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Best 20% sour cream 2023, Roskachestvo rating



  •  Increased contamination by bacteria, vegetable fats, a large amount of yeast. These and other shortcomings, Roskachestvo experts have identified 20% fat content in sour cream from various manufacturers.

  •  Which sour cream is worthy of “registering” in your refrigerator, and which should not be served on the table – in this rating, based on Roskachestvo 2023 data. All rating leaders have the highest, 5-star score.

Best 20% Sour Cream 2023

10. Our cow


Price – 109 rubles for 450 grams

  •  This product is produced by OAO Yadrinmoloko. During the production process, milk fat is not replaced with vegetable fat, starch (for density) and melamine (to increase protein concentration) are not added to the product.

  •  Sour cream is safe, homogeneous in consistency and has a slight aftertaste of baked milk.

9. Minsk stamp


It is worth 122 rubles for 400 grams

  •  The name does not deceive, this is really a Belarusian product produced by the Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1. Sour cream is prepared from high-quality raw materials, without vegetable fats, antibiotics and preservatives.

  •  The taste and smell of "Minskaya Marka" are sour-milk, without yeasty aftertaste. The consistency is very thick, without whey (however, according to ordinary buyers, it appears when the sour cream stands overnight in the refrigerator).

8. Swan milk


average price – 72 rubles per 180 grams

  •  Tasty, according to customer reviews, and high-quality, according to the results of a study by Roskachestvo, sour cream. Not liquid, not acidic, without starch, melamine and vegetable fats in the composition.

  •  According to the microbiological characteristics, "Lebedyan's milk" fully complies with the requirements for sour cream. And there were no discrepancies in the labeling and composition of the product.

7. Cow from Korenovka


Sold for 95 rubles for 300 grams

  •  This popular 20% sour cream is valued by Russian customers for its rich sour-milk flavor and thick texture.

  •  Roskachestvo's research confirmed that "Korovka from Korenovka" is not only tasty, but also safe for consumers, made without antibiotics, vegetable fats and other undeclared components in the composition.

6. Ermolino


In company stores 62 rubles for 200 grams

  •  Yermolino products are produced in the Kaluga region and sold in the company's own outlets. One of Ermolino's most popular products is sour cream.

  •  In the studied sample, antibiotics, starch, preservatives, melamine and other substances that could adversely affect the characteristics of sour cream were not found. It is uniformly thick, with a sour-milk aroma and taste. And the level of acidity indicates that Ermolino sour cream is made from fresh and high-quality ingredients.

5. House in the village


Price – 88 rubles for 300 grams

  •  Sour cream in a practical package with a transparent lid is made from cream and sourdough, without components that reduce the cost of production, such as starch and vegetable fats.

  •  It has a creamy taste and aroma, a uniform white color and a thick consistency. Judging by the level of acidity and the mass fraction of skimmed milk powder, Domik v derevne sour cream is made from fresh and high-quality raw materials.

4. Vkusnoteevo


Can be purchased for 75,99 rubles for 300 grams

  •  The name of this sour cream is true, it is really tasty – numerous reviews on Otzovik and iRecommend testify to this. The taste is light, sour-milk, without yeasty aftertaste.

  •  Antibiotics, preservatives, thickeners and heavy metals were not found in the composition, contamination by microorganisms is normal.

3. Vkusvill


It is worth 143 rubles for 300 grams

  •  Not the most common sour cream, it is sold in VkusVill stores. Made from quality products, contains only milk fat. The manufacturer did not add starch, preservatives and melamine to the composition. Sour cream has a taste characteristic of its product category with a slight sourness, and a sour-milk aroma.

  •  Perhaps, after additional verification, Roskachestvo experts will assign the Russian Quality Mark to this product.

2. Agrocomplex Vyselkovsky


Cost – 110 rubles for 450 ml

  •  One of the best sour creams with a 20% fat content is made by the Russian "Agrocomplex" named after. N. I. Tkacheva. By mass, the product is homogeneous, with a glossy surface, a light sour-milk aroma and a rich creamy taste.

  •  Roskachestvo experts did not find vegetable fats and preservatives in the composition of the studied sample. Also, antibiotics, starch and melamine were not added to sour cream. E. coli and other pathogenic microorganisms were not found in this product of the Agrocomplex.

1. Spar


It is worth 90 rubles for 300 grams

  •  The first among equals – a sample of sour cream from "Spar" – is sold in the company's branded stores. And although many buyers have prejudices against their own products of various brands, in this case they will be unfounded.

  •  Sour cream is made from high-quality, fresh ingredients, does not contain harmful microorganisms, antibiotics and preservatives. It contains only milk fat, and it tastes like butter.

  •  The following brands also made the five-star list of flawless sour cream:

  • Prostokvashino.
  • Kick scooter
  • Sarafanovo
  • Ecomilk.

The worst 20% sour cream of 2023 according to Roskachestvo

  1. Vyatskaya. Too much yeast, loose consistency, added vegetable fats.
  2. New village. Vegetable fats are added, the share of milk fat is only 60,3%.
  3. Just ABC. Escherichia coli was found in the studied sample. There is a slight smell of yeast. The proportion of fat is less than stated on the label.
  4. native nature. There is more yeast than allowed by TR TS. And there is less fat than indicated on the label. Loose consistency.