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100 reliable banks 2019, Forbes rating

100 reliable banks 2019, Forbes rating


The Russian Forbes studied the greatly reduced banking population of the Russian Federation and identified the kings of the financial jungle, on whose reliable shoulder both an oligarch and a simple worker can lean. We present to you list of 100 most reliable banks .

  •  The last five years have been difficult for Russian banks. Lovers of laundering money gradually began to disappear from the financial market, as well as hotheads who were ready to stake the available tit in the hope of getting a crane. As a result, four hundred banks ceased to exist, and this year 2019, according to financial experts, their number will decrease by another fifty. And the “survivors” are urgently trying to solve the accumulated problems, sometimes rooted in the times of dubious capital in the first half of the nineties.

numberBankRatingsAssets, million rublesCapital adequacy, %Instant liquidity ratio, %Return on equity, %Share of deposits in liabilities, %
1UNICREDIT BANKruAAA(Expert RA), vvv- (S&P), vvv- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)1395824.716.15191.19.719.85
2RAIFFEISENBANKruAAA (Expert RA), VaaZ (Moody's), BBB- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)1141565.113.03104.9918.944.13
3ROSBANK (Societe Generale group)ruAAA (Expert RA), Ba1 (Moody's), BBB- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)1110240.213.0973.21927.61
4SberbankVaaZ (Moody's), vvv- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)2766198514.89186.4920.451.52
5VTBruAAA (Expert RA), VaaZ (Moody's), vvv- (S&P)13981257.711.34108.5419.430.28
6CITIBANKBBB- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)552615.814.5119.9922.129.69
7ING BANK (EURASIA)BBB- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)171832.735.1690.5351.69
8NORDEABBB- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)128229.940.22314.096.22.88
9HSBC BANKBBB- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)83365.423.06174.111.8N / A
10CREDIT AGRICOLEBBB- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)58313.140.5538.480.3N / A
11SCANDINAVISCAN ENSCHILD BANKENBBB- (Fitch), AAA (ACRA)51258.880.77245.2210.3N / A
12DELTA CREDIT (Societe Generale group)Ba1 (Moody's), AAA (ACRA)200517.512.57104.5810.52.01
13RUSFINANS BANK (Societe Generale group)Ba1 (Moody's), AAA (ACRA)128031.211.2760.2-1.73.61
14BANK OF CHINAruAA (Expert PA), BBB- (Fitch)39541.529.7578.213.78.15
15INTESAruA (Expert PA), vvv- (Fitch)62244.917.5566.172.823.12
16DEUTSCHE BANKAAA (ACRA)85073.326.167.246.3N / A
17MIZUHO BANK (MOSCOW)AAA (ACRA)84533.259.4599.445.80.12
18TOYOTA BANKAAA (ACRA)69443.916.88223.6712.21.94
19EM-U-F-G BANK (EURASIA)AAA (ACRA)68055.499.82230.847.7N / A
20COMMERZBANK (EURASIA)AAA (ACRA)64265.824.69112.0813.8N / A
21BNP PARIBASAAA (ACRA)48976.767.9584.252.3N / A
22VOLKSWAGEN BANK RUSAAA (ACRA)43920.638.1373.726.1N / A
23J.P. MORGAN BANK INTERNATIONALAAA (ACRA)35828.858.41318.825.4N / A
24GAZPROMBANKruAA+ (Expert PA), Ba1 (Moody's), BB+ (SAP), BB+ (Fitch), AA (ACRA)6265171.611.2157.233.116.45
25ALFA BANKruAA (Expert PA), Ba1 (Moody's), BB+ (SAP), BB+ (Fitch), AA (ACRA)3355292.713.52110.8428.234.36
26ROSSELHOZBANKBa1 (Moody's), BB+ (Fitch), AA (ACRA)3483005.715.23190.960.632.24
27PH BANKBB+ (S&P), AA+ (ACRA)95326.815.34231.7417.52.73
28ZAPSIBKOMBANK (VTB Group)ruA+ (Expert PA), BB+ (S&P), AA- (ACRA)12859314.43254.9212.264.14
29HOUSE.RFruBBB (Expert PA), Ba1 (Moody's), BB- (Fitch), BBB (ACRA)242531.716.72174.3338.642.25
30CREDIT SUISSE (MOSCOW)BB+ (S&P)45958.8116.181416.87.2N / A
31RRDBruAA (Expert RA), v2 (Moody's), AA-(AKRA)671492.618.13122.78.314.33
32SOVCOMBANKruA (Expert RA), VAZ (Moody's), BB- (S&P), BB (Fitch), A (ACRA)987605.612.55145.7515.542.58
33OTP BANKruA (Expert RA), VAZ (Moody's), BB (Fitch), A+ (ACRA)151982.614.9577.375.751.91
34ZENITHruA- (Expert RA), VAZ (Moody's), BB (Fitch)253157.915.3134.420.537.29
35REVIVAL (VTB Group)ruA- (Expert RA), v2 (Moody's), v+ (SAP), A- (ACRA)275307.312.89368.311.662.4
36AB RUSSIAgiAA(ExpertRA),A+(ACRA)1093120.312.1868.334.810.6
37ICBC BANKruAA (Expert RA)64812.436.6546.934.80.1
38RNKO PAYMENT CENTERBB(S&P)61689.235.96N / A19N / A
39CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOWruA- (Expert RA), VAZ (Moody's), BB- (S&P), BB- (Fitch), A (ACRA)2210685.120.18101.864.617.44
40TINKOFF BANKruA (Expert RA), B1 (Moody's), BB- (Fitch), A (ACRA)405928.213.9244.8425.364.04
41PROMSVYAZBANKruA- (Expert RA), v2 (Moody's), v+ (S&P), AA- (ACRA)1554520.414.93133.4-388.221.68
42SAINT PETERSBURG BANKruA- (Expert RA), v1 (Moodyls), vv- (Fitch), A- (ACRA)680047.513.791298.337.17
43CREDIT EUROPE BANKv1 (Moody's), vv- (Fitch), vvv(AKRA)144482.810.8165.34.359.99
44CHELINDBANKruA+ (Expert RA), BB- (Fitch)51305.719.64262.1910.369.09
45SVIAZ-BANKruA (Expert RA), vv- (Fitch), vvv+ (ACRA)356582.417.92125.98-18.236.63
46CENTER-INVESTVAZ (Moody'S), A (ACRA)114748.410.87112.0910.372.41
47SDM-BANKruA- (Expert RA), vv- (Fitch), vvv+ (ACRA)66897.313.43132.9315.161.31
48HCF BANKruA- (Expert RA), BB- (Fitch)271948.913.77335.5719.683.16
49OBVERSEruA- (Expert RA), BB- (Fitch)138648.134.0352.39923.37
50PRIMSOTSBANKruBBB+ (Expert RA), BB- (Fitch)60624.112.2194.3622.262.51
51LEFT BANKruBBB+ (Expert RA), BB- (Fitch)59695.615.09130.6628.262.91
52MTS-BANKruBBB- (Expert RA), vv- (Fitch)165288.113.3644.651749.35
53FC OTKRITIEruA (Expert RA), v1 (Moody'S), A+ (AIRA)1527618.916.3101.993.435.67
54LOKO-BANKv1 (Moody's), v+ (Fitch), vvv+ (ACRA)85129.115.2869.288.774.13
55EUROFINANCE MOSNARBANKruvvv (Expert RA), v1 (Moody's), v+ (Fitch)67315.221.379.165.415.53
56EXPOBANKv+ (Fitch), vvv+ (ACRA)81780.214.45207.9313.949.6
57NOVIKOMBANKruBBB- (Expert RA), B1 (Moody's), B- (Fitch), A (ACRA)434723.710.5680.272.86.32
58URALSIBB3 (Moody's), B- (S&P), B+ (Fitch), BBB- (ACRA)554126.410.8588.7216.632.18
59METALLINVESTBANKruBBB (Expert RA), v1 (Moody's), vvv+ (ACRA)98761.113.23349.5710.146.16
60SURGUTNEFTEGAZBANKruA+ (Expert RA)240010.117.86154.551716.36
61CREDIT URAL BANK (Gazprombank Group)ruA+ (Expert RA)31928.215.4160.568.475.39
62AK BARShA- (Expert RA), B2 (Moody's), A- (ACRA)524421.815.1173.043.424.32
63NATIONAL STANDARDruBB+ (Expert RA), v3 (Moody's), v (S&P)3736625.19172.22.538.1
64PHKBruA- (Expert RA), A (ACRA)181742.734.1839.727.349.82
65FAR EASTERN (RRRR group)ruvvv (Expert RA), v2 (Moody's)35523.815.97284.98.141.68
66METKOMBANK (Sovcombank group)ruBBB- (Expert RA), v2 (Moody's), vvv- (ACRA)65066.221.2893.758.627.89
67ABSOLUT BANKruvvv- (Expert RA), v2 (Moody's)266394.611.1191.77-28.244.22
68RENAISSANCE CREDITB (S&P), BBB- (ACRA)16236710.92147.3432.784.45
69UNIONruvv+ (Expert RA), v (S&P), vv+ (ACRA)96864.413.07205.12537.41
70Vanguardv2 (Moody's), vv+ (ACRA)125439.418.5554.437.537.29
71CENTROCREDITruvv+ (Expert RA), v (S&P)91440.817.6464.8-9.76.24
72UBRIRB (S&P)269890.510.05421.731.663.46
73TRANSCAPITALBANKB2 (Moody's)171453.112.68139.9-4.138.92
74CHELYABINVESTBANKru (Expert RA)49679.222.56686.5212.457.1
75SAROVBUSINESSBANK (VTB Group)ru (Expert RA)45325.721.8158.6820.965.16
76RUSSIAN STANDARDCaa2 (Moody's), B- (S&P)376954.710.7124.890.952.84
77ASIA PACIFIC BANKv- (Fitch), vv+ (ACRA)107591.610.38406.55-86.262.28
78KUBAN CREDITVZ (Moody's), VV+ (ACRA)95221.912.5474.1111.274.86
79ORIENTALruBB-(Expert RA), B3 (Moody's), B+ (ACRA)276882.29.31574.976.568.11
80NSRruA- (Expert RA)493091.412.7967.621532.77
81KRAYINVESTBANK (RNKB group)B- (S&P)58096N / A56.68N / A37.07
82BCS BANKruvvv+(Expert RA)62219.928.3138.76.244.58
83SEVERGAZBANKruBBB+ (Expert RA)54878.912.8199.6616.636.25
84EXPRESS-VOLGA (Sovkobank group)VVV (ACRA)191997.88.857.5743.60.47
85RGS (group "Opening")ruBBB (Expert RA)81479.240.0461.42-31.771.14
86QIWI BANKVVV (ACRA)49806.419.0983.857.826.36
87FINSERVICEruBBv- (Expert RA)125783.119.9572.9712.18.65
88BALTINVESTBANK (Absolut group)Caa1 (Moody's)81514.1N / A289.7N / A10.67
89ENERGOTRANSBANKruBB+ (Expert RA)48514.618.2245.075.717.41
90RING OF URALruBB+ (Expert RA)38355.225.12122.6318.153.26
91UNITED CAPITALruBB (Expert RA)44688.720.41128.367.627.79
92FASTBANKruBB (Expert RA)37244.113.15148.7632.870.16
93PERESVET (RRDB Group)ruBB- (Expert RA)333609.626.1375.980.51.18
94SKB-BANKruBB- (Expert RA)108227.519.0775.137.461.43
95PrimoryeruBB- (Expert RA)3547114.03155.9816.964.88
96ARESBANKruBB- (Expert RA)31871.617.9144.737.531.39
97INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CLUBruB+ (Expert RA)46567.212.638.05-4453.25
98FORA-BANKruB (Expert RA)51917.612.8882.668.552.79
99LANTA-BANKruB (Expert RA)33581.612.34118.496.549.59
100NS BANKruB (Expert RA)33251.415.42173.21-1.258.18

