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15 Best Chinese Cars 2022



  •  Current events willy-nilly turn the car enthusiast with his back to the West and face to the East. Fortunately, the East has something to offer – the "Chinese" have long and firmly settled, and some of them even entered the country's auto industry and built their own factories here.

  •  I have compiled a list of the top 10 Chinese cars of 2023; I will also tell you about the 5 most anticipated new products from the Middle Kingdom.

10 Changan CS55


Price starts from 1,7 million rubles.

  •  The Changan CS55 compact front-wheel drive crossover is a long-standing and popular brand in China. The fact that the architectural platform (the original development of Chinese engineers) uses a large number of high-strength steel grades adds to its fame. This fact, as well as well-thought-out security systems, and galvanizing of the body in especially important areas, brought the Changan CS55 a reputation as one of the most reliable Chinese cars both in the Middle Kingdom and in the Russian market.

  •  Although the model has been produced in China for five years now, the company regularly carries out restyling, but quite recently – in the second half of last year – Changan began to sell the second generation of the beloved crossover. The car received a massive, impressive design (they say Italian designers had a hand in it) with a brutal grille, red accents near the air intakes and sills, glossy black mirrors and a completely redesigned interior, including a large screen multimedia system with sensors. Of the interesting – all-round cameras and face recognition.

  •  There are few options in the configuration – there is only one engine (a 1,5-liter turbocharged four), with a capacity of 143 hp. with., multi-link suspension (there is also an electronic stabilization system), there is an electric power steering and a lot of security systems, for which the Changan CS55 received a full-fledged 5 stars. True, the car can hardly be called cheap – from 1,7 million rubles.

9. GAC GN8


You can buy for 2,6 million rubles.

  •  Both at home and in our country, this model proudly bears the title of the most inexpensive and most convenient car in its class and price category. This is a minivan built on the "Fiat" platform, only front-wheel drive, gearbox – eight-speed automatic. The engine is quite powerful, with a volume of 2 liters and with 190 "horses" under the hood.

  •  Interestingly, the mode can be changed while driving – there is an economy option, there is an option for energetic drivers, and there is also for those who like a comfortable quiet ride. By the way, for a family minivan, the car accelerates quite quickly – up to 100 km / h in 11-12 seconds, and the suspension effectively smoothes out road bumps. In general, this is one of the best Chinese cars in the 2023 ranking in terms of price / quality ratio.

8. Chery Tiggo8


Cost – 2,7 million rubles.

  •  In the ranking of Chinese crossovers, this is one of the most solid options. The voluminous seven-seater family crossover, despite its impressive (4722 mm long base) dimensions, looks light and elegant.

  •  Elegance adds to the grille – it looks more like a fashionable decoration than a car detail (while maintaining full functionality). The interior design is also not far behind, and although all the materials are made “under” something (wood or aluminum), however, the impression is calm, solid and verified.

  •  Three screens bring a modern note at once – a digital instrument panel, touch-screen multimedia and climate control. And chic seats for rear passengers – even tall people can be accommodated there comfortably.

  •  The engine is available in two versions – a 2-liter turbo engine (170 hp) and a 1,6-liter turbocharged four (186 hp). The drive is only front-wheel drive, which is rather a minus for Russian conditions, however, Tiggo 8 will take it to the dacha and from the dacha even in the spring after rain without problems.

7. Chery Tiggo 7 Pro


Price – 2,3 million rubles.

  •  The compact front-wheel drive car is among the best Chinese crossovers in 2023 in terms of both sales and owner reviews in terms of price and quality. Even during the period of stagnation in the automotive market in 2020, Chery Tiggo 7 Pro managed to increase sales by an impressive 80%. It looks nice, it has impressive functionality for such a price range, and the architecture is modern, T1X, built with the latest automotive science.

  •  Inside it is spacious (and even the residents of the back row will not have to tuck their knees like an orphan), the interior plastic is pleasant to the touch, the stitching is real, the build quality inspires respect. Under the hood is the usual Chinese 1,5-liter turbo four with 147 “horses”, the continuously variable gearbox is clear and smooth, and the car accelerates to 100 km in 9 seconds. In general, he fulfills his price by 100%, and even a little above.

