C


  •  For music lovers whose car audio systems do not support Bluetooth, here is an adapter that connects to the car's media system via a 3,5 mm AUX port and allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks from a smartphone or USB flash drive, listen to the radio or talk without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

7. Autoscanner Vasya diagnostician ORIGIN


  •  A wonderful device that will check all the electronic systems of the car, give a list of errors and select the means to correct them.

6. LEGO Technic 42115 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37


  •  Many people want to have their own Lamborghini, but not everyone can afford it. Let your friend get one step closer to his dream – buy him a realistic copy of the famous Sian FKP 37 with gold-plated rims and full detailing.

5. Auto-refrigerator Meyvel AF-G18


  •  A deceptively small white box will keep drinks cold and food safe even in the hottest weather. Easily fits in the trunk, on the seat or in the cab of a truck, enough for a trip out of town for a family of three to four people.

4. Smartphone holder with wireless charging SilverStone F1 Teleport S7


  •  Marriage in Heaven: Wireless charger included with smartphone holder. Wireless means you don’t have to mess around with cables and cases, and the holder can be placed anywhere, since the suction cup is powerful.

3. Hranek Matt. Cars. Stories of iconic brands and their famous owners


  •  A beautifully illustrated book about racing, tuning, the very first cars in life and, of course, about the love of cars, in which race car drivers, designers, singers and musicians are recognized.

2. Apple AirTag


  •  Are your friends or relatives not only happy owners of a car and an iPhone, but also often forget their keys? Give them a tracker keychain with an image of an apple: now, thanks to the magic of the Internet and the Find My app, you can find anything, anywhere, as long as it has a keychain on it.

1. Air purifier REMEZ RMA-102-02

What to give a car enthusiast for the New Year: REMEZ RMA-102-02

  •  A tiny device powered by a cigarette lighter will easily and effectively clean the interior of a car from technical odors, remove allergens from the air, and at the same time it is completely silent. Now the air in the cabin of the iron horse of your friends or relatives will be clean and fresh all year round!


10. Wireless headphones from HOCO RELAX TAKE IT EASY PRO


Now your favorite music will accompany your friends everywhere – jogging, during training or even during sports competitions, since they have a noise reduction function. And the decibels of the crowd will no longer harm the delicate eardrum. More options for the best wireless headphones in our rating.

9. Frazer Fit Exercise bag


  •  It’s worth going to the gym if only to carry such a bag on your shoulder! Comfortable, compact and at the same time roomy, with several compartments, which will easily fit (and will not come into contact with each other) sports uniform, change of shoes and training accessories.

8. Fingerboard for rock climbers Beastmaker


  •  Waiting for morning coffee in the kitchen is another opportunity to work out for true sports fans. The practice board itself is made for climbers, but anyone who wants to make their fingers strong as steel will be pleasantly surprised by such a surprise.

7. Universal simulator BRADEX Muscle Complex modular (SF 0273)


  •  One small box can replace an entire gym full of sports equipment! Inside a briefcase-sized portable gym, there are five basic tools, with the correct and constant use of which, a sports figure is not a myth, but a reality.

6. Electric air compression massager PLANTA MFC-80


  •  Legs are a sore spot for many athletes, both literally and figuratively. The legs get bruised, swollen, and just hurt from strong stress. Your fellow athletes will definitely like the massager, which will not only relax and warm up the muscles, but also relieve pain, fatigue and reduce swelling.

5. Platform for push-ups Sportlim


  •  A platform with markers for different push-up positions is useful because different grips stimulate different types of muscles. And push-ups on the stops do not injure the joints of the hands, as if the athlete simply pushed off the floor on the knuckles of his fists. At the same time, the simulator looks decent and is able to squeeze into the framework of any budget.

4. Urbanfit cooling towel for sports, 50×100cm


  •  A light towel made of delicate microfiber instantly absorbs sweat and moisture (five times faster than ordinary cotton ones). And thanks to its own portable carrying bag, it will not come into contact with other sports items and replacement shoes.

