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The most unusual houses in the world

The most unusual houses in the world: 20 photos


The world is full of creative minds capable of changing the way we perceive even the simplest things, like home. Surely there are interesting buildings in your hometown, but they cannot be compared with the most unusual houses in the worldwhich we are about to show you.

20. Pole House, Australia

Pole House, AustraliaThis home, designed and built by F2 Architecture, overlooks the Great Ocean Road in Australia. Its unusual location guarantees visitors breathtaking views and perhaps a fear of heights.

  •  Pole House was built at a height of 40 meters, on a very steep slope, which clearly presented a problem. And the architects came up with the most intriguing solution. They created a concrete platform on a 13-meter-high pylon and placed the house on top of it. However, this gave rise to another problem – the lack of convenient access to the home. To solve it, the architects built a narrow concrete bridge that links the house to the hill.

19. Steel House, USA

Steel House, TexasNext on the list of the strangest houses on Earth is a structure that looks more like a giant work of art. And after learning her story, you will understand why this is so. It all started in 1973 when sculptor Robert Bruno started his eccentric project. From then until his death in 2008, he worked on Steel House in Texas, doing all the work by hand without outside help.

  •  The house (which was never finished) has a very unusual shape that can be interpreted in many ways. Some think that it resembles a UFO, others argue that the building looks more like a massive insect. And there are those who compare it to the AT-AT Walker from Star Wars.

18. Slide House, Japan

slide houseThis is one of the funniest houses in the world, yet its design is surprisingly simple. The central part of it is occupied by a giant slide, which is an integral part of the building. It runs along the entire inner perimeter of the building, which has rounded corners.

slide house inside

  •  This wonderful home was designed by Level Architects and completed in 2009. An ideal place for children and their cheerful parents who love steep slopes.

17. PAS House, USA

P.A.S. HouseThis is not just a house in California, but a skateboarder's dream. Its whimsical design is the result of a collaboration between François Perrin, Gilles Lebon Delapointe and their client, professional skateboarder and ex-world champion Pierre André Senizerkes.

  •  The interior of the house consists of three main areas, one of which is dedicated to skateboarding. There you can ride on almost all surfaces, including walls, ceilings and even furniture.

16. Seashell House, Mexico

Seashell HouseA photo of one of the most unusual and beautiful houses on Earth very much resembles a giant sea shell. And not in vain. The house was designed by Javier Senosian, who took inspiration from images of the Nautilus (a genus of cephalopods).

  •  Of course, the exterior of the house has been stylized a bit, and its shape and design have been adapted for a comfortable stay in this amazing architectural gem. The project was completed in 2016 and one of its most notable features is the wonderful colorful mosaic wall. It creates an exquisite rainbow effect.

15. Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

the most unique and unusual hotels in the world. The retired Boeing 727 aircraft was delivered to the construction site in parts. It was then reassembled on a 15-meter plinth at the edge of a national park in Costa Rica. From there you have an amazing view of the jungle.

14. Star Trek Voyager, England

Star Trek Voyager

  •  Live long and prosper in this home designed to replicate the interior of the Star Trek Voyager spacecraft. Even the LED lighting and intergalactic sound effects have been recreated.

13 House NA, Japan

House N.A.“We have nothing to hide,” could be the short description of this extremely unusual house. It is made completely transparent (except for the bathroom, of course) and consists of 21 separate plates.

  •  A strange house with an area of 85 sq.m. is located in Tokyo and was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects. Her clients, a young couple, were inspired by the idea of living in a tree. In a sense, the whole house is a giant room divided into several smaller rooms. At night, curtains are hidden from the prying eyes of the inhabitants of the house.

12. Flintstone-style house, USA

Flintstone-style houseThis is what the Flintstones' house would look like if they were our contemporaries. Everything about this pseudo-primitive California dwelling looks like it's made of stone and has jagged surfaces, lines, and angles. At the same time, the whole design looks very organic. The interior of the house is one huge room.

