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Mini review of the Guard GPS radar detector from DIGMA

Radar detector DIGMA Guard


  •  A radar detector is an extremely useful device for any car owner, especially on a long trip. It helps to quickly assess the situation on difficult sections of the road and maintain a safe speed limit.

  •  Therefore, today we will talk about the Guard GPS model from the international manufacturer of digital devices and consumer electronics for home and business DIGMA. This device will help the motorist not only solve a number of pressing problems, but also save money without loss in terms of quality. Let's see what supports these conclusions.

Sensitivity + five detector modes

n23hphbbThe model under discussion provides for five detector modes: these are "City 1", "City 2", "City 3", "Route" and Smart. The fact is that such gadgets must be adaptive and adapt to external conditions in order to most accurately determine the signal source and the distance to it.

  •  It should be understood that the city is literally full of various potential interference: construction equipment, communication lines, and even ordinary automatic doors in shopping centers.

  •  Using the "City" modes, Guard GPS reduces the range and frequency range to avoid false positives. The denser the urban development or the closer you are to the center of the settlement, the more useful and tangible the effect will be. At the same time, the abundance of traffic lights and turns eliminates the problem of a reduced range.

  •  Notifications come in advance and are almost error-free.

  •  But the "Track" mode activates the capabilities of the device to its fullest. On a long highway, there is much less interference. Therefore, the device reacts to the "trap" at a sufficiently large distance, allowing you to slow down and avoid incidents.

  •  Smart actually changes modes on its own. It all depends on the speed of movement and your location on the GPS. It works, as a rule, without flaws, but occasionally manual switching will still be required.

Operating frequencies

  •  The capabilities of the device safely cover the entire range of possible frequencies on which traffic police radars operate. These are the widely known K, Ka, X and Laser. And for more accurate calibration, there is a nine-step signal gradation.

Information panel

5ionobqpInformation about the speed limit set in a certain area and alerts about the presence of radars are displayed on the OLED display. It is not too bright, does not blind the eyes. At the same time, it is quite readable at any time of the day.

Configuring and managing

  •  There is a fairly detailed setting, including voice guidance. The control panel is very clear (even without instructions).


xdheijpVia 12V cigarette lighter or USB.

Useful Features

  •  Here it makes sense to single out the presence of a network of coordinates of traffic police radars and the maintenance of a database of points of false positives. Also, the device is conveniently and securely fixed with two suction cups on the windshield and can be easily removed. Everything you need is included: car charger, USB cable, mount, instructions and a one-year warranty card.


cobvo1kyBlack color, decorated simply and clearly, does not distract from the road.


  •  The DIGMA Guard GPS radar detector is practical and easy to use. In addition, it is quite inexpensive. So as an addition to the DVR or as an independent device, we definitely recommend it.