  •  Traditionally, let's take a closer look at the top 10 most reliable banks.

10. Credit Agricole

Credit AgricoleCredit rating Fitch: BBB-

  •  The top ten most reliable banks operating in 2019 included only subsidiaries of large foreign financial corporations and only the largest and most famous Russian banks. Was no exception to this rule and "Credit Agricole".

  •  The Green Bank (it once rose on agricultural loans to French peasants) is considered one of the largest in France, based on the size of assets and the number of clients. However, ordinary Russians will not have the opportunity to transfer money to it – Credit Agricole has only two branches (in St. Petersburg and Moscow), and the overwhelming majority of its clients are legal entities.

9. HSBC bank

HSBC bankFitch: BBB-

After the French, the Britons are next in the list of the most reliable banks in the Russian Federation. HSBC Bank, aka HSBC for short, is the Russian representative office of one of the largest financial corporations in England. HSBC is one of the most valuable banking brands, is in the seventh place in the world in terms of assets, and its clients are citizens of 70 countries.

  •  However, three years ago it turned out that the bank provided its popularity, among other things, with active assistance to clients in competent tax evasion. This kind of "charity" cost the bank a fine of 40 million Swiss francs. And, like the French, the British prefer to work with corporations – there are no "private traders" among the bank's client since.

8. Nordea

NordeaFitch: BBB-

  •  The Nordea Financial Group emerged from a turn of the century purchase or merger of major banks in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Most of all, Nordea is represented in Europe, but it is also trying to master the Chinese financial market and Singapore. There is also a branch of this bank in the USA.

  •  In Russia, Nordea appeared in 2006, when the Finns bought out 86% of the shares of Orgresbank. However, the Scandinavians do not seem to stay for long – they are afraid of suspicions of money laundering, as well as the possible threat of being involved in sanctions cases. Slowly, Nordea is curtailing work with Russian clients and switching to Scandinavian clients.

