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The most popular cities among foreign tourists



  •  In September,, an online resource that provides booking services for all countries of the world, published the next report Hotel Price Index, which analyzes in detail the number of visits to tourist centers, prices for staying in hotels, services provided and much more. Based on the preferences of tourists from different countries, a rating of the most popular Russian cities among foreign travelers was compiled. In general, the flow of foreign tourists is not affected even by prices for accommodationn hotels that have increased by 5% or more.

We present to you the most popular cities among foreign tourists.


10. Krasnodar

y1fep1woThe southern capital of Russia in 2014 was in eighth place in popularity among foreign tourists, but this year it dropped to tenth – apparently, the pleasant climate and natural beauty are no longer as attractive as before.

9. Adler

k4spx4leAnother city that has changed its position in the ranking compared to 2014: it dropped from seventh place to ninth. However, on the “price” scale, Adler is slightly behind the top three. The cost of living this year has fallen by 9%, so a day in a hotel will now cost a tourist from 4 rubles and more.

8. Novosibirsk

eiik5hhiThe largest transport hub in Siberia and the second most work-friendly city, it ranks eighth in the list of popularity among foreign tourists (for comparison, in 2014 Novosibirsk did not make it into the top ten at all). Guests of Novosibirsk are lucky: in other cities, hotel accommodation becomes more expensive, but in this city it has fallen in price by 1000 rubles, to 4 rubles per day.

7. Kaliningrad

00e0wbb3Another city whose positions in the top 10 most popular cities among foreigners have changed for the worse, albeit slightly. And this despite the fact that Kaliningrad for several years bears the title of "The best city". Last year, the amber city was in sixth place. And prices in local hotels, on the contrary, increased by 8% – now a night in one of them will cost not 3, but 071 rubles.

6. Sochi

we02jp0kAlthough this resort city is less visited by foreign tourists than the places in the top 5, only the Northern capital of Russia and Moscow surpass it in terms of cost of living. And this is despite the reduction in prices for hotel services by an average of 5%, to 5 rubles.

5. Vladivostok

bgcf1txmIn 2014, the center of Primorsky Krai and the end point of the Trans-Siberian Railway was in ninth place, and in this year it made a rapid leap to four positions at once. But Vladivostok is still not among the ten most expensive cities for Russian and foreign travelers.

4. Yekaterinburg

kgkmzy3wIn the ten most expensive cities, it is a strong middle peasant – it is in fifth place. You can spend the night in a mid-range Yekaterinburg hotel for 4 rubles.

3. Kazan

khtoirnsShifted Yekaterinburg from the third position in the list of the most popular Russian cities among foreign tourists. Hotels have risen in price slightly – by only 1%, not the most expensive room for a traveler will cost 3 rubles.

2. St. Petersburg

3qhytt0nThe cultural capital of Russia enjoys well-deserved popularity among foreign tourists, despite prices that have skyrocketed by 20%. Now a day of stay in a hotel room will cost 6 rubles and more.

1. Moscow

axu5vrucThe top ten most popular cities among foreign tourists in 2015 was headed by one of the richest capitals in the world in terms of cultural heritage. It beckons foreign travelers with its mysterious Russian spirit, majestic cathedrals, Red Square and, of course, the Kremlin blown up in the Mission Impossible movie. Those who are going to see the sights of Moscow need to stock up on a fair amount. The average cost of staying at a hotel has risen in price by 3% (compared to 2014) and now stands at 6 rubles.