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The most difficult video games of all time

hardest games of all time


  •  For players who lack intense emotions, crave a challenge in the game and many hours of trying to kill the hardest boss, we dedicate this top 20 most difficult video games of all time. All participants in the rating are in random order, and not in ascending order of difficulty.

20. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls (2009/2011)

  •  It's impossible to talk about difficult games for PC and consoles without mentioning the masterpieces of Hidetaka Miyazaki from FromSoftware. This man reimagined the action RPG genre, making serious trials one of its new foundations.

  •  In these games, even the most common enemies kill players over and over again, so that the message on the screen "YOU DIED" is imprinted in the brain. The only consolation is that death is a major part of how Souls worlds work. This is an essential part of the player's journey to learn from their own mistakes.

19. Ghosts'n Goblins (1985)

  •  This PC platformer can drive you crazy, as the hero is killed in a couple of hits at first, unpredictable enemies appear everywhere, and power-ups can be traps.

  •  Those who managed to reach the end of the game faced a new challenge. They either failed to bring the holy cross, which means re-passing the last two levels, or, bringing it, they fell into a "trap invented by Satan" and had to go through everything again – on an even higher difficulty.

18. The Simpsons (1991)

  •  The visuals, animations, and enemies in this game are exceptional for their time. In fact, you find yourself in a cartoon, with the voices of the voice actors of the Simpsons, and a lot of references to the animated series.

  •  But the gameplay itself is a brutal feast that hardcore gamers especially enjoy.

17. Fade to Black (1995)

  •  Another good old example of "it used to be better" – of course, if you like to constantly die in the game. Fade to Black has a lot of enemies that could kill the hero with one hit. One of them is a tiny, elusive ball that dissolves the character's flesh on contact.

16. Takeshi's Challenge (1986)

  •  Takeshi's Challenge was developed by artist Takeshi Kitano and its main character is an employee looking for treasure on a distant island. Without exaggeration, this is a unique game, the difficulty of which was not in the ability to kill the enemy before he kills you, and not in tricky puzzles.

  •  Takeshi's Challenge tells the player "bye-bye" for harmless "mistakes" such as the character's refusal to quit his job, failing to divorce his wife, or not wanting to hit an old man who gives him a treasure map.

  •  Another task requires you not to touch the controller for an hour. What does this game allow for?

15. Ninja Gaiden II (2008)

  •  Challenge has always been a part of the Ninja Gaiden series, but Ninja Gaiden II 2008 stands alone in the franchise.

  •  Enemies treat a character called Ryu Hayabusa brutally, even on "normal" difficulty, but when it's on Master Ninja, they turn into Terminators, which will most likely end Ryu in a graveyard.

  •  And when damaged, monsters do not whine in pain and do not run away with their tail between their legs, if any. On the contrary, they attack with redoubled rage, and are able to “bite off” a large piece from the character’s health bar.

  •  In addition to the complexity of the game, it is also cruelty – blood literally flows like a river in it, and severed limbs do not dissolve in the air, so that the hero can admire the meat grinder he has arranged. All in all, Ninja Gaiden II is not a game to play with a child (or yourself, if you're sensitive).

14. God Hand (2006)

  •  God Hand's commercial failure means some good ideas are ahead of their time.

  •  One such idea implemented in the game is adaptive difficulty. As soon as you start playing well – successfully dodging attacks, and taking little damage from attacks, the "Hand of God" will strengthen opponents as well. They will become angrier and stronger, but the rewards for defeating them will be more solid.

  •  The camera also brings additional complexity to the gameplay of God Hand. It is fixed behind the back of the hero, and you can not control it in any way. You have to constantly tilt the left and right sticks up and down so that the character “dances” left and right, ducks from attacks and somersaults to a safe distance.

13. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (1999)

  •  If you're only familiar with the Rainbow Six series because of Siege (which is a difficult game in its own right), then you're likely to enter a world of pain if you decide to play the first few games in this franchise.

  •  The only word that correctly describes the difficulty of Rogue Spear is "relentless". You have to be near perfect in your planning, aiming and map knowledge, then there will be any chance to complete the most difficult missions of this game.

12 SpaceChem (2011)

  •  Imagine that you are performing a complex chemical test while trying to turn on the electricity in your home. That's roughly what SpaceChem is like, one of the hardest puzzle games ever made.

  •  Learning how to play SpaceChem is half the battle, and the fun part about this game is that you never fully learn how to play it. You can endlessly create new chemical elements using nuclear fission, fusion and chemical reactions, as well as create your own puzzles and get the most out of the challenging tasks that SpaceChem has to keep your mind on our toes at all times.