7. Ing Bank (Eurasia)

Ing Bank (Eurasia)Fitch: BBB-

  •  The headquarters of the parent corporation, whose subsidiary is the Russian Ing Bank, is located in the country of tulips and windmills – Holland. There, in an oddly shaped building dubbed the "boot" by Amsterdammers, financial tycoons manage the accounts of 37,4 million customers in more than 40 countries around the world.

  •  However, not everything is fine in the Dutch kingdom: the financial scandal that is gaining momentum is about to fall on them. From the pages of The Financial Times, there are already accusations that Russian money was laundered through Ing Bank. It is not yet known how the management of the bank will react to this and whether it will prefer to follow the example of Nordea.

6. Citibank

CitibankFitch: BBB-

  •  It is a subsidiary of a large financial corporation headquartered in New York. Citigroup is one of the largest financial corporations in the world with more than 200 million private and corporate clients and bank branches in 160 countries around the globe.

  •  In Russia, Citibank is doing well, and, unlike previous participants in the bank reliability rating, this financial institution does not hesitate to take money from individuals. It serves more than 600 thousand "private traders".

  •  Although Citibank plans to close a number of branches in Moscow in 2019, this does not mean that Citigroup is going to leave Russia. It's just that the bank is moving to a digital service model.

5. VTB


  •  If not foreign, then state-owned – the fifth place in the ranking of the most reliable banks according to Forbes is occupied by VTB Bank. The owner of the bank is the government of the Russian Federation, which owns more than half of the shares.

  •  And even sanctions are not able to harm the financial giant. Although the world rating agencies refused to evaluate VTB, the British magazine The Banker, whose opinion is listened to by financiers all over the world, last year awarded VTB the Bank of the Year award.

4. Sberbank

SberbankFitch: BBB-

In fourth place on the Forbes banking list is the undisputed leader Russian banks according to the Central Bank. The bank has more than 2 million accounts of legal entities. What can we say about the accounts of individuals – here Sberbank reigns supreme, single-handedly holding almost half of the market.

  •  The bank's customers are more than 88 million people, and the bank's employees can populate a medium-sized city (almost 300 thousand people). Judging by the results, the main Russian bank is doing well. According to its head, last year Sberbank received a record profit, and the return on equity increased by almost a quarter. And this despite the difficult international relations. For example, the Ukrainian version of Sberbank cannot withdraw capital from the country by direct order of the local president, and we won’t even talk about American sanctions.

3. Rosbank (Societe Generale)

Rosbank (Societe Generale)Fitch: BBB-

  •  The vast majority of Rosbank's shares, namely 99,95%, belongs to the French financial corporation Societe Generale. The corporate headquarters is located in Paris, in three skyscrapers owned by the company, the largest of which reaches a height of 183 meters. A worthy haven for a serious financial organization.

  •  The Russian subsidiary serves both corporate clients (more than 100 thousand accounts) and individuals (3,3 million people). And in the first half of the year, Rosbank will merge with another subsidiary of Societe Generale – Deltacredit. Previously, this bank dealt exclusively with mortgages.

2. Raiffeisenbank

RaiffeisenbankFitch: BBB-

  •  The Austrians appeared on the Russian market back in the mid-nineties, but they became serious players only ten years later, after the merger of ImpexBank. The parent company, Raiffeisen Bank Group, is considered one of the largest banking corporations in Austria in terms of assets and is in the top 200 banks worldwide according to The Banker magazine.

  •  However, the presence of Raiffeisen Bank Group in the financial market is mainly limited to the countries of Eastern Europe, including both the Balkans and the countries of the former USSR. Like most other European banks, Raiffeisenbank has been hit by a wave of paranoia about the possible laundering of Russian money. In early March, one of the British financial institutions even filed an application with the Austrian prosecutor's office about the activities of the bank, but no suspicious transactions were found by the inspectors.

1. Unicredit bank

UniCredit BankFitch: BBB-

  •  According to Forbes, the first place among the most reliable banks is occupied by another subsidiary of a foreign financial corporation. This time it is the Italians – 100% of the shares of "Unicredit Bank" belongs to the financial group UniCredit.

  •  For the most part, UniCredit operates in the European market, mainly in its central and eastern parts, covering the countries of the former USSR. However, not everything is rosy on the Italian-Russian banking horizon. In November last year, the authoritative rating agency S&P Global Ratings changed its assessment of Unicredit Bank, changing the outlook from "stable" to "negative". The reason for this decision lies not in the fact that in 2018 the profit of the Russian version of the bank decreased by 7,5%, but in the change in the creditworthiness of the parent bank, which is currently experiencing some difficulties.