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How to choose a vacuum cleaner in 2015



  •  Today, there are a huge number of vacuum cleaner models on the market: from compact cordless to heavy duty, from expensive robotic models to the most affordable ones. How to choose a model that is right for you and will delight you for many years with perfect cleanliness in the room? The answer to this question will depend on the area of ​​the room in which the cleaning is carried out, as well as on how often you spend it and how much time you are willing to spend on it.


Compact cordless vacuum cleaners

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

These models are not very powerful and are powered by a battery. However, they also have undeniable advantages: during cleaning, you will not get under your feet the power cable, and even a child can handle the process itself. In addition, you are not tied to sockets in the apartment and can use upright vacuum cleaners for cleaning a country house, car interior or garage. The main criteria to pay attention to are battery life, battery charging time and the capacity of the dust tank (in many inexpensive models it is minimal, and you will have to shake out the dust too often).

  •  Depends on battery capacity and power. In most wireless models, it usually does not exceed half an hour (which is more than enough to clean a medium-sized room), but in some cases it can be more. It should be remembered that the more capacious the battery is used in the vacuum cleaner, the heavier the whole structure will be, and look for a reasonable compromise.

  •  It also directly depends on the capacity: the model with the maximum battery life and will charge more. In some cases (especially for cleaning in hard-to-reach places) it is worth taking a less powerful and lighter model that charges faster and recharge it 2-3 times during the general cleaning, and at this time you can do the dusting.

  •  For wireless models, a 0,5-liter capacity is already considered large, since the volume of the dust container directly affects the compactness of vacuum cleaners: the capacity is built into the bottom or the handle, which in this case will be difficult to reach the space under the cabinet or sofa.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners

  •  These vacuum cleaners have a lot in common with conventional cordless models. They are compact, lightweight and powerful, and do not have a cable. But the robot vacuum cleaner itself will do all the work for you, and the most advanced models will also independently return to the docking station for recharging. The use of such a robot is justified if the room is not too crowded with furniture (otherwise it will be difficult for the automation to navigate), and also if there are no large pets in the house that will surely like to play with your electronic pet.

We have previously published best robot vacuum cleaners.

  •  As a rule, it is significantly longer than that of human-controlled wireless models, and can be up to a couple of hours or even more.

  •  This parameter is not as relevant as for manual models. Even if the robot vacuum cleaner takes a long time to charge, in the end it will continue to work at a convenient time for it and without your participation.

Vacuum cleaners with additional cleaning functions


  •  Obviously, the main task of any vacuum cleaner is to effectively clean the house of dust. However, there are contaminants that are not removed by suction, as well as microbes against which conventional models are powerless. Those who pay a lot of attention to the cleanliness of their homes should look at washing vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners with disinfectant properties.

  •  In addition to dry cleaning, they are also capable of wet cleaning. It all depends on your preferences: clean the dust and then wipe the floor with a traditional mop and cloth, or purchase an expensive washing model.

  •  To protect against germs, some models use ultraviolet lamps. Their radiation has bactericidal properties: the purchase of such a vacuum cleaner will be justified if there are small children or people with weakened immune systems at home.

  •  Standard filters effectively remove ordinary dust, but are not always able to retain its microscopic particles. Therefore, in a number of models, the air purified from large particles is additionally passed through an activated carbon filter, which has high absorbing properties. Having a charcoal filter is especially helpful for people with allergies.

Household vacuum cleaners

Household vacuum cleaners

  •  Models of "ordinary" vacuum cleaners also differ in variety and a wide range in price and functionality. The main selection criteria are engine power and noise level.

  •  The standard power for most household models is about 500-600 watts. But there are also more powerful products – for example, about 1500 watts. The power of the latter is closely approaching the models that are used for industrial cleaning of premises. The choice of such a vacuum cleaner will be justified if you live in a large private house.

  •  Measured in decibels. The smaller this number, the less noisy the model. For household models, a “quiet” level of about 80 dB is considered.

  •  Vacuum cleaners come with or without a dust bag. In the first case, the vacuum cleaner is easier to maintain, dust particles do not scatter around the apartment when cleaning the container, but you will have to buy disposable bags from time to time. If you're willing to spend a few extra minutes cleaning your vacuum cleaner and save some money, then you can opt for a bagless model.

Additional functions

  •  Additional features are designed to provide convenience or improve the quality of cleaning. For example, the controls placed on the handle will allow you to turn on the vacuum cleaner and adjust the power without bending over to the body itself. It is worth paying attention to additional accessories – coming in the kit or purchased separately. It can be a brush for removing animal hair, a narrow nozzle for cleaning in corners and under skirting boards, and so on.

  •  Vacuum cleaners for every taste are available from well-known manufacturers and abroad – Philips, Rowenta, as well as the German company Kaercher, famous primarily for its products for professional cleaning. Household models are slightly inferior in reliability, but are more compact and make less noise.

Expert opinion

  •  The main advice when choosing a vacuum cleaner: you should not buy vacuum cleaners in the markets and in little-known stores, because in the case of a factory defect or a crude fake of very low quality, you will practice proving theorems on the topic of quality, honesty and adequate cost, only the seller will have excellent axioms from yours!