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Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2023

Gifts for February 14


  •  No matter how long you've been together, shopping for Valentine's Day gifts doesn't get easier. This holiday is all about love, so it's important to let your partner know how much you love him/her!

  •  I present to you an article with gift ideas for February 14, from unusual to luxurious, from the category of "once a year you can afford." Most of the surprises from the selection can be ordered in online stores, and some are best done by hand.

30. Wireless charger Z5 (3in1) 15W for IOS / Android


  •  For the person whose phone is constantly running out of power, this stunning RGB wireless charger is perfect. It has 3 charging zones:

  1. for smart watch
  2. for one phone
  3. for wireless headphones.

  •  Z5 charger is universal – compatible with iPhone and Android phones. It has protection against short circuit, voltage drop and overcharge.

29. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card


  •  Your loved one is an avid gamer, and you accidentally ended up with 110 rubles in your pocket? Then there's no better Valentine's gift than the powerful RTX 000 Ti graphics card, with double the ray tracing performance and an impressive 3090GB of VRAM.

  •  You can, of course, fork out for the GeForce RTX 4090, but it costs 30-35 thousand rubles more, and its power is excessive for most modern games.

28. Smart speaker Yandex Station Max

Yandex.Station Max

  •  Valentine's Day gift ideas are usually for one person. But Yandex.Station is a gift for the whole family. She will tell fairy tales and funny stories to children, she will put on her favorite song for adults or select a suitable movie or series on Kinopoisk.

  •  If you want to know in detail about the features of a smart speaker, go to the Alice Can – Alice Skills Compilation website.

  •  Please note: this present will require a Yandex.Plus subscription, otherwise the smart speaker will turn into a “pumpkin”, most of its features will be blocked.

27. Saeco Lirika cappuccinatore coffee maker

Saeco Lirika

  •  If your loved one loves coffee, and for some reason has not yet got a coffee maker, then include this device in your gift list for February 14th. I recommend Saeco Lirika for three reasons:

  1. Affordable price in comparison with analogues.
  2. Removable brewing unit.
  3. Easy to manage and maintain.

26. Smartphone TECNO Pova 4 Pro

TECNO Pova 4 Pro

  •  Mobile phones are among the most popular gifts for February 14th. But only a few smartphones, especially those from the budget segment, can boast such an unusual design, and at the same time worthy characteristics, to make you want to buy them.

  •  Seeing TECNO Pova 4 Pro is impossible to forget, and the MediaTek Helio G99 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 6.82-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz allow you to enjoy games and movies without slowdowns and freezes.

25. Xiaomi Celestron Astronomical Telescope SCTW-70


  •  Looking for unusual gift ideas for Valentine's Day? I have them! Watching the stars in turn with your loved one – what could be more romantic? The Xiaomi Telescope is easy to set up, has a separate smartphone holder at the eyepiece, and offers powerful magnification without image distortion.

24. Robot vacuum cleaner Dreame F9 EN


  •  While this appliance rustles across the floor, removing debris and pet hair, you can do something more enjoyable. Dreame F9 works with voice assistant Alice, is controlled from a smartphone and can perform both dry and wet cleaning.

23. Quadcopter DJI Mini 2


  •  All grown men are boys at heart. Therefore, a quadrocopter, and even with a camera capable of shooting in 4K resolution at 30 fps, will be the best gift for February 14 for your boyfriend, friend or husband.

22. Technicom TC-900 face brush


  •  Here is an idea for an inexpensive gift for February 14, which is useful for a woman of any age. This facial massager is equipped with 4 attachments:

  1. With gentle pile – for gentle cleansing of the skin.
  2. Silicone – for dry and sensitive skin.
  3. Exfoliating – for deep cleansing of the skin.
  4. Sponge nozzle – for applying powder or cream (including foundation).

  •  This brush can even be used in the shower, its body is protected from water according to the IPX6 standard.

21. Echo sounder for winter and summer fishing RIFRAY


  •  The perfect gift for someone who can't live without fishing. This model has a menun, a large 6-inch screen and a wide operating temperature range – from minus 10 to plus 60 degrees. It shows the depth of the reservoir and the fish in it, and the error is small – 3-5% according to user reviews.

20. Harry Potter Playset Platform 9 3/4, 25 cm, GXW31


  •  Who said adults don't play with dolls? Just the doll has to be right! If your loved one is a fan of Harry Potter, then an original gift idea for Valentine's Day would be a collectible doll with Harry or another character from the Potteriana. Many companies produce them, including Mattel, which has not only Harry, but also Ron, Hermione, Dobby, Hagrid, etc.

19. Soft toy Fancy Bear Chiba with a heart


  •  A rare top gift for February 14 does not include a soft toy – it's cute and romantic. And inexpensive. It is impossible to call such a gift practical, but it will perfectly express your feelings.

