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Home Technique 10 Best Electric Meat Grinders for Home 2021

Rating of the best electric meat grinders for home 2021

Electric meat grinder


  •  A modern electric meat grinder is a kind of mini-combine. She not only grinds meat, but also cuts vegetables, grates root crops, squeezes juice from citrus fruits and forms sausages or meatballs. And some meat grinders have special attachments for pasta and even cookies.

We have selected ten of the best for you. best electric meat grinders for home, selected by popularity, rating and number of positive reviews on the Yandex.Market website.

10. Polaris PMG 2561


  • power: 500W
  • productivity: 2.7 kg/min
  • reverse system: yes
  • maximum continuous operation time: 3 min
  • attachments: grater attachment, sausage preparation attachment, shredding attachment, kebbe attachment, minced meat disc
  • body material: plastic/metal

  •  The list opens with an inexpensive and good electric meat grinder – what a family of 2-3 people needs to cook cutlets or quickly rub potatoes into potato pancakes. Two lattices of different sizes give some variability in minced meat for those who like it softer or more textured.

  •  The meat tray is metal, so it's easier to clean, and it won't darken over time like plastic. There is a reverse – a necessary option if you need to cope with large volumes of meat.

  •  True, the manufacturer decided to sacrifice ergonomics by depriving the device of a compartment for nozzles. You will have to keep all these grates and graters somewhere in a closet or other dry place.

  •  The cord of this model cannot be removed into the case, and there are no mounts for it either. Again, you have to wrap it around the body in the old fashioned way. Which, by the way, is quite bulky, so you have to think in advance where you will put the meat grinder for storage.

Pros: low noise, powerful enough, metal meat tray.

Cons: massive, no storage for attachments and cord.

9. Axion M 41.02


  • power: 250W
  • productivity: 2 kg/min
  • reverse system: yes
  • attachments: grater attachment, sausage preparation attachment, shredding attachment, kebbe attachment, minced meat disc
  • body material: plastic
  • type of juicer: citrus press and auger

  •  But this is a product of a Russian company that does not pretend to be foreign and does not buy “its” products in China. Meet the Aksion M 41.02 meat grinder, a model produced by the Izhevsk Motor Plant.

  •  First of all, the abundance of nozzles attracts attention:

  1. three grills for minced meat,
  2. three graters,
  3. Auger juicer,
  4. citrus crusher,
  5. as well as three graters and one shredder.

  •  Uncharacteristic for the price category of the meat grinder and concern for the convenience of users. The device has a place to store the cord and a special latch for the plug so that it does not hang out. There is also a compartment for storing spare gratings; however, graters, nozzles and other volumetric elements will have to be stored in the old fashioned way, in a box.

  •  A small constant power (only 250 W) makes itself felt, and it is better not to turn the sinewy meat with films or pre-clean it well from all problem areas. Even with a reverse with rough old sinewy meat, Axion M 41.02 will cope with difficulty. Graters, juicers and shredders work great.

  •  Attention: the grids of Axion M 41.02 are not made of stainless steel, so it is recommended to store them only dry (otherwise they may rust).

Pros: thoughtful design, workmanship, abundance of attachments.

Cons: low power.

8.Rauberg RMG-033QM


  • power: 800W
  • reverse system: yes
  • attachments: sausage attachment, kebbe attachment
  • body material: plastic

  •  A small, but at the same time quite powerful meat grinder of conditionally Russian (read: Chinese) production. Apparently, the Chinese tried to take the Braun Power Plus series meat grinder as a basis, and in general they did well.

  •  True, for some reason they used a silumin auger along with a steel gearbox axle, which, judging by the opinion of experts, will reduce the life of the meat grinder to about three years.

  •  However, she will work out her three years without problems: she cuts meat perfectly, she is able to chop almost all types of vegetables. We add that although knives and nozzles need to be thoroughly dried after washing and may even be oiled, because the steel is not stainless.

Pros: powerful, efficient.

