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The best and worst whitening toothpastes, Roskachestvo's version

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  •  Many toothpastes promise a whitening effect. But promising is one thing, but few toothpastes can effectively whiten tooth enamel. And Roskachestvo experts have identified leaders and outsiders in the whitening paste market. The results of their research are in this rating.

The best whitening toothpastes

10. Biomed White Complex


Costs: 117

  •  This inexpensive paste is produced and meets the requirements of the law in terms of microbiological parameters. It does not contain fluorine, as well as the sweetener sucrose, it does not irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and is not allergenic.

  •  Roskachestvo experts noted that Biomed White complex paste has cleansing (62,5%) and anti-inflammatory (71%) properties, and reduces bleeding gums by 61,1%. However, it has a low ability to whiten teeth – 6,7%, which is lower than the requirements established by GOST R 702.3.004-2021 for whitening pastes (more than 10%).

  •  However, this GOST is optional.

9. Parodontol PROF


Cost: 98

  •  Another toothpaste from the budget price category, which, nevertheless, has good cleansing (56,4%) and anti-inflammatory (43,7%) properties. And 47% reduces bleeding gums.

  •  It contains no substances harmful to health, sucrose and fluorine. The pH level of the paste corresponds to the norm. And her whitening properties are higher than those of the previous participant in the rating – 12,6%.

8. New Pearls total 12 natural whitening


Price: 94.5

  •  The effectiveness of the paste in whitening teeth reaches 17,8%. Excellent result! In addition, it cleans teeth well, has an anti-inflammatory (56,2%) effect, and reduces gum bleeding by 46,6%.

  •  The toothpaste does not contain sweeteners, and the content of fluoride meets the standards for toothpastes. Fluoride reduces the risk of caries and promotes enamel restoration.

  •  "New Zhemchug Total" does not violate the acid-base balance, does not cause allergies and does not irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth. So if you choose a whitening toothpaste up to 100 rubles, then this copy is great.

7. Toothpaste, whitening, with charcoal, VkusVill


Sold for: 126

  •  The degree of teeth whitening in this product is average – 13,6%. It copes with bleeding gums better (40,1%), and also has a cleansing (47,3%) and anti-inflammatory (58,5%) effect on the oral cavity.

  •  There is no fluoride in the toothpaste from VkusVill. There is no sucrose, allergens and toxic substances in it. pH is correct. Perhaps in the future, after checking the production, this product will receive a Quality Mark.

6. ROCS "Magic Whitening"


Price: 271 rubles

  •  One of the pastes that clean the oral cavity well (59%) and prevent inflammation (58,5%). The degree of "magic whitening" – 14,9%. The paste does not contain sodium laurisulfate and parabens. But there is no fluoride in its composition.

  •  The smell and taste of the paste are refreshing mint, the consistency is gel-like, with microgranules. This product has successfully passed tests for microbiological and physico-chemical parameters, general toxicity and compliance with the label.

5. Blend a Med Pro-Expert Toothpaste


Cost: 141 rubles

  •  The top 5 highest quality whitening toothpastes are headed by a product with a good whitening power – 12%. In terms of cleaning teeth (1%) and inflammation control (56,2%), this cheap toothpaste is well ahead of some of the more expensive competitors.

  •  Blend a Med contains fluoride and does not exceed the limits set out in toothpaste regulations.

  •  Sweeteners, allergenic components and other harmful substances were not found by Roskachestvo experts in this toothpaste.

4.Lacalut white


Can be bought for: 299

  •  You can’t call this toothpaste cheap, but its whitening effect is excellent – as much as 42,2%. In addition, it perfectly cleanses the oral cavity (61,8%) and has an anti-inflammatory effect (47,9%).

  •  Lacalut white contains fluoride, but does not contain sucrose and substances that can harm tooth enamel. It does not violate the acid-base balance, does not irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and has a pleasant mint taste.

3. Aquafresh, complex protection, whitening


It is worth: 159

  •  The top three best tooth whitening toothpastes of 2023 are opened by a product made in Slovakia. Roskachestvo experts were satisfied with both the whitening effect of Aquafresh (10,4%) and its ability to reduce bleeding gums by 51,9% and clean the oral cavity by 51%.

  •  The paste contains components that have an anti-inflammatory effect (55,3%) and sodium fluoride – it has an antibacterial effect and slows down the process of enamel demineralization.

2. Dental Clinic 2080 Shining White, 3D whitening effect, mint flavor


Price: 178

  •  Korean toothpastes are very popular. They are valued for their good composition and value for money.

  •  Dental Clinic 2080 Shining White is non-irritating to the mouth, contains no sucrose, and whitens teeth by 10,9%. It cleans teeth by 62,5% and reduces gum bleeding by 44,6%. And in this paste there is fluoride (mass fraction – 0,10%).

  •  The advantages of this product include a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect (58,5%) on the oral cavity.

1. President White RDA100


Cost: 161.03 rubles

  •  In all respects: from safety and general toxicity to quality and organoleptics, this paste was rated "excellent" by Roskachestvo. Its use allows you to whiten your teeth by 16,8%, and reduce the degree of gum bleeding by 64,4%.

  •  PresiDent White RDA100 cleans teeth by 62,7% and has an anti-inflammatory (59,3%) effect. According to the mass fraction of fluoride – F = 1350ppm – this paste meets the requirements of WHO and age standards. There is no sucrose in the composition, so the taste of the paste is pleasant, but not too sweet.

The worst whitening toothpastes of 2023

3. Dentavit Pro White, professional, whitening +


  •  In the examined specimen, a stratification of the contents was found in the first squeezed out portion.

  •  In addition, there is no data on the state registration of the product, although the manufacturer stated that it can be used by children under 14 years old.

2. DIES Whitening Expert


  •  Whitens teeth by only 5,5%. There is no state registration data for the product, although the manufacturer has stated that it can be used by children from 7 to 14 years old.

1. Colgate Total 12, professional whitening


  •  Whitens teeth by only 9,4%. The Unified Register of Certificates of State Registration does not contain data on the state registration of the product, although the manufacturer stated that it can be used by children under 14 years of age.