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A selection of the most popular children's books by foreign writers



  •  Children absorb information like sponges, so the main task of parents is to choose the best materials for their child. Children should be accustomed to decent literature from an early age, but it is important to use books that will bring the baby not only pleasure, but also benefit.

In this article, we present list of popular children's books from foreign authors, because sometimes it is really difficult to choose good and high-quality literature.

5. “Alice in Wonderland. Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

p50gxbgwThis work of the classic of English literature is included in the list best children's books and was filmed more than once. Many people know about this book – the story of young Alice, who fell into a magical, previously unknown world. Description of the girl's adventures captivate readers from the first pages: Alice solves riddles, plays games with unusual characters and does not have time to get used to the changing environment around. The fairy tale is still popular not only among children, but also among the older generation.

4. "A Thousand and One Nights"

ybya5j5jA collection of tales of the East, which were told to the cruel king by the beautiful Scheherazade. The book describes the Eastern world and culture in a very detailed and interesting way, so the child will be able to fully immerse himself in the new environment while reading this work. Tales from this collection were collected over many centuries, most of the authors remained unknown. The main characters are different: kings, viziers or even animals – this allows you to consider and understand the culture of the East from all existing sides.

3. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

r0gydn3mThis book tells about a boy who, due to circumstances, was separated from his parents. The kid was sheltered by the wolf family and immediately began to raise him. It would seem, how can wild animals educate a person? This is possible, because soon Mowgli will become the leader of the wolf pack, but, despite this, he does not lose his human qualities. In addition to the main storyline – the story of Mowgli – the book also tells about events from the life of wild animals, because their everyday life is also filled with life situations and real emotions.

2. "The Little Prince" Antoine de Saint-Exupery

uwz1gdjyThe book has been a favorite with both children and adults for 80 years. The little prince tells us about adult things the way a child sees it. “After all, all adults were children at first, only few of them remember this,” writes Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This most translated children's book in the world, although it was written mostly for adults. It is worth familiarizing the child with it, so that at a more conscious age he will draw the right conclusions after reading it again. This book is about friendship, love and support, which are sometimes so lacking in our world.

1. "Harry Potter" JK Rowling

hyh5yrplA series of books about a young magician has been heard by the younger generation for a long time. The story of a boy who did not suspect that he could do more than his peers captivated the hearts of many connoisseurs of science fiction, and also returned the love of reading to children and teenagers. All the events of the book are described so accurately and colorfully that the reader can effortlessly imagine himself as the hero of this incredible story, learn a couple of spells and live situations with the main characters.