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10 sexiest clips of all time

10 sexiest clips of all time


  •  The theme of sex has been firmly woven into pop music, ever since the days of Elvis Presley with his invitingly swaying hips. Now finding a music video with sensually writhing beauties on YouTube is not difficult, but there are clips that are considered the standard of sexuality.

  •  It was these compositions that Rolling Stone selected for its selection of the sexiest clips of all time.

10. Beyoncé, "Partition"

  •  The song "Partition" opens the top ten erotic video clips. It was recorded for Beyoncé's fifth studio video album, released in 2013. She has been described by critics as an "electro-R&B" that shifts "from sweet girl band pop to dirty southern hip-hop"

  •  In the clip, a seductive and almost naked Beyoncé sings about sex in the back seat of a car. The singer revealed that she was "embarrassed" after she recorded "Partition" because of her sexually explicit lyrics. However, this did not prevent the authoritative music magazine Spin in 2014 from placing Beyoncé's song number four on the list of the 57 best songs of our time.

9. Kanye West, "Fade"

  •  This clip shows sexy dancer Teyana Taylor doing incredibly sensual steps to the music. And at the end of the song, a naked handsome man, Iman's husband, joins her, and their passion under the jets of water in the shower makes many viewers breathe as hard as the heroes of "Fade". The result is a surreal family portrait: Taylor transforms into a female lioness, and her daughter "floats" up above the lambs that have come from nowhere.

8. Rihanna, S&M

  •  This bright, expressive video is an allegory for the "sado-masochistic relationship with the press ... it's not just a bunch of whips and chains." Melina Macoukas, the director of the music video, said so in an interview with Billboard in 2011. And Rihanna, sporting a very erotic latex outfit, beats up reporters and poses in front of newspaper gossip columns as a hint that she has more control over her image than journalists might think.

7. Fiona Apple, "Criminal"

  •  This is the most famous song of the performer. It is about sexual teenage deviation and thin Fiona perfectly succeeded in the role of a fragile, but very seductive teenager.

  •  Director Mark Romanek admitted in an interview with The New York Times that the unusual lighting in the video was the result of using a cheap halogen lamp. For this original solution, "Criminal" won the 1998 Video Music Award for Best Cinematography.

6. Di Angelo, "Untitled (How Does it Feel)"

  •  Beautiful female bodies attract a male audience. But the clip of Di Angelo will surely appeal to women, because it shows a muscular and naked handsome man. While the initial reaction from viewers varied (some praised the singer for being sexy, others accused him of being sexually objectified), the clip began to get frequent airplay on music video networks such as MTV and BET, and it helped draw attention to artist and his studio album Voodoo.

  •  The song, written and created by Di Angelo and Rafael Saadiq, was originally intended as a tribute to the musician and composer Prince. "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" contains a vintage style and a sound similar to that of Prince's early music. Rolling Stone named the video the fourth best single of 2000.

5. Janet Jackson, "Any Time, Any Place"

  •  The clip of the charming Janet Jackson is dedicated to the topic of public displays of feelings and sex in public places. “Whenever and wherever. I don’t care what’s around,” Janet sings and one can only envy her partner.

  •  The song topped the weekly Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for ten consecutive weeks and is one of Jackson's biggest hits.

4. Britney Spears, "I'm a Slave 4 U"

  •  It was the first single "Britney Spears" from the album Britney, released in 2001. In it, the singer appears before the audience as a slave to music, who falls under the spell of the song and dances all day until she sweats and loses her strength due to dehydration. Not everyone likes sweaty girls, but Britney, with her flexible body and luxurious mop of hair, manages to be both sweaty and inviting at the same time.

3. Madonna, "Justify My Love"

  •  In third place in the ranking of the sexiest video clips is a black and white video, for which the song was written by Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and Ingrid Chaves.

  •  “I had no understanding of the video at all, other than the thought that (Madonna) arrived at the hotel tired and broken. And when she was about to leave the hotel, she was full of life, full of energy, full of everything,” director Jean-Baptiste Mondino told Rolling Stone. Madonna's "Power Source" was so extravagant that MTV refused to show it in 1990, and Madonna had to defend her video on ABC's Nightline show.

2. Prince, "Kiss"

  •  The famous Prince will easily have a list of his own "sexiest video". As with Madonna, his videos helped push MTV's limits. For 1986, his video was if not revolutionary, then certainly special, as it showed the naked torso of the performer, along with the semi-nude artist Monique Manning, whose playful dance with the singer gives the clip an additional erotic charge.

1. Chris Isaac, "Wicked Game"

  •  The first line in the top 10 hottest videos of all time went to a black and white video filmed back in 1990. Its components look quite ordinary: a man, a woman, a beach. However, Isaac and supermodel Helena Christensen are so seductively splashing in the waves to the heartfelt music that the audience's pulse involuntarily quickens. It is worth noting a tricky move: Christensen was topless in the video, although her nudity was well hidden by camera angles and skillful editing.