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Rating of electric heat guns in 2023

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  •  If there is no central heating in the room, and gas is not supplied, then the easiest and most popular way to warm up a garage or cottage is to buy an electric heat gun.

  •  Devices of this type have the advantages of their "colleagues" running on diesel fuel – they can heat a large area, they are not too expensive, but at the same time they are devoid of significant disadvantages, such as an unpleasant smell and exhaust emissions into the room.

  •  I present to you the rating of electric heat guns in 2023, which contains the best models according to the reviews of experts and ordinary users.

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QUATTRO ELEMENTI QE-5000C opens the rating of electric heat guns

  • Heating area: 50 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 320 m³/h
  • Power consumption: 5 kW
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  The review opens a device from an Italian manufacturer, but made in China. Can operate at full power, 50% power and as a fan. Management – using 2 toggle switches.

  •  The handle on the body and low weight allow you to effortlessly carry this gun to the right place.

  •  One of the main advantages of the device is a bimetallic thermostat, which, according to the manufacturer, is designed for at least 100 operation cycles. It allows you to adjust the temperature with an accuracy of plus / minus 1 degree.

Pros and cons simple and reliable



  • Heating area: 90 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 850 mXNUMX/h
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown
  • Dimensions: 35x48x28.5 cm

  •  A high-quality middle peasant in all respects – from the heated area to the price. According to reviews, the gun quickly heats the room, automatically maintains the set temperature. When overheated, it turns itself off.

  •  Due to its small size and handle, the device can be easily carried from place to place. Management is as simple as possible – two regulators. You can "drive" the gun in fan mode to ventilate the room.

Pros and cons light weight – 7,7 kg convenient handle-holder no

8.Hyundai H-HG7-20-UI524

Hyundai H-HG7-20-UI524

  • Heating area: 20 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 140 mXNUMX/h
  • HxWxT: 28x18x18 cm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  Which guns are better for keeping warm in the pantry, on the loggia or in another room of a small area? Here are three main selection criteria: lightness, compactness, low power (2-3 kW), and, consequently, moderate power consumption.

  •  One suitable option is the Hyundai H-HG7-20-UI524, which looks more like a small radio in design.

  •  According to the technical characteristics of this device, it can work not only in heating mode, but also as a fan. Automatically shuts off when overheated, can operate at full or half power. The case is not waterproof, but is protected from large particles of dust and dirt.

Pros and cons nice to see carry handle light and compact easy to operate no



  • Max. heating power: 3 kW
  • Heating area: 25 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 300 mXNUMX/h
  • HxWxT: 30x23.50x21.50 cm
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  This efficient machine with a ceramic heating element and mechanical power control can be purchased for residential or small industrial premises. It will turn itself off when overheated, equipped with a thermostat, has a fan function without heating.

  •  Of the useful little things, I note a carrying handle, durable metal fan blades and a long cord – 2,5 meters. Three modes of operation – 100% power, 50% and fan.

Pros and cons works quietly good build quality can be adjusted the angle of rotation, buyers attribute the low stand to the shortcomings, because of which the gun cannot be turned much up

6. Denzel DHC 2-100

Denzel DHC 2-100

  • Heating area: 20 m²
  • Voltage: 220/230V
  • Maximum air exchange: 100 mXNUMX/h
  • Power consumption: 25 W
  • HxWxT: 21.60x21x16 cm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  In addition to the handle for moving, one of the best heat guns is equipped with a light indicator of operation, and a thermostat with which the desired temperature is set.

  •  Denzel DHC 2-100 will maintain the set temperature in the room if you set the thermostat control to an intermediate position. And it will turn off when the desired temperature is reached. The device will not allow overheating, it will turn itself off.

  •  The body of this model is metal, coated with heat-resistant paint to prevent corrosion.

Pros and cons quickly heats the room of the declared area quiet very light, easy to transport no


KALASHNIKOV KVF-E9-32 in the top 5 heat guns

  • Heating area: 90 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 820 mXNUMX/h
  • HxWxT: 45x31.50x25 cm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  Here is the answer to the question of which heat gun is best for a large room. KVF-E9-32 is suitable for quick heating of a garage, cottage, small warehouse or workshop.

  •  This model has a durable steel case, easy mechanical control and overheating protection – automatic shutdown. The gun is not heavy, it is easy to carry it from place to place with a special handle.

Pros and consTemperature maintenance controllerBright designLarge heating areaVentilation modeNo



  • Heating area: 220 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 1600 mXNUMX/h
  • HxWxT: 63x77x49 cm
  • Weight: 23.1 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  The KVF-E22-31 differs from the previous participant in the rating of electric guns by its heating area and increased weight. Ideal for heating the working area at a construction site or other tasks that require a particularly powerful heat gun.

  •  The design is simple and reliable, the settings are easy to figure out, and the gun does not overheat during operation.

Pros and consTemperature controllerLarge heating areaVentilation modeWeight

3. Ballu BHP-M-36

Ballu BHP-M-36

  • For rooms up to 350 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 2500 mXNUMX/h
  • HxWxT: 55x46x40 cm
  • Weight: 23.2 kg

  •  The largest option in terms of “covered” area in the rating of heat guns. Designed for construction work, as well as workshops, warehouses and other large premises. Can be operated at half power 18 kW or in ventilation mode.

  •  The design includes a high-precision capillary thermostat with a manual reset function. And when the heat gun overheats, it automatically turns off.

  •  The moisture-proof case allows to use the device for drying of rooms with the increased humidity.

Pros and cons power safe shutdown simple operation heavy

2. RedVerg RD-EHC2

RedVerg RD-EHC2

  • Heating area: 20 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 120 mXNUMX/h
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  Although this Chinese unit belongs to the budget category, its functions are the same as those of more expensive "colleagues". There is protection against overheating and a thermostat, ventilation mode. The heating element is ceramic.

  •  If you believe the reviews, the RD-EHC20 warms up a room of 2 square meters in an hour. The device is made qualitatively, it is as simple as possible to use, and it has no significant shortcomings.

Pros and consCompact and lightweightConvenient carrying handleLow power

1. Ballu BHP-P2-22

Ballu BHP-P2-22 best electric heat gun

  • Heating area: 250 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 1600 mXNUMX/h
  • HxWxT: 63x47x77 cm
  • Weight: 21.5 kg

  •  The best electric heat gun for a large living or work space. You don't have to carry it in your hands, because the BHP-P2-22 is equipped with a pair of wheels. A feature of the high-precision capillary thermostat is the manual restart function. The principle of its operation is simple: preventing the automatic start of the device after the operation of a protective thermal relay that turns off the power when overheated.

  •  The Ballu BHP-P2-22 case has undergone anti-corrosion treatment and is not afraid of dirt and dust.

Pros and cons wheels help to quickly move the device can ventilate the air without heating a large area heats