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Top 15 best hack and slash games

best hack and slash games


  •  In hack and slash games, the gameplay is relatively simple: there is a main character, a bunch of melee weapons that tend to do a lot of damage, a few ranged attacks that do little damage, and hundreds of enemies to defeat before you get there. before the main boss fight.

  •  The genre has been around since the early days of video games and isn't going to die, and for good reason – it's fun as hell and brings a sense of excitement to video games.

  •  After reviewing the ratings of various sites such as Igromania, Gameranx, and others, we have compiled the top 15 best hack and slash games of all time. All games from the selection are interesting in their own way, so they are arranged in random order.

15. Hades

  •  In this game, which combines elements of roguelike and hack and slash, players take on the role of Zagreus, the son of Hades. Zagreus decides to leave the Underworld and get to Mount Olympus.

  •  During Zagreus' journey, the Olympians will periodically send him gifts, in the hope that the hero will reach the top of Olympus.

  •  Hades is equally breathtakingly beautiful and delightfully entertaining. The combination of classic mythology and developer fantasy works wonders in pushing players forward.

14. Blood Rayne

  •  Whatever you say about the hypersexualization of the main character, Bloodrayne remains one of the most popular slasher games of all time.

  •  This bloody, relentless, and sexy adventure spawned a (terrible) movie, several sequels, and a comic book series. That says something about Bloodrayne's durability.

  •  As a half-vampire named Rain, players are transported to the 1930s, when the Nazis rose to power. With a pair of signature blades and his bloodlust, Rhine rips through Germans, mutants, swamp creatures and more – literally.

13. Bayonetta Series

  •  The plot of the time-traveling super witch is mostly forgettable, the main thing is the intense gameplay.

  •  Bayonetta is an amazingly beautiful game that is remembered for its unusual visuals. But most importantly, the game mechanics fit as flawlessly as the tight-fitting outfit of the witch of the same name. Dismantling angels, demons, deities and other creatures for parts requires great skill, but once you master it, you will have endless fun.

12. Diablo Series

  •  Without exaggeration, the cult series of games from Blizzard Entertainment will soon find a second wind. At BlizzConline 2021, the upcoming Diablo II remaster was announced, which should be released before the end.

  •  It will be released on PC and consoles (with cross-platform progression), and the Vicarious Visions team, which recently became part of Blizzard, is responsible for development.

  •  Here is what is promised to players in the remaster called Diablo II: Resurrected:

  • dynamic lighting.
  • Sound with support for Dolby Surround 7.1.
  • Particle rendering.
  • Picture with a maximum frequency of 144 Hz.
  • Support for widescreen displays and gamepads in the PC version.
  • The ability to switch between the old and new types of graphics on the fly during gameplay.

11. Dante's Inferno

  •  Descend nine levels of Hell as Dante, a morally corrupted Templar Knight subjected to the horrors of the Underworld after being literally stabbed in the back. It is a harrowing journey for Dante, but an interesting sight for those fortunate enough to lead him on his path to salvation.

  •  Armed with the Death Scythe, the Templar battles countless hordes of creatures that are as much fun to look at as they are to maim.

  •  Unfortunately, the Visceral Games studio has closed and we will never see a sequel to this hellishly epic game.

10. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  •  Lords of Shadow was created by Spanish developer Mercury Steam and published by Konami. None other than Hideo Kojima also had a hand in its development.

  •  The art style of this game is reminiscent of that of Guillermo del Toro. As for the gameplay, you will have to adapt to it at first (especially the camera), but after a few hours everything falls into place, all the important abilities are unlocked, and you can fully enjoy this worthy addition to the Castlevania series.

9. Darksiders Warmastered Edition

  •  Tasked with maintaining order between the forces of Heaven and Hell, War takes up arms against the demons and angels that stand in his way.

  •  Even the remastered edition of Darksiders can feel a little dated at times, but that doesn't detract from the awesome power of destroying your enemies with an arsenal of blades and magic.

  •  The familiar setting of Earth dissolves very quickly into a varied hellish landscape that is a lot of fun to explore. It's also quite interesting to watch the little people try to escape their fate as the powers of Heaven and Hell show no mercy to anyone.

