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The best food delivery apps, Roskachestvo rating



  •  The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on many areas of business. However, there are also services that have only benefited from widespread self-isolation. You probably already guessed that we are talking about home delivery services for ready-made food and groceries.

  •  Most of these services have mobile applications that allow you to place an order with minimal effort and maximum comfort. And Roskachestvo experts have selected the best apps for ordering home delivery of food in 2020. We present you the top ten winners.

10. Dodo Pizza. Pizza delivery

orxbmoisThe food cards in this app contain useful information about the composition and nutritional value of a dish. You can also add or exclude a component from the pizza.

  •  In Dodo Pizza, you can specify the delivery time, but you cannot leave a comment for the courier or chef. The minimum order amount is 349 rubles.

Pros: the application is adapted for users with disabilities.

Cons: You cannot link a bank card before payment, you cannot delete your account from the application.

9. Farfor – delivery of sushi, rolls and pizza

q4lpq2ayThis convenient mobile food delivery application allows you to order pizza or wok noodles in 80 Russian cities.

  •  If you once made an order in the Farfor app and you liked everything, then you can repeat the order with all the parameters saved. In this case, you can leave a comment to the order. For each dish, the card lists the composition and ingredients.

Pros: The app is lightweight and opens quickly.

Cons: You cannot delete an account, you cannot add a dish to your favorites.

8. Tashir Pizza – Live tasty

uglftv2iWith this application, residents of the capital and 30 other Russian cities can order pizza, salads and snacks. You can repeat a previously completed order, and see the composition and ingredients of each dish. But the creators of the application did not provide an opportunity to leave a comment on the order.

Pros: the application is small and quickly opens, you can specify the delivery time.

Cons: You can't add or remove pizza ingredients, and you can't pay with Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

7. Papa John's Pizza Delivery

st3ygkrwAnother popular mobile pizza delivery app that has received a high rating from Roskachestvo. It is adapted for users with disabilities, and delivery is carried out not only in Moscow, but also in 30 Russian cities. The minimum order amount is 500 rubles.

  •  Users can specify the delivery time, leave a comment on the order, add or remove pizza ingredients. And about each pizza from the range of "Papa John's" there is a detailed description, with the composition and nutritional value.

Pros: there is an order history, you can place a re-order.

Cons: Can't delete account, can't pay with Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

6. FoodBand – delivery of Pizza, WOK, Sushi. 3+

jm3kj4udA small mobile application designed for residents of Moscow and the Moscow region. The order amount starts from 450 rubles.

  •  Like most other home delivery apps, FoodBand allows you to specify the desired delivery time, leave a comment on the order, and reorder. And an interesting "highlight" of the application is the ability to order a small set of products from the MiniMarket (buckwheat, pasta, sugar, sunflower oil, etc.).

Pros: informative description for each dish.

Cons: Unnecessary components cannot be removed from the pizza, the application is not well adapted for users with disabilities.

5. Yandex.Food

femx2ppbThe top five applications for buying food at home are opened by the brainchild of Yandex. It allows you to order sushi, pizza, coffee, burgers, wok noodles, healthy food and many other products in 46 cities of Russia without leaving your home.

  •  A big advantage of Yandex.Food is cooperation with many bakeries, pizzerias and restaurants, including Georgian, Japanese and other cuisines of the world.

  •  For each dish there are cards with a detailed description of the ingredients, you can also add or remove ingredients from the ordered pizza. Of course, such useful little things as delivery by a certain time, comments on the order and re-order are also provided.

Pros: you can order not only food, but also products for animals, household chemicals and other goods from several supermarkets and Yandex.Lavka, tracking the courier on the map is available.

Cons: You cannot link a bank card in advance, and you cannot pay with Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

4. DOSTAEVSKIY – Food delivery: pizza, rolls, sushi

p2id0k1qAnd this application is probably familiar to many Muscovites, residents of the Moscow region and St. Petersburg. They are included in the coverage area of the service DOSTAEVSKII. When choosing a pizza, you can add the desired ingredients, see the nutritional value of each dish and its composition.

  •  Moreover, the DOSTAEVSKII application allows you not only to select the desired delivery time, but also to add a comment to the order, as well as repeat the order you like or add the product to your favorites.

Pros: well adapted for people with disabilities.

Cons: Do not remove your account from the app, and do not pay for your Google Pay or Samsung Pay order.

3. PizzaSushiWok – food delivery

yxvp1wrfNot the "cheapest" mobile application – ordering food in it starts from 600 rubles. It is intended for residents of Moscow, the Moscow region, and Voronezh.

  •  A convenient option is to search for pizza and other available dishes with certain ingredients. However, even if the pizza you like is devoid of any ingredient, you can add it when ordering.

Pros: re-order is available, the food cards indicate both the nutritional value and what the dish is made of.

Cons: before payment, do not link the required bank card, do not pay for the order with Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

2. Delivery Club – food delivery

leqsknraThe constant competitor of Yandex.Food still outperformed it in the ranking of the best mobile food ordering services online according to Roskachestvo. Why did he like the experts so much?

  1. The ability to link a bank card before the first order is paid.
  2. Huge audience coverage — Delivery Club operates in 150 cities of Russia.
  3. Useful features like tracking the courier on the map, contactless delivery and linking delivery to a specific time.
  4. The opportunity to order home not only food, but also household chemicals, essentials and even pet food.

  •  But there is no evil without good. Having implemented the possibility of adding ingredients to pizza, Delivery Club did not offer users the reverse possibility – to remove unnecessary components from the dish.

Pros: detailed information about each dish, you can pay both Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Cons: Account cannot be deleted.

1. Yakitoriya – food delivery

2c3skgalThe first place in the list was given by Roskachestvo to the application of the Japanese cuisine restaurant. Delivery operates in Moscow and 10 other Russian cities.

  •  If necessary, you can not only re-order and see what each dish is made of, but also share a link to your favorite dish and add it to your favorites.

Pros: You can pay with Samsung Pay or Google Pay, link the card before the first payment, the application is well optimized for users with disabilities.

Cons: you cannot add or remove ingredients when ordering pizza, there is no account deletion option, the minimum order price is high – from 990 rubles.