6. Chery Exeed TXL


Worth on average – 4,1 million rubles.

  •  A representative of the CheryExeed TXL, a popular mid-size crossover class, got into the top 2 Chinese cars. Its platform is modern, recently improved, which has earned the recognition of experts in the automotive world for its low noise, cross-country ability, safety and comfortable smooth movement.

  •  1,6 liter engine, quite powerful – 186 liters. With. Maximum speed – 185 km / h. At the same time, CheryExeed TXL is quite economical – it consumes about 7,8 liters per 100 kilometers, which is not bad at all for a car of this size. The cabin has a high-resolution digital display and an eight-speaker audio system.

  •  If it is important for you to recoup every ruble spent, it is better to be generous with the Flagship package – it is more profitable in terms of price / performance ratio, and the premium on top is not too large. But in exchange you will get 19-inch wheels, a panoramic roof, all-round visibility, automatic parking and LED optics.

5Geely Coolray


Price tag from 1,8 million rubles.

  •  This is one of the best Chinese SUVs for Russia in terms of price / quality ratio – it is not without reason that it is among our top ten most popular and best-selling cars. This is an urban crossover, with an unexpectedly non-aggressive design, which even stands out from other "Chinese" with its originality.

  •  The salon is also not bad, you can order a two-tone version, the materials are of high quality for their price category. There is multimedia, and Bluetooth – everything you need for a modern car. The drive is only full, the engine is gasoline, with a volume of one and a half liters, 150 liters. with., and the gearbox is a seven-speed robotic.

  •  Car owners note that for a crossover the car is very sensitive and supple, however, you can’t do dashing rolls on it – after all, it is designed for a family audience.

4. Friend F7x


Can be purchased for 2,8 million rubles.

  •  The F7 parquet crossover underwent a facelift, and in the blink of an eye turned into a fashionable and stylish car. This is one of the best Chinese crossovers in which you can show yourself and see people. All it took was to tilt the rear pillar and slightly lower the roof (by three centimeters) – and what's the difference! Instead of a wagon-crossover, it turned out to be a kind of sports crossover coupe.

  •  As for the filling, everything is about the same – a 2-liter gasoline turbo and 190 “horses”, a seven-speed robotic transmission, all-wheel drive. In a higher configuration, all the joys of a capitalist are available – a leather interior, LED optics, electric seats, a sunroof, 19-inch wheels and much more. True, I had to pay for beauty – passengers taller than 1,8 meters have to bend their heads strongly when landing in the back seat.

3 Geely Atlas Pro


Cost – from 1,8 million rubles.

  •  More recently, at the beginning of this year, a new representative of the Atlas Pro lineup appeared – this time with front-wheel drive and a lower price. Under the hood is a 1,5-liter engine, a six-speed automatic transmission, and, unlike the usual Atlas, it is built according to an innovative mild hybrid scheme. The aim of the changes is to reduce fuel consumption and improve handling.

  •  There are two trim levels, and even the basic one looks good – there is an electric booster, anti-lock brakes, descent assistance, emergency braking, parking sensors and a rear-view camera. “Luxury” (it’s called Luxury) equipment boasts LED optics, ground lighting when opening doors and other little things that don’t seem to be needed, but without which, once you get used to it, it’s not easy to do.

  •  Of course, it is difficult to call Atlas Pro one of the cheapest Chinese cars (the price varies from 1,8 million rubles to 2,2 million rubles), but this is more than redeemed by the number of new and expensive technologies that Chinese crossovers have not been presented before.

2. Haval Jolion


It is worth from 2,4 million rubles.

  •  A relatively recent compact Chinese crossover appeared at the end. This is one of the prettiest cars of the company, it is clear that they did a great job on the design – the lines are smooth, and the small (for an SUV) measurements are touching. The salon is also made carefully and carefully – different textures, interesting inserts with three-dimensional drawings, an impressive media system that does not overload the interior space.