11. Devil Daggers (2011)

  •  This incredible first-person shooter effectively reimagines classic shooters as a kind of action in the arena. Your character finds himself in the center of a small round scene, which is teeming with terrible opponents.

  •  There are safe zones in this game, but good luck seeing them in the first-person XNUMXD environment while you're actively trying not to die.

10 Rogue (1980)

  •  This game became the ancestor of a whole genre called Roguelike. Not only will each new adventure bring new challenges and battles with it, the potions and weapons will also be random, meaning that taking a sip is like playing dice with death.

  •  As a result, players have to adapt to the changing conditions of the game, because the adventures in it are not repeated.

9. Dwarf Fortress (2006)

  •  The motto of the community of this game speaks for itself: "losing is fun!" Wolves, caves, famine, fever, floods, and other ills plague dwarven settlements, driving players and dwarves alike to go berserk with adversity. And at the same time create fanfiction, comics, drawings and other fan-made content.

  •  There are a lot of difficult games out there, but getting psychologically scarred by fictional characters says that Dwarf Fortress is something special.

8. 1001 Spikes (2014)

  •  It's not just a throwback to the golden era of NES Hard. This is a whole collection of the most complex mechanics and tricky design decisions that are designed to give players more gray hair.

  •  From bottomless pits to invisible blocks (and yes, spikes), 1001 Spikes is an angel for some and a demon for others. It all depends on how fondly you remember the years of your youth that you spent dying in the most brutal 8-bit games ever made.

7. The Adventure of Little Ralph (1999)

  •  This Japan-only game was exclusive to the original PlayStation and PSN. The platformer is now worth triple figures on the collectors market, further depriving it of the broad audience it deserves.

  •  The story of "rescuing a damsel in distress" may be trite, but the demanding boss fights that require reaction and precision have made "Little Ralph" one of the most difficult games in the world.

6. Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth (1995)

  •  The difficulty of the game often depends on the speed and accuracy of character control. But the dark adventure game from Coktel Vision is a test of semiotic thinking.

  •  The first thing that greets players is a rambling introductory video, from which it becomes clear that quickly passing Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth, lazily drinking tea or something stronger, will not work. And Woodroof's ability to carry on a conversation without context is very confusing. And there is nothing surprising here, because the hero has the soul of a baby in an adult body.

  •  And if you're tempted to use trial and error to solve puzzles, keep in mind that the sheer number of items in the inventory and their illogical nature make the process of solving a long and painstaking process.

5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019)

  •  One of the gaming hits is so complex that it makes players blaze with rage on forums and social networks. Here are a couple of more or less censored comments:


Banks and ATMs

  •  In Sekiro, there is no way to change the difficulty – you are considered by default to be "fast, daring, sharp like a bullet", and if not, then welcome to another game. You can spend a hundred attempts on difficult bosses, and all you end up killing is your nerves. But how many emotions when the next battle ends with your victory!

4 Trials Fusion (2014)

  •  At first, this game feels like a meditative experience – and then the difficulty curve suddenly shoots straight up into the sky. That's when Trials Fusion reveals its true form – it's a nightmarish physics puzzle that pretends to be a motorcycle.

  •  The expression "to the millimeter" will play with new colors when you figure out how to perform this or that trick or fly over a huge abyss. In this case, you will have to take into account many important nuances, such as the weight of the motorcycle, the frequency of alternating gas with the brake, and the correct distribution of the center of gravity.

3. Dark Seed (1995)

  •  The first of two reasons to play Dark Seed is its incredible horror style, and the second is the desire to experience as much digital pain as possible.

  •  Dark Seed's puzzles are challenging enough on their own, but this game takes it a little too far by using a time limit system that keeps you on the edge of "doing it or not?". Perhaps, without such a system, Dark Seed would have been more interesting for gamers, but then it would not have made it to the list of the most difficult video games.

2 Cuphead (2017)

  •  Don't let the 30s and 40s Disney-inspired cartoon graphics, hilarious soundtrack and smiley faces of your enemies fool you – Cuphead's 2D platformer is hardcore and cool.

  •  You will have to use new strategies to defeat the bosses because each fight has several stages. In addition, each battle is unique – you will either have to run away from the dragon, then dive under water to fight with a huge mermaid, then climb the beehive, etc.

1 Bloodborne (2015)

  •  And again, the creation of Hidetaka Miyazaki in the top 20 most hardcore games of all time. Players must have feline reflexes to defeat the numerous monsters that populate the gothic horror Bloodborne.

  •  Enemies are extremely aggressive and unpredictable in combat scenarios, and the blood flasks needed for healing must be found or purchased, rather than auto-regenerating from killing strong enemies or special campfires like Estus flasks in Dark Souls.