Cons: will last no more than three years.

7. Hyundai HY-MG4391


  • reverse system: yes
  • attachments: disc for minced meat
  • body material: plastic

  •  Hyundai household appliances have long occupied niches of budget and mid-price goods in the Russian market, and the Hyundai HY-MG4391 meat grinder is no exception. It is small, moderate power, with a limited number of nozzles.

  •  Like other inexpensive Chinese products, with prolonged use, the meat grinder heats up, and quite strongly. But if you have a family of one or two people, and you do not like to cook meat dishes for many days in advance, then the Hyundai HY-MG4391 is quite a suitable option.

Pros: small, compact.

Cons: Heats up quickly.

6. Bosch MFW 3630


  • power: 500W
  • productivity: 1.9 kg/min
  • reverse system: yes
  • attachments: sausage attachment, kebbe attachment, minced meat disc
  • body material: plastic
  • juicer type: citrus press

  •  Engineers and designers obviously did a good job on this meat grinder, because it not only looks pretty, but also has many nice additions that other meat grinders lack.

  •  For example, she even has a special carrying handle – a trifle, but nice. In addition, the Bosch MFW 3630 has a cord winding system, as well as a compartment for storing attachments. In addition to the usual set of sausage attachments, grates for minced meat, there is also a squeezer for citrus fruits.

  •  The meat grinder is powerful, it can grind even old sinewy beef. Moreover, through the Bosch MFW 3630, you can safely skip nuts for pasta. And if problems suddenly arise, there is a spare plastic nozzle on the pulley.

Pros: build quality and materials, power, comfortable design.

Cons: not.

5. Moulinex ME 1068


  • productivity: 1.7 kg/min
  • reverse system: yes
  • Attachments: Sausage Attachment, Minced Meat Disc
  • body material: plastic

  •  Easy to use meat grinder, easy to assemble, easy to disassemble and even easier to clean. She can easily cope with any meat – and slightly defrosted, and old, and with chicken skin, and so on. True, if the meat comes across especially difficult, the body may begin to heat up – we advise you to follow this.

  •  In order for Moulinex ME 1068 to last longer, you must follow the instructions, which, fortunately, are very detailed. Including, do not forget to lubricate the knife and grates with oil. But washing the parts in the dishwasher is not recommended, otherwise they may turn black.

Pros: comfortable, powerful.

ConsA: May become warm after prolonged use.

4. Kitfort KT-2103


  • productivity: 2.3 kg/min
  • reverse system: yes
  • attachments: sausage attachment, kebbe attachment, minced meat disc
  • body material: plastic/metal

  •  A small, inexpensive, quite convenient and productive meat grinder made in China. The Kitfort KT-2103 also has a gentleman's set of decent meat grinders – two modes, reverse and several nozzles.

  •  True, it is not clear why those who were involved in the development of this miracle of technology decided that it simply needed soft touch coverage? For kitchen appliances, this means that much more effort will have to be spent on laundering it. The second drawback is the characteristic pungent smell of cheap plastic. However, it quickly disappears. Well, as usual, for the sake of the price, the manufacturer saves on metal, so the grilles and other metal things are thin.

Pros: compact, efficient, stable.

Cons: the coating of the case is difficult to wash, at the beginning of operation there is a smell of plastic.

3.Dauken FW2620


  • power: 800W
  • productivity: 2.5 kg/min
  • reverse system: yes
  • attachments: sausage attachment, kebbe attachment, minced meat disc
  • body material: plastic/metal

  •  Dauken is another Russian company whose products are actually Chinese. However, the origin of the goods is not the issue that should be focused on. The main thing is how the meat grinder works and how reliable it is.

  •  Judging by the opinion of Russian users, Dauken FW2620 is one of the best electric meat grinders. It's powerful enough to cut through stringy old meat, take on skin and fat with no problem, and if problems arise, reverse will help solve them. Separately, users note perfectly sharpened knives, and the manufacturer did not stint on the amount of metal for both knives and gratings.

