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Rokodil Twist 2 Pro Cordless Drill Review

Rokodil Twist 2 Pro


  •  The Rokodil Twist 2 Pro cordless drill driver is a product from a young Russian brand, but made in China. The latter does not inspire alarm, now most power tools are produced in China.

  •  In this review, I will talk about the technical characteristics, equipment and personal impressions of the quality of this power tool, as well as its main advantages and disadvantages.

Price Rokodil Twist 2 Pro

  •  On the manufacturer's website, this model is offered for 8990 rubles. This is not the cheapest option, there are battery models with a case for sale at a price of 4000 rubles and more, but Twist 2 Pro, unlike cheaper competitors, is equipped with equipment.


Rokodil Twist 2 Pro: package with a caseIn a branded box with a color print there is a strong plastic case that contains:

  1. Screwdriver.
  2. Battery 2Ah.
  3. Charger 1,5A.
  4. One connecting rod.
  5. Drills for wood and metal 6-5-4 mm – 6 pcs.
  6. Bits 50 mm – 6 pcs.
  7. Socket heads 5-13 mm with a step of 1 mm – 9 pcs.
  8. Rigid bit extension.
  9. Flexible bit extension 24 cm – useful for working in hard-to-reach places.
  10. Belt clip
  11. Instrument passport.


Rokodil Twist 2 ProScrewdriver is made of durable nylon plastic, pleasant to the touch. The handle is not too thick, fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip when taken with a dry hand or with a work glove. The handle is not rubberized.

Grip Rokodil Twist 2 Pro

  •  A belt clip is provided on the case, so the screwdriver can be hung on a trousers belt. Convenient if you often have to work on the stairs, and do not want to constantly go up and down for the tool. However, the clip will prevent you from holding the screwdriver in your other hand.

Rokodil Twist 2 Pro Belt ClipThe removable battery has a three-level charge indicator, and on the handle there is a start button with speed control. Also on the body of the screwdriver there are small switches – the direction and speed of rotation.

Battery Rokodil Twist 2 ProThe battery is removed at the touch of a button – located just above the battery compartment, on the body.

Rokodil Twist 2 ProThe charger has an LED, and when the screwdriver is fully charged, it lights up green. The quality of the charger wire is not satisfactory, it is quite hard and there is a possibility that it may crack in the cold.

Specifications Rokodil Twist 2 Pro

Catering: From battery
Battery type: Li-Ion
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
Battery voltage: In 18
Engine Type: brush
Number of work speeds: 2
Reverse available: Yes
Spindle lock: Yes
Impact presence: No impact
Cartridge type: Quick release
Tooling size: 0.8-10 mm
Max RPM: 1400 / min
Number of steps: 18 + 1
Maximum torque: 48 Nm
Net weight: 1.2 kg
Guarantee: 5 years

  •  The "heart" of the screwdriver is the RS550VC-6435F brushed motor. Rokodil is so confident in its quality that they give the motor a 5-year warranty (excluding brushes).

  •  All gears of the gearbox are steel, the gearbox itself is in a thin plastic case.

  •  The number of revolutions according to the passport is 400 rpm at the first speed and 1400 rpm at the maximum, and the maximum torque is 48 Nm. The degree of adjustment of the tightening torque is 18 + 1.

  •  This power tool is powered by a lithium-ion battery RBA-18V-2A with a capacity of 2000 mAh and a voltage of 18 V. It contains 5 batteries YG INR18650E 2000mAh 3.7V. When overloaded, the battery will automatically shut down. And the charging time is 90 minutes.

  •  One charge of the screwdriver is enough for about 1000 screws. The exact number depends on the air temperature, wood density and fastener configuration.

  •  Of the useful little things, I note the presence of illumination of the working area. It turns on simultaneously with the rotation of the spindle.

Rokodil Twist 2 Pro backlightThe Twist 2 Pro weighs a little – 1,15 kg, so it is suitable for long-term work.

  •  The maximum drilling diameter in steel is 13 mm*, wood is 36 mm. Maximum self-tapping screw -6x75 mm.

* – since the chuck can hold tooling up to 10 mm in diameter, for drilling 13 mm, use drills with a narrow shank or an adapter clamp (not included).

Personal impressions of the Rokodil Twist 2 Pro

  •  Thanks to the good equipment, you can start working immediately. And immediately a drawback is revealed – the drills become dull very quickly, the bits “lick off”. However, the manufacturer assured that he is aware of this problem and in the next batches the equipment will be made of harder steel M2 for drills, S2 for bits.

Rokodil Twist 2 Pro accessories includedIf you need to quickly make a lot of holes, then it is better to buy high-quality equipment.

  •  The flashlight shines below the working area, it is inconvenient to work in poor lighting.

Flashlight shines below the zoneOn a single battery charge, you can work for about 4 hours with intermittent work or 1,5 hours with intensive use. With good consumables, this model screws / unscrews and drills with a bang, I had no problems with these actions. But the lack of a second battery in the kit upset, you have to take a break to fully charge the only battery.

  •  Soft torque – 11 Nm. The rotation speed is 350 rpm at the first speed and 1300 at the second, instead of the 400/1400 declared.

  •  The double-sleeve keyless chuck has a free play of about 45 degrees and a small axial play.

Rokodil Twist 2 Pro dangles and backlash cartridgeAccording to the manufacturer, such a free play does not affect the work, however, according to personal observations, it leads to a tangential impact and wears out equipment not intended for this faster.


  •  The manufacturer modestly calls the engine "indestructible" and gives it a 5-year warranty. However, there are some parts that are not covered by the warranty. These include:

  • Quick release chuck.
  • Battery.
  • Motor brushes.

  •  All these parts of the device are subject to wear.

  •  Also, the warranty is voided if there are traces of interference in the "inside" of the tool, as well as if it is incorrectly assembled.

  •  The manufacturer does not provide contacts for service centers, it only offers to call the hotline or write an e-mail, or contact through the official Russian website.

The main advantages and disadvantages of Rokodil Twist 2 Pro

ProsStrong caseGenerous equipmentcapacious batteryStrong bodyComfortable gripConsNo second battery includedHard charging wire – will tan in the coldLarge free play of the cartridgeThere is a lot of equipment, but the quality is mediocre, get ready to buy a new one soon


  •  Suitable as a gift and for occasional household use. Not suitable for frequent, professional use or construction.