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The most anticipated cars of 2023

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  •  The automotive industry is suffering from a shortage of microchips, dealers are raising prices, and manufacturers are changing the release date of their new products. So wait spend money on a new car, maybe one of the most anticipated cars of 2023 will appeal to you more.

12. 2022 Kia Sportage

  •  The novelty received the Hyundai Tucson platform, carries the latest driver assistance systems on board, and offers a wide range of power plants and transmissions for the Russian market:

  1. 6 T-GDI, petrol, 150 HP With. Transmission – 6-speed manual.
  2. CRDi, turbodiesel, 115 hp With. Transmission – 6-speed manual.
  3. 6 T-GDI, petrol, 180 HP With. + starter-generator 48 V. Transmission – 6-speed manual or robotic.
  4. 6 CRDi, diesel, 136 hp With. + starter-generator 48 V. Transmission – 6-speed manual or robotic.
  5. 5 GDI, petrol, 190 hp With. Gearbox – 8-automatic transmission.
  6. 0 CRDi, turbodiesel, 186 hp With. Gearbox – 8-automatic transmission.
  7. 6 T-GDI, petrol, 180 HP With. + 60 hp electric motor. With. Gearbox – 6-automatic transmission.

  •  The price of the crossover will vary from 1 rubles for the initial configuration to 834 rubles for the Premium Black Edition.

11 Audi RS3

  •  The new generation RS3 family consists of a sporty hatchback and sedan, equipped with a 2,5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine with 400 hp. and 500 Nm of torque.

  •  Each of the models has all-wheel drive with a "smart" system that helps the motorist to cope with traffic situations when driving at high speeds.

  •  The seats will receive improved lateral support and softer filler. Otherwise, everything will be standard: leather upholstery, heating and ventilation for the front seats and the possibility of a slight backrest for the rear.

  •  In the European market, the price of the Audi RS3 2022 hatchback will be 60 thousand euros (just over 5 million rubles), and the sedan – 62 thousand euros or 5,2 million rubles.

10. Changan University-K

  •  This Chinese crossover will arrive in the second half of 2023. The new flagship will replace the CS75 FL model, and under its hood is a 2,0-liter Blue Whale gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 226 hp. and 350 Nm of torque.

  •  Uni-K will also offer the owner an 8-speed automatic, all-wheel drive and three transmission modes: Standard, Sport and Eco.

  •  The cost of new items will be from 1,6 million to 2 million rubles, if it is comparable to prices in China.

9 Geely KX11

  •  This Geely flagship crossover is known in its homeland under the name Xingyue L. It is equipped with a 2,0-liter supercharged petrol “four” with a capacity of 218 or 238 hp.

  •  The car is based on a modular platform from Volvo – CMA (Compact Modular Architecture),

  •  The front of the Geely KX11 is equipped with a radiator grille with concave vertical slats – the so-called "waterfall" style. And if this is the highlight of the exterior, then the interior boasts three large touch screens on the front. One of them is "reserved" for the dashboard, while the other two are connected, creating the effect of a single whole.

  •  The price of the new Chinese crossover is still unknown, probably 2,5 million rubles, in order to compete with the Hyundai Santa Fe and Subaru Forester.

8. Lada Vesta FL

  •  The domestic auto industry will also have something to offer you in 2022. The restyled Vesta received new LED optics front and rear, an updated grille and bumper, and the EnjoY Pro multimedia system, developed in collaboration with Yandex. It will have surround sound, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, as well as support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Yandex.Auto interfaces.

  •  FL (which stands for facelifting) may be the last "Vesta" in the history of AVTOVAZ, as the LADA and Dacia brands will be merged into one business unit. And the production of "Lad" will stop by 2025.

  •  Presumably, the price of "Lada Vesta FL" will be more than a million rubles.

7 Lexus NX 2022

  •  The new generation of the premium crossover will receive new body parts, and according to the manufacturer, 95% of the parts were developed from scratch. NX 2022 has changed platform, now it is GA-K (TNGA), and customers will be offered three trim levels:

  1. NX200 – 2.0 gasoline aspirated, 150 hp
  2. NX250 – 2.5 gasoline aspirated, 199 hp
  3. NX350 – 2.4 petrol turbo engine, 279 hp

  •  Changes have undergone not only the appearance of the car, but also its interior. It has become more ergonomic and convenient, for example, the central display has been “moved” closer to the driver, and touch controls have replaced the touchpad.