  •  There is only one engine – 1,5 liters, with a capacity of 143 and 150 liters. with., the gearbox is either a seven-speed robotic or a six-speed manual. Drive to choose from – front or mechanics.

  •  For urban conditions, the Jolion is perfect – it is responsive, nimble and dynamic, but on the track it thinks a little and prefers to move at a solid measured pace. So, if you want to look stylish, drive comfortably and pay a little for it, you don’t have to guess which Chinese car is better to buy.

1 Geely Tugella


Price – from 3,9 million rubles.

  •  The Chinese have long looked towards fashionable SUVs with a sporty bent, and Tugella, an athlete and just a beauty who became the owner of the Driving Grand Prix prize, deservedly got into the ranking of Chinese cars in 2023. In terms of the quality of materials, interior trim and functionality, it is already closer to the premium, but it also costs more – already at the beginning of the year they asked for about 3 million rubles for it.

  •  Tugella is a mid-size crossover made on the Volvo platform. There is no choice of motor depending on the configuration – only 2 liters, only 238 "horses". The drive is full, the box is an eight-speed automatic, it will accelerate to 100 km in 6,9 s. Even the basic equipment is solid – a panoramic roof, LED optics, adaptive cruise control, a lot of security systems. And a smart car can even read traffic signs.

  •  Premium equipment boasts a leather interior with seat ventilation. In general, the experiment with “as if premium” can be called successful – Tugella will certainly be among the best Chinese cars on the Russian market.

The most anticipated Chinese cars of 2023


rmi01iokMost recently, Geely passed the certification of its flagship SUV, which in our country was called Monjaro. The novelty has the same platform with Geely: Tugella, although Monjaro will be more corpulent – it has a five-seat interior.

  •  The engine will be the same for all trim levels – a two-liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 238 hp. With. Gearbox – eight automatic, only full drive.

  •  Unlike China, the Russian version will do without front-wheel drive and a robotic box. But the interior is just a shine – stylish, elegant, with a giant media panel. However, COVID-19 and the shortage of microchips caused by them got in the way here too – due to their shortage, LED optics can be supplied with limited functionality.

haval dargo

vyozusifIn Russia, this brutal powerful SUV is very much expected – although Haval has not yet officially announced its release. But rumors are already circulating – firstly, the Chinese have already certified it for Russia; secondly, they say that the first copies are already being produced at the company's plant in the Tula region.

  •  Two modifications will be available, with front and all-wheel drive, independent suspension, a turbo engine will be 2 liters and 192 “horses”, the suspension will be seven-speed robotic. Comfort is not bypassed either – the model will receive rear parking sensors, heated mirrors and a steering wheel.

Dongfeng Rich 6

ysgiwuu1Rare, as representatives of the Red Book, pickup trucks are going to be enriched with another model – this time with creative processing in the Chinese spirit. Moreover, officially legal is a variation of the Nissan Navara, which was developed by a joint Sino-Japanese automobile enterprise.

  •  The rear suspension of the novelty will be spring, the total weight of the cargo that the car can carry reaches 484 kg, but it will not be possible to tow a trailer. The motor will be 2,5 liters and 136 liters. with., manual and all-wheel drive. The novelty is promised to be delivered in the second half of 2023.

Chery Omoda 5

4uzqato4A new model from the model range of the Chery auto company is promised to be released to the Russian market only in the fall. This is a front-wheel drive "SUV" with an independent rear suspension and a memorable modern design.

  •  They promise that there will be several options for engines – not only conventional turbocharged gasoline, but also hybrids, and even electric ones. So far, the suspension is only robotic, but other options will surely be available.

Changan CS35 Plus

isagg1syThe "Chinese Tiguan" will receive a facelift and an interior update – the plus version of the CS35 has undergone significant changes both inside and out, although the "stuffing" has remained the same. Now the car has finally found its own face (this is especially evident from its front end, which has become completely different) and a new interior – everything is different in it, from seats to a new multimedia panel and steering wheel button blocks.

  •  The equipment remained the same; semi-dependent medium suspension, as it was, two types of engines – atmospheric and turbo, there are also two gearbox variations – auto and mechanics. It also means that pre-facelift versions will probably cost less.