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10 places to go in April 2021 at sea



  •  In April, the European part of our country is already beginning to timidly warm the spring sun. Increased daylight hours gives energy, and so it pulls you to go somewhere. Moreover, the May holidays are on the nose, the traditional increase in prices for tours and the upcoming holiday season, when all more or less accessible places will be filled with people. And in April you can still relax calmly, comfortably and without fuss. And for less!

  •  We have compiled for you 10 of the most promising holiday destinations to visit in April – and the list has been compiled taking into account the coronavirus situation at the moment.

Beach holidays in April: at sea

4. Sri Lanka

tj2jbqkiApril for connoisseurs of the opportunity to properly fry on the beach is a blessed month.

  •  At this time, in the countries of Southeast Asia, beloved by Russians, the holiday season is in full swing: not too hot, and not too ... we almost said “cold”, but in fact it is windy and rainy – there is no winter there, but there is a rainy season .

  •  Just at the end of April, the holiday season lasts on the island of Sri Lanka (aka Ceylon in the old way), located off the southeastern coast of Hindustan.

  •  Dry and white sand, warm sea and general relaxed atmosphere – the best thing to enjoy the peace under the gentle rays of the sun. If you wish, you can go to see historical monuments, and there are many of them in ancient Ceylon. Or go diving. The only minus of the island is that you will have to get there from Russia with transfers.

  •  From January 21, the country is open to all tourists, however, if you want to go to this paradise island, you will have to pass a PCR test (not earlier than 4 days before departure time). But there is no quarantine, so you can come literally for a few days and then fly back without hindrance. True, you will have to settle in hotels specially designated for visiting tourists.

3. Dominican Republic

sj5qntuiThe sun-blessed island of Haiti, on which the Dominican Republic is located, is located in the Caribbean, relatively close to Cuba. There are many beaches, including the magnificent 70-kilometer sandy crescents of Punta Cana.

  •  In addition to warm and gentle waters, where both adults and children can splash without interference, there are also special beaches for surfers, where the relief contributes to the appearance of high waves. The holiday season in the Dominican Republic ends in May, so in April you will enjoy sunny and warm days without winds and precipitation without interference.

  •  To arrive in the Dominican Republic, Russians do not need to issue an additional package of documents. Local doctors are confident in their ability to control the epidemic with special protocols for tourists.

  •  The maximum that you have to do is fill out a special questionnaire, and even if you forgot to check the boxes online, do not worry: a paper version will be issued right during the flight.

2. Egypt

cuttb3n0The Red Sea in April has already warmed up enough for a comfortable stay for Russian tourists. The sun is not too hot, and the water has not yet turned into a warm soup. So a beach holiday with elements of diving, if there is such a desire, can be combined with sightseeing trips. And all this for a very reasonable price, because April in Egypt is not the most popular season.

  •  To enjoy walks through the lands of ancient Ta-Kemet, you will have to take a coronavirus test. And also to have international health insurance in your pocket, which will be able to cover the cost of treatment for the virus, if suddenly.

1. Turkey

5i2zvr5xThe Mediterranean Sea is an option for budget-minded people who want to get some vitamin D after a long winter without overpaying.

  •  In the southernmost resorts of Turkey, the water has already warmed up enough to be able to plunge into it (by mid-April, its temperature will reach 20 °), but at the same time, hotel prices have not yet reached the level of resort-seasonal prices. As a bonus, there is no flea market and a comfortable temperature for walking.

  •  Entry to Turkey for Russians promises to be free, but they will have to pass a test for coronavirus, as well as fill out a special form.

Ski holidays in April

1. Russia

yxqs5m4jFans of skiing in April will have to hurry. Rides on open mountain slopes are usually relevant only in the first couple of weeks of April (depending on climatic conditions).

  •  And although European ski resorts are still inaccessible to Russian tourists due to coronavirus restrictions (Switzerland generally tightly sealed its borders, and entry to other countries is available only with special permission), but there are still Russian ones. And they celebrate the end of the season in a big way.

