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Most Popular Franchises 2021



  •  Franchises in our country are like a gopher from the movie "DMB" – you can't see him, but he's there. The reason is that a franchise as such is not fixed in any way, and for its legal registration, entrepreneurs have to use different methods, ranging from license agreements to supply contracts.

Therefore, it is not the easiest thing to calculate which franchise has earned how much, but experts dealt with it. They took the statistics of Rospatent as the basis for the rating and compiled a list of the most dynamically developing franchises.

10. Chebarkul bird

  •  The brainchild of the Chelyabinsk poultry farm opens the top 10 most popular Russian franchises. She started working back in 1969 and since then has been regularly supplying Siberians with poultry and eggs. According to the factory managers, the birds are kept in an ecologically clean area, they are not given growth hormones and do not add preservatives to food.

  •  The franchise itself started relatively recently – about five years ago. So far, most of the stores selling poultry products are located in Siberia and the Republic of Bashkortostan. There are more than 80 such stores in total.

  •  Franchisees (franchise buyers) receive assistance in the selection of premises, the development of a design project, a business plan, provide a form for sellers and marketing materials.

9. Invitro

  •  This is one of the regular participants in the top 10 best Russian franchises. Invitro began its existence back in 2005, specializing in medical diagnostics (colloquially: analyzes).

  •  At the end, under the auspices of "Invitro" there are more than one and a half thousand clinics and eight laboratories; some of the facilities are located in neighboring states. The total number of patients served by franchisees and neighboring countries is 11,5 million people.

  •  In fact, franchisees are in charge of the selection of biomaterial (that is, analyzes), which are then sent to laboratories for diagnosis. When buying an additional package, you can add some services, such as ultrasound, ECG and vaccinations.

8. Beer&Co

  •  Yekaterinburg is home to several well-known franchises, which continue to grow and develop despite difficult conditions. One of them is PivKo, which specializes in beer: draft, craft, non-alcoholic and related products.

  •  Now more than 500 points of the company (both own and franchisees) have been opened and neighboring Kazakhstan. And although sales fell by 20% from April to July last year, the PivKo network was able to quickly adapt to the coronavirus realities. Even more than that: according to one of the top managers of the company, in August they sold a record number of franchises.

7. At Palych

  •  The history of the U Palych food chain began modestly – from the cafe of the same name with only 4 seats, opened in 1991. Since then, under the brand name "U Palych", a whole food network has been launched, specializing in semi-finished products (frozen), salads, aspics and other fast food.

  •  In addition to semi-finished products, U Palych does not shy away from chocolate boutiques, its own ice cream, and even an oriental restaurant. According to top managers of the company, U Palych adheres to traditional technologies, that is, if the butter is butter, and the egg yolk is extracted directly from the egg.

  •  But despite all the food conservatism, innovations are not alien to the “palychs”. They recently introduced to the public a new format of a burger place with an open kitchen and burgers of their own recipe, called BurgerPoint.


  •  According to statistics compiled by the Svyaznoy federal network, in 2010-2019, Russian residents purchased 225 million smartphones, which is much more than the number of these same residents (146 million 238 thousand people at the beginning). But these smartphones regularly break down, and it is not surprising that the service for their repair was included in the list of the most profitable franchises in our country.

  •  The threshold for entering the world of smartphone repair is quite simple: you need a small office, repair tools and a specialist. All this is inexpensive – from 310 to 510. Currently, "Pedant" has more than 300 service centers, which cover about 120 Russian cities.

5. Hemotest

  •  Another popular long-lived Russian franchise, whose position was already quite strong before the onset of the coronavirus.

  •  Gemotest even managed to make money on a wave of popular panic – they were one of the first commercial laboratories to offer coronavirus detection services. Behind these lines is a lot of work that was quickly done in a short time – nurses were trained in the technique of taking biomaterial, new tougher safety rules, and laboratory workers in how to protect themselves from the virus. Now Gemotest has about 600 representative offices throughout the country and about 200 of its own.

4. Cofix

  •  This is an international brand of coffee houses, which was born in Israel in 2013. Three years later, the company opened its representative office, and a year later, the virus struck the planet.

  •  How did Cofix manage to survive, and even make a profit? The answer is simple: they switched to grocery delivery. Already in April, the franchise promptly rushed in and connected up to 50 of its coffee shops to the service (which, given their total number of approximately 200 units, is a very impressive result).

  •  Now Cofix continues to develop new formats: at the beginning of last month, they opened the first Street Food point – a mini-restaurant offering "street food" from different countries, which is prepared on the spot.

3.Fit Service

  •  During the quarantine, the market for new cars has suffered, but existing cars still require maintenance. Therefore, the folk trail does not overgrow to Fit Service car services. According to the creators of Fit Service themselves, the company's goal is not to sell this very franchise at all, but to organize a distribution channel for spare parts; therefore, the success of the franchisee directly benefits the company.

  •  When buying a franchise, the client will make a project and terms of reference according to individual standards, plan everything from the acceptance area to the service, prepare for the opening, but even after the opening they will be “guided” so that the department reaches the planned profitability indicators.

  •  And every month they send a mystery shopper to make sure the franchisee doesn't dishonor the honor of the brand.

2. Beans

  •  The second place in the list of the most successful franchises is taken by the brainchild of the Metro grocery store chain. In 2014, the first test run took place: the “parent” checked whether buyers would be interested in the “daughter”. The test was successful, and the franchise began to gain momentum.

  •  And although Fasol lags far behind the first place in the ranking, by January of this year, the number of franchised grocery stores reached more than 1770 units.

  •  "Fasol" rose on the growth of demand for small "neighborhood" hypermarkets, where visitors can buy fresh products on their way back from work. Now this is a general trend of the market: huge mega malls, popular in the first decade of the new millennium, are starting to lose popularity, giving way to online stores and such small grocery outlets.

  •  But "Metro" is not going to rest on its laurels – in January, it presented an updated design of "Fasoli", a fresh concept and a mobile application for franchisees.

1. 1C

  •  This is not the first year that 1C has taken the honorable first place among Russian franchises. Judging by the statistics of Rospatent, at the end the total number of contracts concluded by 1C exceeded an impressive figure of 9000. Every year, 1C employees conclude about 600-750 contracts with franchisees, and a tenth of them terminate at most.

  •  According to the creators of the 1C franchise concept themselves, its popularity is based on the “three pillars”:

  1. availability,
  2. wealth of services
  3. thoughtful design.

  •  For relatively little money, the buyer receives a set of tools and the opportunity to either build a business from scratch or rebuild an existing one. New to the market? There is a special partner school for them. Need advice? For this, platforms for the exchange of experience have been created. Things went well, but would it be nice to streamline processes or provide automation services? For this, there is a special system "1C: Enterprise".