11. Keret House, Poland

Keret House“Are you claustrophobic? But you will suffer, you will!” Master Yoda might have said to Luke if the young Jedi had visited the narrowest house in the world. Its width is only 122 centimeters, and this is at its widest point. You can find this unusual building in Warsaw, Poland. It is wedged between two other buildings.

  •  The house has no windows, but it is translucent and has a white interior that visually expands the space.

10. Water tower conversion, Belgium

water tower conversion

  •  You can even live in a water tower, and quite comfortably. Numerous towers around the world have been turned into cozy homes, and some of them are really pleasing to the eye.

  •  One of these houses is located in the Belgian village of Stenokkerzel. The water tower was built between 1938 and 1941 and was in operation until the 1990s. At one point it served as a watchtower, and in 2007 it was completely renovated and converted by Bham Design Studio into a single family home.

9 Upside Down House, Germany

upside down houseThis very strange dwelling was built in 2008 as a tourist attraction in the commune of Trassenheide in northern Germany. The house was commissioned as part of The World Upside Down project, which allows visitors to view everyday objects from different perspectives. The house is fully furnished, except that all the furniture is also turned upside down.

8. Toilet House, South Korea

toilet houseSometimes ads show dangerous bacteria that live in the toilet bowl. But it turns out that other creatures can be in the toilet. People, for example.

  •  In 2007, the mayor of Suwon commissioned the design of a toilet museum to celebrate the founding of the World Toilet Association. Its construction cost $1,1 million. There is no end to tourists, and the exposition in the museum, although small, is very funny. There are both the first toilets and modern models of "white friends of man".

7. H2ome – anywhere with clean sea water


  •  This crazy house may not be the most innovative idea, but its concept seems cool. US Submarines Structures is committed to building luxurious submerged dwellings. Access to the house is possible from the shoreline on a private pier and down the central elevator or spiral staircase.

One such sea house will cost 10 million pounds. However, this is so, small things compared to most expensive houses in the world. For this price, you will also get the opportunity to choose a suitable place for construction on the seabed.

6. Dupli Casa, Germany

Dupli.CasaThis villa looks like it stepped out of one of Salvador Dali's paintings. One of the strangest houses in the world was designed by a group of architects and designers led by the famous Berlin architect Jurgen Mayer, who is not the first to create bizarre structures from glass, reinforced concrete and even wood.

5. Hobbit House, Northern Ireland

hobbit houseBack in 2003, Simon Dale took on the daunting task of building a low-rise apartment building for his family. Influenced by the Lord of the Rings franchise, Dale started building a cozy hobbit house, buying 7 acres of land and materials worth 3000 euros. After 4 months of hard work, the fairy house was completed, and it must be said that it is a very nice and cozy home both from the outside and from the inside. Would you like to live in this?

4Psychedelic Mansion, Bolivia

Psychedelic Mansion

  •  In 2005, creative Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani designed this spaceship-like mansion to celebrate the political autonomy given to his Aymara people. The building represents the "new confidence" of the Aymara and the "economic boom" of Bolivia.

3. Domes For The World, Indonesia

Domes For The WorldAbout 70 domed houses were built by the American company Domes for the World for the villagers who lost their homes in the May 2007 earthquake near the city of Yogyakarta.

  •  Buildings can withstand wind speeds up to 190 km/h.

2.Dr. Seuss House, United States

Dr. Seuss House, AlaskaThis strange and quirky 12-story house looks like it came straight out of a fantasy book. The building, located in Alaska, stood dormant for several years before a local resident purchased it. But we're not entirely sure if it will keep all those floors.

1. Shark Attack Home, England

Shark Attack HomeThe most ordinary house in the world, a huge shark just flew past and decided to say hello to the inhabitants of the house. Yes, right through the roof. These migratory sharks are so awkward!

  •  The building is owned by writer and BBC radio presenter Bill Heine. We don't know what prompted him to order this particular design, but we do know that this house with a 7-meter fiberglass shark carcass immediately became a local landmark.