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  •  The end of the year and the beginning of a new one is the best time to take stock. This is done by both simple office workers and politicians, businessmen, housewives and schoolchildren. Book publishers have not been left behind. What exactly do Russians read, and what books did they like the most in the past 2019? This will tell the rating of the best-selling books according to Forbes Lite magazine.

10. "While the river flows"

Author: Diana Setterfield

jxm3p1xsThe first novel of this British writer, "The Thirteenth Tale", thundered all over the world. The second was neither fish nor meat. But the third, according to some critics, even surpassed the first. 

  •  The beginning is Victorian-Gothic: on the longest night of the year, a stranger bursts into the village tavern with a dead girl in his arms. The girl suddenly came to life (of course, otherwise there would be no point in writing a book) and the signature Setterfield polyphony began. Many people tell different stories, but in the end all these streams merge into one mighty and full-flowing river.

9. "The house in which the light is on"

Author: Elchin Safarli

vw0grffnWarm and lamp reading, which is especially drawn to immerse yourself in long winter evenings. Safarli's work continues a long line of "nothing" books that reached its peak in Coelho's work. 

  •  An elderly woman lives on the seashore, makes jam, seals it in small transparent jars and writes letters to her granddaughter. These letters are full of sayings that are full of pages in social networks. "Wisdom and experience grow out of doubt"; "Where there is no love, everything is a mistake." 

  •  In total, last year, judging by sales, about 44 thousand people touched such wisdom.

8. "Another Truth"

Author: Alexandra Marinina

bl2phi5sIt seemed that the queen of the action-packed detective story about Kamenskaya, a woman-computer, long ago and hopelessly switched to long family sagas, only lightly and seemingly powdered with a detective component. 

  •  However, last year Marinina decided to return to her roots and built her fiftieth anniversary novel about Kamenskaya according to the old patterns. The result is a solid book that will please both fans of her older novels and a later audience accustomed to lengthy reflections on life. By the way, the story is based on real facts.

7. "Outsider"

Author: Stephen King

dlb0roq4Just think, but once upon a time no one wanted to publish King! Yes, yes, we are not joking: the first book of a novice author was rejected at least 30 times. It's good that King was so resilient in the face of early failures and continues to scare us regularly for many years. 

  •  And although now the main source of butter on his bread is film adaptations, however, the king of horror and the prince of nightmares recently pleased readers with a new book. And, of course, she entered the top best-selling books. 

  •  This time, King masterfully immerses us in the atmosphere of an American town where everyone knows each other, but everyone is not what they seem at first glance. And in every closet hid a skeleton. All the action is thickly flavored with the supernatural, and the resulting cocktail is breathtaking.

6. Brisbane

Author: Evgeny Vodolazkin

dwztohioA poet is more than just a poet. So the writer Vodolazkin, who wrote his first full-length fiction book Lavr seven years ago, now sits in the State Duma and is included in the Presidential Council for Culture and Art. 

  •  However, Eugene did not rest on state laurels and continues to delight the Russian people with his creations. And readers respond to him with love, and every year his books are sold better and better. So "Brisbane" was 10 thousand copies ahead of Vodolazkin's bestseller two years ago called "The Aviator". 

  •  Brisbane is the story of a musician who, at the peak of his career, discovers that he is terminally ill and will never be able to perform in front of an audience again. Presented against the backdrop of the last decades of Russian history, it touches not only on an emotional level, but is also interesting from a philosophical point of view. After all, each of us faces the questions that the main character has to solve.

5. "The art of light touch"

Author: Victor Pelevin

0h3isajdJudging by the sales, the Russians are gradually losing interest in Pelevin's work. From the crazy circulations of the turn of the millennium, he slowly but surely went down to more than 80 thousand copies (including electronic and audio books). 

  •  But the master of phantasmagoria in the Buddhist style does not lose heart and regularly regales his fans with a fresh novel once a year. Novels come out exactly in the fall, when the evenings are especially dreary and you want to sit at home and read. 

  •  In The Art of Light Touches, Pelevin remains true to himself, making a vigorous mixture of modernity, thickly kneading it on myths and seasoning it with an alternative view of the world.

4. "Deadly White"

Author: Robert Galbraith

ha2ppnrsPerhaps you did not know that under the pseudonym "Robert Galbraith" hides the author of the Harry Potter novels. A few years ago, the famous writer decided to master a new genre – an action-packed detective story. And, apparently, in order to clearly distinguish one facet of her work from another, she changed her name. 

  •  Whatever it was, Joan's thrillers come out no worse than children's literature. In addition to a purely detective line (which is moderately cheerful, moderately touching and moderately frightening), the attentive reader will learn a lot about how the inhabitants of the United Kingdom live and breathe. 

3. "Knife"

Author: Y. Nesbo

hseqosukOur people love Scandinavian detective stories. Either the similar geographical location affects, or the similarity of character, or the desire to open the most painful ulcers of society and dissect them with bitterness, anger and unexpected kindness.

  •  But at least one Scandinavian thriller is in the top 10 most popular books year after year. It would be strange if one of the most masterful and exciting books from a Norwegian writer was not among the top sellers. And the "Knife" beats all the records of the branded "nesbism". In it, Scandinavian noir is served even more noir, and the life of Harry Hole is even harder. But that's why we love him, right?

  •  By the way, according to the Azbuka-Atticus publishing house, the leader in sales is not the Silent Patient at all, but the Knife. But the heartbreaking love story "A meter apart" – the sales leader according to "Eksmo-AST" – did not even enter the top 10 from Forbes Life.

2. "White horses"

Author: Dina Rubina

cophv5p4In general, judging by the results, the Russian people prefer well-known names and laureates of major literary awards – this indicates the quality of the publication as a whole. Dina Rubina, a venerable Soviet-Russian-Israeli author, was no exception.

  •  Already the first novel was not yet a success until the end of the written cycle, and the second – those same “Horses” – was loved by readers even more. And it is not surprising, given that this is an everyday novel about love against the backdrop of a rapidly unfolding Russian reality. Well, who will not empathize with the restless soul of a doctor with the usual name Aristarkh and his beloved, the editor of Nadezhda?  

  •  The dramas of love carried through decades are also seasoned with a spicy adventurous line straight from Napoleonic times, the times of hussars, champagne, shakos and the crunch of fragrant French bread.

1. Silent Patient

Author: Alex Michaelides

m4zpg5pvAlas, the Russian book market could not repeat the records. The silent patient loses to Dan Brown's cheerful, full of drive and, to be honest, light crazy novels. 

  •  If the "Origin" from the ripper from the Templars and the Vatican was sold out like hot cakes in winter (more than 300 thousand copies were sold in total), then "The Patient", the best-selling book according to Forbes Lite, barely crawled over a hundred. And then with the addition of electronic and audiobooks.

  •  However, the two books have a genre in common – they are both action-packed thrillers. Judging by the rating, the stories of this direction are still the most popular among readers. So the Greek author put an ancient Greek myth into an interesting and exciting form. 

  •  A woman lives in a psychiatric clinic. She was once an artist, but now she not only does not draw, but also does not speak. She killed her husband and tried to die, but she was rescued. Was this crime actually committed, and if it was, is it a crime in the strict sense of the word? These questions torment a psychiatrist who is trying to find out what happened to his patient many years ago.