  •  Pleased with the presence of small amenities. For example, the buttons on the Dauken FW2620 are located on the top of the case, which is much nicer than the usual side buttons, which are still touched by sticky fingers. True, this solution also has a minus – the upper part of the case is made of glossy plastic, on which traces of literally everything remain. And in the gap between the screw and the body, pieces of the crushed product constantly remain.

Pros: powerful, build quality.

Cons: no cord winding, no storage compartment for small items, there is a gap between the auger and the body.

2. Garlyn MG-3000


  • power: 800W
  • productivity: 2.5 kg/min
  • reverse system: yes
  • attachments: grater attachment, sausage preparation attachment, shredding attachment, kebbe attachment, minced meat disc
  • body material: plastic/metal

  •  The build quality of the Garlyn MG-3000 is excellent, it doesn’t creak anywhere, it doesn’t play, it doesn’t shake. The look is nice and pleasant, under stainless steel, so such a meat grinder will look appropriate not only in the usual typical IKEA kitchen, but also somewhere in a trendy loft.

  •  It works well, quickly, easy to clean, even a child can handle assembly and disassembly without any problems. It's nice that a caring manufacturer put interchangeable adapters in the kit, if suddenly you are seized by the desire to grind bones into dust and the meat grinder will not stand it. Then it is enough to change the adapters and voila – the meat grinder is like new.

  •  The Garlyn MG-3000 also pleases with an abundance of attachments, the kit includes:

  1. 4 nozzles-graters,
  2. 1 shredding attachment,
  3. two nozzles for cooking sausages,
  4. and the traditional "troika" of grills for minced meat and other things.

  •  The only pity is that the juicer attachments are not included.

  •  Rubberized legs allow the meat grinder to tenaciously “hold on” to the table and not jump when using all this wealth.

Pros: nice design, powerful, lots of attachments.

Cons: not.

1 Wollmer M907


  • power: 800W
  • productivity: 2.5 kg/min
  • reverse system: yes
  • attachments: sausage attachment, kebbe attachment, minced meat disc
  • body material: plastic/metal

  •  The best electric meat grinder in terms of price and user reviews of the Yandex.Market website is the product of the Russian company Wollmer, whose goods are produced in the Middle Kingdom.

  •  Against the background of other meat grinders, it is distinguished by a sufficiently large constant power (800 W) and speed. For a household appliance, turning 2.5 kg of meat per minute is already a very good result.

  •  However, housewives are well aware that more time is spent not on scrolling meat as such, but on preparing a piece for processing. And with this, the Wollmer M907 has some difficulties, since it has a narrow loading neck, which, perhaps, contributes to a smoother operation of the meat grinder, but it does not make life easier for its owners. But, according to users, the planed pieces fly through the pipe at breakneck speed and almost instantly turn into minced meat.

  •  The big power makes itself felt in the way the meat grinder handles stringy meat, chopping it without a problem. And if something gets stuck, the reverse system helps. Wollmer M907 knives are of high quality, sharp, which helps to process meat.

  •  In the basic configuration, the set of nozzles is rather meager: for sausage / kebbe, a grill for minced meat in the amount of three pieces, and that's it. To plan vegetables, you will have to buy a pro version, and for squeezing juice from root vegetables and other fruits – even a pro-plus. Of course, this increases the overall price of the product.

  •  Having bought this model, be prepared at first to inhale the strong smell of heated plastic, well known to users of Chinese products. After a few hours of work, it disappears by itself.

  •  Also note that Wollmer M907 will have to be placed close to the outlet due to the short cord, and graters, nozzles, knives and other small items should be stored separately.

  •  We add that the parts of the meat grinder are made of steel, so it is not recommended to wash them in the dishwasher. Otherwise, they will quickly darken and lose their presentation.

Pros: Powerful, quality build, easy to use.

Cons: At the first use, there may be a smell of plastic, a narrow filling opening, no compartment for storing small items.