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The strangest and most shocking board games

Don't step on


  •  Come to think of it, board games are a strange thing. You and a few people you (supposedly) have fun with are sitting at a table fixated on a piece of cardboard, hoping each other will fail.

  •  However, most of these games are fun and interesting, which can not be said about the participants in our selection of the strangest and most shocking board games. Would you play one of them?

11. Big funeral


  •  An excellent game for misanthropes or those who are planning to make a career in the funeral industry. You can carefully plan the funeral, throw a farewell party and try to collect more hearses and tombstones than other players.

10 Gay Monopoly


  •  And this board game can easily offend the feelings of gays. Instead of houses and motels, there are bars and saunas. These establishments are called "fun places", and the player tokens are in the form of handcuffs, a teddy bear, a leather cap, a hair dryer, a jeep, and stilettos.

9. Bed bugs


  •  Have you ever been bitten by a bed bug? These larger-than-life (google it at your own risk) insects come out to hunt under the cover of night, and take a short walk over the human body, biting it as they go.

  •  And one fine day, one of the marketers came up with the idea to turn the night voyage of blood-sucking parasites into a fun board game. After all, catching bed bugs is the most exciting pastime for the whole family, right?

8. Big roller


  •  The purpose of this strange and unpleasant board game is to “roll out” as many innocent people as possible. The face of the roller is surprisingly calm and serene for one who brings death, taking as many lives as possible with him.

7. Wreck of the Titanic


  •  The main goal of this, frankly, not the most successful board game is to compete with other players for food and fresh water. Then you have to head to the lifeboat for a chance to escape, and the rest will die a terrible death.

6. Adultery


  •  Do you want to change your spouse? Here's a way to do it under the guise of a shocking board game. According to the rules: "The object of the game is to have a good time with two different players of the opposite sex." What this “good time” consists of is up to you.

5. Spine


  •  Why didn't this board game become a hit? Maybe because it's not easy to find a girl willing to get naked and get on all fours to become a personal game board? Unless, of course, you force a 12-year-old daughter, girlfriend or sister to do this (this is the minimum age threshold for the game).

4. Spin the bottle


  •  The idea of playing spin the bottle with the family is, to put it mildly, unsuccessful, given that, according to the standard rules of the game, they kiss on the lips. But even if we assume that kissing will have to be exclusively on the cheek, at least three questions remain:

  1. Why does a man wear a wedding ring and a woman does not?
  2. What is a couple of teenagers doing in the background?
  3. And finally, does anyone reading this have a spare belt? The poor guy on the bottom left is in dire need of him.

3. PU! Smell Guessing Game


  •  The rules say: "land on a scent patch, pull out a card and guess its scent." This game pairs well with Jelly Belly Bean Boozled (flavored in smelly socks, snot, toothpaste, and other unpleasant but sometimes pleasant things).

2. Don't step on!


  •  The name of this game speaks for itself. Players take turns spinning a dial that tells them how many steps to take on the plastic mat. Whoever steps on the least amount of plastic feces wins.

  •  A small but important detail: the players' eyes must be blindfolded while moving on the mat.

1. Plague Incorporated


  •  This version of the board game, based on the popular Plague Inc. video game, is great for anyone with a taste for the dark side.

  •  During the 60-minute session, each player becomes a deadly disease with unique symptoms, and must infect as many cities in the world as possible. Become the one who destroys humanity, even in a board game – is this not the dream of the Dark Lord?