3. Starfit YW-101 yoga wheel


  •  The elegant yoga wheel will not only help to develop a sense of balance, sharpen concentration and increase stretching, but with its graceful shapes and pleasant colors will delight your girlfriend's heart.

2. Dumbbell collapsible Atlant-Sport null 10 kg


  •  Collapsible dumbbells are a great option for those who want to have a healthy and strong body even at a distance. And modularity allows you to adjust the weights for yourself or start small, gradually increasing the weight.

1. Smart rope Smart Rope SR2_CH_S


  •  In our time, not only bracelets with speakers have become smarter, but also jump ropes! The smart jump rope app (compatible with iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches) will automatically count the number of your jumps, advise you to increase or decrease the pace, and also help you decide what exercises you will need to do tomorrow.

Original gifts

10. Portable acoustics JBL Partybox 100


  •  What to give for the New Year? Where can I get gift ideas, so that the recipient likes it, it is not boring and not banal? How about a powerful portable speaker that can make a holiday everywhere – in nature, summer cottage, beach and even in the office on New Year's Eve! Invigorating rhythms will be set off by light music, and the playlist can either be downloaded from a USB flash drive or directly broadcast from a smartphone.

9. PC FILIGREE Beverage Coolers


  •  Carved from noble, environmentally friendly Karelian steatite, the stones will keep the coolness of alcoholic beverages without spoiling their taste. I advise you to give connoisseurs of good alcohol. A set of stone cubes is assembled in a gift wooden box with a solid leather clasp.

8. Harrows Pro's Choice Darts Kit


  •  Popular in many countries, the game is perfect for family entertainment or gatherings of friends, and no one forbids practicing in silence and loneliness. Sisal target with spacer wire is packaged in a wooden box and comes with six strong and lightweight brass darts.

7. Philips Wake-up Light HF3521/70


  •  In the list of the coolest gifts for the New Year, I included a device that can make waking up in the morning less painful. At the appointed time, the alarm clock fills the room with light similar to the sun, and waking up is much easier and more pleasant.

6. CrazyCap LYT smart water bottle with UV sterilizer

CrazyCap LYT original New Year's gift

  •  Not a single insidious microbe will crawl into the drink intended for your friends or relatives! The cap of the bottle has a built-in UV LED that automatically activates every hour for 20 minutes. And the gadget has double walls of stainless steel and vacuum insulation.

5. Smart Writing Moleskine Notebook (SWSAB34BK01)


  •  This notebook is not simple, but made of special Ncoded paper. Everything written on it instantly enters the device's memory in digital form, where they can be edited and sent anywhere. There is a "smart" notebook, of course, not cheap, but what will you not do for the sake of the shining eyes of lovers of handwritten notes?

4. Xiaomi Wanbo Projector X1 PRO


  •  Cinema at home? With the Wanbo Projector X1 PRO, a dream has become a reality. The color rendition is gorgeous, the aperture is enough for viewing in the light, and now the heroes of your favorite films seem to come to life in the same room as you.

3. Smart Chess Square Off PRO


  •  One of the novelties of last year is electronic chess. On this board, you can play not only with a human opponent, but also with artificial intelligence (20 difficulty modes), and with a coach-teacher, and with another person anywhere in the world.

2. Cordless espresso coffee maker ProUser


  •  The best New Year's gift for coffee addicts, who, without a sip of invigorating liquid in the morning, do not like the light. You can take it with you, it boils water by itself and gives out a cup of excellent espresso, wherever you are.

1. Gyroscooter Minipro 10.5", 500 W


  •  A new alternative to rollers and scooters is the gyro scooter. A small device that easily fits into a regular-sized bag and is able to carry its lucky owner through the streets of the city at a speed of about 15 km / h. And this model also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and a smartphone application, and cheerful LED lights! Not only a child, but also another adult will be happy to receive such a gift.