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Rating of online schools 2022 with enrollment

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  •  To receive a quality school education in the modern world, children may not attend a classical educational institution. Every year, more and more parents and students prefer distance learning. The most popular type of education is considered to be education in an online school.

  •  Organizations of this type differ in the composition of teachers, teaching methods, and approach to providing information, therefore, in order to choose the right platform for your child, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

  •  The current rating-2022 of online schools with enrollment will help with this.

Online gymnasium №1

Online gymnasium №1


  •  The school became the first educational institution to receive a state license and accreditation for teaching children online. The gymnasium provides high-quality school education for students in grades 5-11, applies original teaching methods developed by the country's leading teachers. Schoolchildren are provided with all the necessary educational materials, and certification is carried out remotely.

  •  Thanks to this, schoolchildren receive full-fledged opportunities for integrated development and knowledge acquisition: training according to the Federal State Educational Standard, scheduled lessons, communication with a teacher, etc. Gymnasium students receive state-recognized certificates.



  •  The educational institution provides school programs to students in grades 1-11. The learning process is carried out in 3 ways:

  • express – suitable for those who want to study interesting topics in depth, understand misunderstood material (access to the school's interactive library, simulators, video recordings of consultations, but feedback from teachers is not provided);
  • with a teacher – includes all the features of the previous format, supplemented by the ability to communicate with teachers in a chat;
  • with enrollment – full-fledged training with qualified teachers according to the program corresponding to the Federal State Educational Standard of the Russian Federation.

  •  In the latter case, students are issued a state-recognized certificate. Enrollment is possible even for children without citizenship of the Russian Federation.



  •  The educational platform was developed by A.M. Kondakov, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences. Its main feature is the availability of special educational programs for children with disabilities or students with high extracurricular employment. Parents can independently regulate the allowable weekly load. School preparation courses are also provided.

  •  The staff includes psychologists, tutors, speech therapists who help children adapt to the conditions of the educational process. Various forms of education are provided – family education, online tutoring, preparation for the OGE / EGE and others.



  •  The online platform program is built according to the "constructor" type. Parents with schoolchildren independently choose the format of education (basic, individual) and the load. It was created by the strongest methodologists and complies with the Federal State Educational Standard. A convenient schedule provides the child with interesting and important knowledge for him.

  •  The teaching staff consists of university professors, authors of Olympiad problems and state examination experts. The assistance of tutors, mentors and psychologists, as well as lawyers for the correct execution of documents during the transition to family education is provided.



  •  The platform offers students in grades 1-11 correspondence and family forms of education. The staff includes more than 200 qualified teachers. Children pass certifications remotely, and to pass exams they are attached to a private school. Passing the Unified State Examination / OGE is available for students in distance learning.

Students can choose their own curriculum. Available for part-time students record for online lessons, and in the family format of training, children get access to simulator tests. Educational materials are provided in the form of video lessons, interactive webinars, demo versions of final and certification works.

Advantages and disadvantages of online schools

Educational institution
Pros Cons
Online gymnasium №1

  • Enrollment during the academic year

  • There is a free trial day

  • Small classes

  • "Live" lessons according to the schedule

  • The program complies with GEF

  • An accessible form of material submission with subsequent knowledge control

  • Regular comfortable socialization

  • Individual approach to the child

  • Expanded extracurricular activities

  • Career guidance and preparation for entering the university

  • Strong teaching staff

  • Good preparation for various types of certifications

  • Preparation for the OGE / USE

  • Issuance of state certificates

  • Schoolchildren in grades 1-4 are not provided for

  • Enrollment at any time of the year for students from grades 1 to 11

  • Free training for the first week

  • The program complies with GEF

  • 3 forms of educational process

  • Preparation for the exam / OGE

  • The cost of education does not depend on the class

  • Frequent technical problems on the server

  • They do not inform about the number of compulsory works in a quarter

  • Personalized learning approach

  • Access to educational materials

  • Online courses comply with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard

  • Teaching schoolchildren in grades 1-11

  • Various forms of the educational process

  • A separate course in preparation for the OGE / USE

  • Accompanying the student by a tutor, psychologist

  • Weak extracurricular activities

  • No webinar format

  • Orientation to the socialization of the child

  • Individual schedule

  • "Live" classes with qualified teachers

  • High-quality preparation for the OGE / USE

  • Great variety of courses

  • Convenient lesson format

  • Availability of free content

  • No video recording of lessons

  • Mechanical system for checking homework and tests

  • Diverse extracurricular activities

  • Passing certifications online

  • Individual choice of format and pace of learning

  • XNUMX/XNUMX classroom support

  • Availability of an educational program for elementary school students

  • Higher tuition fee for children without Moscow residence permit

  •  So, the first place in the ranking of educational institutions in 2023 is occupied by "Online Gymnasium No. 1" with a mark of 5 points. It is followed by the educational institution "Foxford" with a score of 4,8. In third place is the IBLS online school, which received 4,7 points. The BIT educational institution was rated at 4,4 points, and InternetUrok at 4,2.