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Top 10 highest paid performers in the world

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  •  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, great changes have taken place in almost all spheres of human activity. The music industry is no exception, with most artists last year relying on streaming rather than touring, according to Billboard.

And while some artists complained about the lack of money, others did everything to enter into top highest paid performers. The Top 2020 Billboard Money Makers (literally “money makers”) in XNUMX earnings results are unexpected names that have “sadled” the streaming wave and are confidently holding on to it.

10. Lil Baby – $11,7 million

wt3xtyu2The black rapper appears on this list for the first time, and immediately came out on top, earning $9,1 million from over 6,2 billion streams. And he received another $ 2,2 million from publishing income. Last year, his album My Turn spent five weeks at the top of the Billboard chart.

  •  Of course, Billbord didn't include Lil Baby's Cee-lo winnings in Lil Baby's income, and they've got amounts of over $100. This game is the rapper's passion, and colleagues already refuse to play with him, because the musician can afford to put huge sums at stake. And the management of the label Quality Control, which works with Lil Baby, takes 000% of the winnings if the game takes place within the walls of the studio.

9. YoungBoy Never Broke Again – $11,9 million

xpsik1lmThe father of four, former criminal and one of the top YouTube music artists in the US has debuted on the Billboard 2020 Money Makers list thanks to his 7,6 billion streams.

  •  Artist "White Teeth" ranks first in the video streaming category and fifth in terms of audio streams. All of this earned him an estimated $10 million in streaming revenue last year.

8. The Beatles – $12,9 million

ndxw2lifThe Beatles made it to the Billboard Money Makers for the first time. Sources told Billboard that a significant portion of the revenue came from selling reissued vinyl albums at higher prices, helped by the fact that the Fab Four locked in a royalty rate of 50%.

7. Queen – $13,2 million

obkgrhkThe legendary band has made over $5 million in physical sales of CDs and singles – the limited edition Studio Collection color vinyl records alone cost over $500 each. And another $5 million came from streaming.

  •  The $13,2 million total is even more impressive considering that Queen was unable to tour at all in 2020.

6. Drake – $14,2 million

2r4jemujDrake is one of the artists who timely appreciated the importance of streaming and managed to get the most out of it. Back in 2017, he released not a traditional album, but a playlist, and in just 24 hours, Apple Music users listened to it 89,9 million times.

  •  And for the second year in a row, Drake has been named Top Streaming Artist. The rapper has nearly 3 billion more streams than Taylor Swift.

  •  Billboard notes that Swift has made more money from streaming because she retains control of her latest recording originals, including Folklore and Evermore studio albums.

  •  By the way, one of the richest artists in the world is also exploring the gaming niche. In 2018, he played Fortnite live on Twitch, with over half a million people following the stream.

5. Billie Eilish – $14,7 million

zebbnnu0The Generation Z star's touring income is small, compared to other top 5 members – only $ 1 million. But thanks to streaming and publishing, Billie Eilish earned $5,9 million and $5,7 million, respectively.

  •  The singer ranks fifth in physical album sales (465 sales) and sixth in track sales (000 sales).

4. Eagles – $16,3 million

2v5ud4yfThe famous American rock band performed 10 shows last year, grossing $33 million and earning $11,4 million.

  •  With 744 million streams on web radio and the fifth most popular artist in 2020, the musicians also generated nearly $4,9 million in revenue from their audio productions.

  •  It's worth noting that Billboard includes a share of the publishing revenue earned by Eilish's brother and collaborator, producer FINNEAS, in the singer's main income.

3. Celine Dion – $17,5 million

cnwtadkaCeline Dion's $17 million touring income played a huge role in making her the third-richest performer at the end of the year.

  •  The Queen of Pop earned a small portion of her income from song sales and publishing. But the singer's streaming income is very modest – only $ 290.

2. Post Malone – $23,2 million

wlv0pw5uPost Malone is up four spots from last year, according to Billboard. The highest paid rapper is one of the few artists on this list who have received the lion's share of concert income.

  •  His sold-out show at Denver's Pepsi Center on March 12 was one of the last concerts to take place before the live performance industry waned. For this tour, the rapper received 12,4 million dollars.

  •  Post Malone is also in seventh place in terms of on-demand audio streams (nearly 4,2 billion) and fifth in total streaming royalties ($8,1 million).

1. Taylor Swift – $23,8 million

pmudxlrrSwift has managed to take the top spot in the ranking of the highest paid musicians without any concert income. But the profit from album sales – Folklore and Evermore – in 2020 amounted to $ 10 million.

  •  The singer also earned on streaming, advertising contracts, the sale of her own clothing line and royalties from broadcasts.

  •  Swift also led the way in digital albums (1,06 million), digital tracks (1,09 million), and on-demand audio streams (4,3 billion) in 2020.