  •  So it’s worth a look there, if not for the sake of the squeak of snow and the feeling of a frosty wind in your face when you rush along the highway at high speed, then for the sake of company, entertainment and the general atmosphere.

  •  The most famous Russian ski resorts are located in Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai, Sheregesh, Elbrus and the Altai Mountains. If you're lucky, you can try to snatch some more snow in the ski resorts of the Urals – but in the Moscow region, the snow will most likely have melted by this time.

Where to go on excursions in April

3 Serbia

v5txasbiYou can travel around this Balkan country, which at the same time feels both native Slavic and like a real foreign country, all year round. But usually tourists come in winter (for the sake of ski resorts) and in summer, to local sanatoriums.

  •  However, the Serbs themselves believe that it is best to travel around their country just in April, May, and then in August and September. Everything around is either blooming and fragrant, or bowing under the weight of fruits, and the air temperature is conducive to hiking and sightseeing.

  •  So far, measures against COVID-19 in Serbia for tourists are not too strict: only one negative test for the virus is required, which the tourist passes no earlier than two days before the flight.

2. Greece

4xj5h404In April, only people who miss immersion in the water element can swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Or you will have to wait for the very last days of the month, until the May holidays. Therefore, if you are completely unbearable to swim, we recommend that you pay attention to hotels with heated pools.

  •  In April, the weather in Greece is already good, not too hot and not at all cold, just right for long walks and sightseeing. At the same time, there are still few tourists, full of entertainment and a rich cultural program. For example, Thessaloniki – everything is there, from antiquity up to relics left over from the time of Turkish rule.

  •  Russians can get to Greece without hindrance, but until the end of January, there was a rule on mandatory quarantine for 7 days after arrival. At the same time, you must have a negative coronavirus test in your pocket, as well as fill out a special form. It is not known how it will be in April, but it is unlikely that the measures will be greatly tightened.

1. Kenya

p2mh1ubeBut this is a real exotic, and it will cost Russian tourists relatively inexpensively, since in April the rainy season begins in Kenya, and prices are falling. However, in the first week or two of the month, you can still capture warm sunny and cool days (on the coast the temperature will be about 26 °, and in the mountainous west about 23-24 °).

  •  This is the perfect time for a national park safari, where you can see all the diversity of African wildlife in its natural habitat.

  •  Russians can visit the territory of this African country without hindrance: they only need a visa, a traditional negative coronavirus test (not earlier than four days before the flight) and a completed online form.

Where you can cheaply relax in April

2. Sochi

z5mdshhyIn April, it is already good, warm and comfortable in Sochi, although only very brave people can decide to swim in the Black Sea. But the fresh sea air, the aroma of flowers and pine forests, silence, tranquility (the time of crowds of tourists who rush back and forth like a herd of elephants has not yet come) – all this will help you to relax and unwind after a long and unrest-filled winter.

  •  Sochi is a big and bustling city, so we recommend that you consider living in more secluded places, such as small resort villages. In any case, they are located nearby, so if you wish, you can alternate between a quiet village environment and a noisy city one.

1. Pyatigorsk

1bd32lpvDuring a pandemic, you should take good care of your health and strengthen your weakened immune system. For this purpose, we suggest you visit one of the many sanatoriums of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

  •  There are a lot of healing springs there (about 40 pieces), and each of them has its own medicinal properties. As for the weather, the air has already warmed up enough, warm, sunny and dry. And everything is blooming around, and when we say “everything”, we do not exaggerate.

  •  There are many hotels and sanatoriums in Pyatigorsk, there are more expensive ones (like luxury spa hotels), and there are quite budget ones. If you wish, you can rent an apartment in the city and only attend recreational activities, including walks in the surroundings, where the air is filled with the aromas of coniferous forests and the freshness of the mountains.