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The most influential Russian actors of the decade

Danila Kozlovsky


The analytical publication "Film Distributor's Bulletin" made the chart the most influential Russian actors of the last 10 years. The criteria on the basis of which the list was created are also 10, including:

  1. the number of projects in which the artist participated,
  2. number of main roles
  3. participation in foreign projects,
  4. participation in advertising of films in which he starred
  5. media level,
  6. festival awards,
  7. film awards,
  8. how many followers on instagram
  9. what was the budget of the 5 most expensive films with the participation of the artist
  10. what was the cumulative attendance of the 5 most successful projects with the participation of the artist.

  •  Here is a selection of the most influential Russian male actors of the last decade.

10. Milos Bikovic


  •  This Russian-Serbian actor has a little less followers on Instagram than Sergei Svetlakov – 1,9 million people – but the filmography is richer. Among the most successful projects are Duhless 2, Hotel Eleon, Ice, Balkan Frontier and Kholop.

  •  The first Russian film, in which Bikovich took part, was "Sunstroke" directed by Nikita Mikhalkov. But this actor has no Russian film awards yet.

9. Sergey Svetlakov


  •  Christmas trees, but not ordinary ones, but television ones, allowed Svetlakov to get into the top ten most influential showmen of 2010-2020.

  •  His filmography is small compared to other participants in the top 10, but behind Svetlakov’s back, participation in successful humorous shows – ProjectorParisHilton, The Ural Dumplings Show, Comedy Club, etc. Svetlakov has no problems, 2 million people signed up for him.

8. Fedor Bondarchuk


  •  The son of the famous artist and director Sergei Bondarchuk followed in his parental footsteps and for good reason. Currently, he is not only a famous actor, but also the director of such films as "9th Company", "Inhabited Island", "Stalingrad", "Attraction", "Invasion", etc.

  •  Bondarchuk Jr. not only acts in films and TV shows, but also voices Russian and foreign cartoons (Kolyvan speaks in his voice in Three Heroes on Distant Shores, Boss Baby in the cartoon of the same name and Bug in Hunting Season).

7. Konstantin Khabensky


  •  Behind Khabensky there are many cash and moreover, cult projects – Night Watch, Day Watch, State Councilor, Geographer Drank His Globe Away, Admiral, etc. Khabensky was named the most popular actor in recent years. 15 years according to Yandex.

  •  This 48-year-old actor has many awards for his participation in various films. For example, for "State Counselor" he received the "Golden Eagle" as the performer of the best male supporting role, and for "Admiral" he received several awards at once as the performer of the best male role in the cinema.

  •  But the popularity of Konstantin is not the only one growingn cinema. He also starred in Hollywood films, such as "Wanted", "Spy, get out!" and the Black Sea.

  •  It is curious that the famous actor does not have accounts in social networks, because he does not want extra attention to his person. He is also actively involved in charity work, his foundation helps children with diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

6. Dmitry Nagiev


  •  Former host of the scandalous show "Windows", one of the creators of the humorous series "Caution modern!" is engaged not only in filming movies, but also in radio work, as well as dubbing domestic cartoons (The Snow Queen, Smeshariki. The Legend of the Golden Dragon, etc.).

  •  According to rumors, one shooting day of Dmitry in a short-term project costs 500 rubles, and an annual advertising contract brings about 000 million rubles.

  •  Nagiyev, like Konstantin Khabensky (seventh number in the rating), is a philanthropist. His Foundation for Sick Children helps orphans and children with various physical and mental disabilities.

5. Vladimir Mashkov


  •  This actor is an example of the golden mean in all respects, which was named by the Film Distributor's Bulletin. He regularly starred in successful film projects (“Crew”, “Liquidation”, “Piranha Hunt”, “Move Up”, etc.), appears in Western blockbusters (“Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol”, “Spy”, etc.), not shied away from promoting his projects, and received 3 film awards for his roles in the films "The Edge" and "Moving Up".

4. Ivan Urgant


  •  One of the most media actors in the post-Soviet space owes much of its popularity to the comedy program Evening Urgant. However, participation in the long-running project of Timur Bekmambetov "Christmas Trees", as well as the success of individual paintings, such as "Freaks, Vysotsky", also played a role.

3. Petr Fedorov


  •  This actor cannot be called a media actor, his name is rarely searched on Yandex and almost 34 thousand people subscribe to Fedorov on Instagram, which is not enough for a famous person.

  •  But this actor has a large number of main roles (“Stalingrad”, “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, “Icebreaker”, “Duelist”, etc.), he participated in many high-budget and successful projects, actively participates in advertising campaigns for paintings, and five of the most box-office films with the participation of Fedorov in the aggregate were watched by almost 20 million people.

2. Alexander Petrov


  •  The star of "Policeman from Rublyovka", "Attraction", "Call DiCaprio" and "Ice" took second place in the list of the most influential actors according to the Film Distributor's Bulletin. At the same time, in terms of such a parameter as media coverage, it ranks first.

  •  Alexander is young – he is 31 years old – but is one of the most sought-after Russian theater and film actors. He has already received the Golden Eagle award twice: for Best Actor in the film Text in 2020, and also in 2019 for Best Actor on Television (Sparta).

  •  In 2019, Petrov signed a contract with Art Pictures Studio and Vodorod, according to which he will only star in the projects of these film companies for two years.

1. Danila Kozlovsky


  •  The head coach, Prince and Prophetic Oleg of Russian cinema is expected to take the first line in the actor's rating of the decade.

  •  The list of successful or at least well-known projects that Kozlovsky has starred in over the past 10 years is quite extensive. We recall just a few of them:

  1. "We are from the future",
  2. "Legend No. 17",
  3. "Duhless" 1 and 2 (for the first film, the actor received the "Golden Eagle", and for the second – "Nika"),
  4. "Hardcore"
  5. "Crew",
  6. "Viking"
  7. "Matilda"
  8. "Trainer"
  9. "Caramora"

  •  The actor outperformed the selection in terms of the number of leading roles over the past decade, as well as the involvement in advertising campaigns for films. In addition, he has an outstanding level of media exposure, and experience in participating in a major Hollywood project – Vampire Academy.

  •  In addition to his acting career, Danila also tries himself in the director's field. In April, the film "Chernobyl" will be released, the director (as well as the main actor) of which is Kozlovsky. It is about the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident in 1986, and the shooting was carried out on the territory of the fifth, unfinished power unit of the nuclear power plant in the city of Kursk and on the streets of Kurchatov, which for a time became Pripyat.