18. Love Cat Fortune Cookies


  •  A sweet tooth will appreciate such a cute and tasty gift with shortbread cookies. Inside each cookie (there are 5 in total) is a prediction.

17. Weather forecaster Stormglass Drop


  •  Need a special gift idea for Valentine's Day? How about an unusual barometer in which camphor, ammonium chloride and potassium nitrate create an intricate pattern, depending on changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure.

  •  In sunny weather, the liquid is transparent, if the sky is cloudy, then the liquid becomes cloudy, silty crystals appear – frosts are expected, etc.

16. Crucial P2 1TB M.2 CT1000P2SSD8 SSD

Crucial P2 best SSD M.2 drive 2022

  •  An appropriate gift for any owner of a PC or laptop. With such an SSD, the PC will boot up very quickly, and the large size will allow you to place not only the OS, but also your favorite games on the drive.

15. Springless orthopedic mattress BeautyRoll FOM


  •  Perhaps for a young girl or guy, such a mattress will not seem like a very attractive gift. But people aged 30 and older will appreciate it to the fullest. Caring for a comfortable sleep of a loved one – isn't this a manifestation of love?

14. Zeitun Minute of Temptation Set with natural aphrodisiacs


  •  An excellent gift option for the second half, to which she, with all her desire, will not be able to find fault (“Did you give me an anti-cellulite cream? Are you hinting that my skin is not in order?”). The set includes 2 items: body cleansing oil and body milk. They are packed in a beautiful box, they smell very pleasant and are easily washed off the skin.

13. TV Samsung UE50AU7500U 2021 LED, HDR


  •  With such a useful gift, you can please not only the person you are giving, but also your loved one, if you live together. A bright picture in 4K, the ability to work in the Yandex Smart Home system, stereo sound are just a small part of the advantages of this model.

12. Krastsvetmet Bracelet made of gold 585 Montreal pigtail of 3 chains tricolor


  •  Gold jewelry will never go out of style. So if you are lost in thought about what to buy for your beloved woman, then pay attention to the gold bracelet. It will cost in the range of 4000 rubles and more, and will look great on a hand of any fullness.

11. Going to the cinema together


  •  In February, many interesting new films and series will be released, including: You, Magic Mike: The Last Dance, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania, etc. No desire to get up from a cozy sofa? You can have a great time watching a movie in an online cinema, and a subscription to it will be a good gift for February 14th.

10. Couple photo session


  •  A beautiful photograph is a love story that can be passed on to children. How to make such a photo shoot for a couple bright and stylish – the photographer will tell you, and there are a lot of recommendations on the Internet. The average cost of such work is 8500 rubles.

9. Dinner at a restaurant with live music


  •  A beautifully set table for two, delicious food, a huge bouquet of flowers… She will not soon forget such a Valentine's Day. Just trust the lady to choose the menu!

8. Photo puzzle


  •  This photo puzzle depicting a special moment from your life together will be a wonderful, and most importantly, a unique gift.

7. Clothes with a personal print


  •  Such a gift will cost inexpensively – within 1000-3000 thousand rubles, and choose the print yourself, based on the partner's hobby.

6. Personalized portrait


  •  One of the best Valentine's Day gifts you can give. It's like immortalizing your love in art!

5. Handmade knife Nozhemir with stainless steel blade NKVD


  •  Such a "male toy" will appeal to a person of any age and any profession. The knife is useful even to an office worker, for example, to open correspondence or cut sausage for a corporate party.

  •  A small clarification: a knife lover should not give such a present, he probably already has a planned option for purchase, besides, when choosing a knife, he takes into account a lot of nuances that the "uninitiated" do not pay attention to.

4. Romantic home dinner


  •  A cozy evening for two, delicious food (not necessarily home-cooked, because there are many delivery services), gentle glances and ... the continuation of the banquet! What else do you need to have a good Valentine's Day?

3. DIY Valentine


  •  Giving each other valentines on February 14 is a long and very pleasant tradition. In RuNet there are many detailed master classes on creating such a postcard for a friend, boyfriend, mother, and even a classmate. There is also an option for the laziest – print a ready-made template on colored paper.

2. Love box


  •  A gift-emotion is best remembered. So give her or him as much positive emotions as possible by handing a box containing pieces of paper with written reasons “why I love you”. Instead of a box, you can use a new wallet or just a beautiful bag, in which you can then collect various useful small things.

1. Theater ticket


  •  There is no better way to express your attitude towards an intelligent and creative person than to invite him to a joint evening at the theater. On February 14, the capital's theaters have planned a lot of events, for example, the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater will host the play "Master and Margarita", and in the Teatrium on Serpukhovka – "Ladies' Night. Only for women. Version 2018” (recommended to come to viewers from 18 years old).

  •  If you don't live in the capital, it doesn't matter, Yandex.Afisha will help you find the right show in the right city.