8 Torchlight II

  •  No, this is not a Diablo clone. Sure, this game has isometric graphic design and gameplay similar to the iconic Blizzard project, but Torchlight II is a completely different beast.

  •  With your pet at your side, you'll have to hack your way through armies of monsters and humans as you explore the vast and varied world of Torchlight. This game is quite flexible in terms of class customization, which is enhanced by a huge amount of loot obtained from defeated enemies or by exploring the environment.

  •  Torchlight II also offers unforgettable boss fights and even has a 6-player co-op multiplayer mode.

7. Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine

  •  This is a cruel little gem of the hack and slash genre. Space Marine is all about "crushing, tearing and blowing up the enemies of the Emperor" as a Space Marine of the Ultramarines Chapter.

  •  The game mechanics are a bit slow, but powerful enough to keep things interesting. This is a great project, which is a must-play for fans of a fictional universe in which there is only war.

6. Golden Ax Series

  •  You can’t talk about the best hack and slash games and not think about such a classic released back in 1989. Golden Ax may be primitive by today's standards, but it embodies the spirit of early action video games.

  •  You can play the game as one of three characters:

  1. Gilius Thunderhead – an old dwarf with an ax,
  2. Tyris Flair – Amazons with a saber,
  3. Aksa Fighter – a barbarian with a sword.

  •  Moving forward for the final fight with the Deathbringer was only available after the destruction of the next pack of enemies. Some of them rode on lizards, which could be recaptured and used by the player. For its time, Golden Ax was a super-popular game, and it's no surprise that it spawned a number of sequels, the last of which came out in 2008.

5Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

  •  Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, featuring fast-paced gameplay and Raiden's ninja as the main character, has been a hit with long-time fans of the Metal Gear series.

  •  The story is as unpretentious as any of Metal Gear's plots, and the hand-to-hand sword combat contrasts sharply with Snake's cunning. This fast and furious game is hard enough to master, but once you learn how to cut through the environment (literally), Revengeance is an enjoyable experience.

4. God of War Series

  •  The protagonist of the franchise, the demigod Kratos, is on a vengeful quest that prompts him to hunt down and kill various Greek gods.

  •  However, the latest, at the moment, game in the series changes the situation a bit. Kratos has moved on to Norse mythology this time around and now has a son to take care of. The character of the protagonist has also changed, who is trying to cope with anger in order to show his son how to live and take care of himself.

  •  Of course, the emphasis is still on hack and slash, but this time with a new battle ax that can be upgraded as you progress through the game. This is definitely one of the best games of our time and a must play if you have a PlayStation.

  •  In 2021, the ninth game in the God of War series will be released, in which Kratos and his son Atreus will continue their wanderings in the world of Norse mythology.

3. Asura's Wrath

  •  There are crazy games, there are super games, and there is something in between – Asura's Wrath, which will throw you into the thick of massive and brutal boss battles. This game doesn't have the over-the-top sexiness and beauty of Bayonetta or the great combat of Devil May Cry, but the enchanting frenzy of everything that's happening on the screen makes up for a lot.

  •  If you like action games with quirky characters, Japanese video games, and anime series like Naruto and Dragon Ball, play Asura's Wrath once and you'll likely be satisfied.

2. NieR: Automata

  •  It looks like PlatinumGames knows the secret formula for making successful hack and slash games. Automata isn't NieR's first game, but it's by far the best and highly recommended for anyone who didn't even know the series existed.

  •  Playing as YoRHa androids, players wield short and long swords, spears, and other weapons in fast-paced and often chaotic combat.

  •  And in those rare moments when players are not too busy with a series of devastating attacks on robotic enemies, they can admire the magnificent and detailed world.

1. Devil May Cry 5

  •  Released in 2019, this game puts players in the shoes of several different characters, such as Nero, who was present in Devil May Cry 4. In terms of narrative, the game takes place after the events of Devil May Cry 4, which features Nero, Dante, and a new character named V (a playable character in the special edition). This time they have to face a powerful new demonic invasion.

  •  The games in the Devil May Cry 5 series are renowned for their thrilling action scenes and crazy 'hack 'em up' fun. In the fifth installment, the combat system was perfected to make the movements look silky smooth and beautiful.