  •  The price of the Lexus NX 2022 is still unknown, but it is unlikely to be lower than that of the current model, which costs 2,8 million rubles in the basic configuration, and 4,1 million rubles in the Exclusive version.

6. Land Rover Range Rover 5th Generation

  •  Nine years have passed since the release of the 4th generation of a luxury SUV, and now the release of the 5th generation has been announced. It will have a more modern, streamlined design, retractable door handles and classic glazing – a kind of "brand name" of the car.

  •  The 2023 Range Rover is based on the new MLA Flex platform, which allows for longitudinal placement of both a classic engine and an all-electric one.

  •  The top modification will have a 4.4-liter engine from BMW with the N63 index, 530 hp. and 750 Nm. Other versions will receive diesel engines D250 and D350, with a power of 249 hp. (600 Hm) and 350 hp (700 Hm).

  •  Estimated price – about 9 million rubles.

5. Hyundai Creta

  •  One of the most anticipated new cars in 2023 has received a new front end that makes it related to the older models of the company. The complex pattern of the grille and the integrated elements of the daytime running lights are an interesting solution. The design of the bumper and hood has also undergone changes.

  •  The length of Creta has grown to 4315 mm (plus 15 mm), but the wheelbase has remained the same. For the Indonesian market, where the model will debut, there is only one engine option – aspirated 1.5 of the Smartstream series, 115 hp. Whether there will be other options for Russia is still unknown.

  •  The price of the updated compact crossover will be $ 19 or 500 million rubles.

4 Nissan Pathfinder 2022

  •  One of the most anticipated crossovers of 2023 on the Russian market may appear before the end of winter. He received a 3,5-liter aspirated V6, 284 hp. and 351 Nm of torque. And the variator was replaced by a 9-speed automatic transmission.

  •  The car is already in the basic configuration equipped with 7 airbags, three-zone climate control, a media system, and heated seats, steering wheel and windshield. Depending on the configuration, it can accommodate from 7 to 8 people. But there will be only one engine for the Russian market – an atmospheric V-shaped “six”, with a volume of 3.5 liters, with 249 hp. and a 9-speed automatic. The drive is only full.

  •  The price is likely to be comparable to the closest competitor Toyota Highlander (4,2 million rubles) and Volkswagen Teramont (3,8 million rubles).

3. Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022

  •  The novelty will retain all the features for which consumers love the T-series of VW minibuses – reliability and ergonomics, and add to this several new "chips", such as a variety of electronic assistants, including "advanced" cruise control (IQ.Drive Travel Assist ), a new multifunction steering wheel and a robotic transmission.

  •  The designers removed the elevation of the central tunnel to make it easier to move between the two front seats.

  •  The car will be six-seater, the second row of seats can be rotated 180 degrees, and any chair can be moved along the rails. Another small but interesting feature of the novelty is a movable armrest table, which can be moved around the cabin using special rails.

  •  Multiven T7 2022 will most likely get to Russia in the winter of 2023, in versions with classic TDI. And the estimated price is not less than 4 million rubles for the basic version.

2. Subaru Forester 2022

  •  Acceptance of orders for the Japanese station wagon, which has now become an SUV, has already begun, the first batches will arrive in early 2023.

  •  The updated version received improved security systems, a larger grille in black, a more massive front bumper, L-shaped headlights, a vertical screen of the multimedia system and several other small improvements.

  •  There will be two options for petrol engines – 2,0 L and 150 HP and 2,5 L 185 HP. Both options are paired only with a variator. The price of Subaru Forester 2022 will be from 2,4 to 3,2 million rubles.

1. Skoda Fabia 2022

  •  This hatchback boasts round air vents in the cabin, horizontal taillights, the latest electronic systems and a spacious interior – the most spacious in the subcompact class.

  •  It is based on the MQB-A0 platform, thanks to which it has become significantly larger in size:

  • plus 111 mm long, up to 4108 mm,
  • plus 48 mm wide, up to 1780 mm,
  • plus 94 mm between axles, up to 2564 mm.

  •  But in height, the car decreased by 7 mm, to 1460 mm.

  •  The engine series includes three units of the EVO series:

  1. liter MPI for 65 and 80 hp paired with a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission,
  2. liter TSI with 95 hp and 110 hp paired with a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission,
  3. 1,5-liter TSI with 150 hp paired with a robotic transmission.

  •  The price of Skoda Fabia 2022 in the basic version is 15,5 thousand euros (1,3 million rubles). It is not yet known for sure whether the novelty will appear on the Russian market, given that it will have to compete with another popular model – Rapid.