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Where to go in February 2023 at sea and



  •  Tired of kneading the snow with your feet, sniffing with a frozen nose and suffering from a lack of sun and warmth? Do you want to go to the sea and have the sand gently rustle under your feet? Or do you want an active holiday? Then you have found the right article!

In the selection of places to stay in February 2023, the editors have collected options for every taste, for singles, romantic getaways for two and family tourists. We selected 10 places at sea, abroad and, where you can go in February 2023.

10 Mexico


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test: not needed
  • Visa: needed

  •  In February it is cold, snowy and slippery, while in Mexico it is sunny and warm. In the popular resort of Acapulco, the air temperature during the day can reach +30 degrees, on the beaches of Cancun, Manzanillo, Guadalajara, Boca del Rio and Cozumel it is a little colder – from +24 to +27.

  •  And for families with children, various tourist sites recommend the Riviera Maya resort, there are many hotels with good infrastructure, there are children's parks and many Russian-speaking guides.

  •  Water in the Caribbean Sea warms up to +25 degrees, and in the Pacific Ocean – up to +28. So if you want to go to the sea in February 2023, then there is no better place than Mexican resorts.

9. Egypt


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test: not needed for those vaccinated with Sputnik V, for other people from 12 years old – required
  • Visa: needed

  •  February in Egypt is the coldest month, the daily temperature is around +20-24, and the water warms up to +23. There is practically no rain. But strong winds are not uncommon, so we recommend that you opt for Sharm el-Sheikh and resorts located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. They are protected from the winds by mountains.

  •  Since the active tourist season has not yet begun in Egypt in February, hotel prices are a pleasant surprise. And tourists will have plenty to do, from diving and snorkeling to quad bike safaris, camel and horseback riding, and sightseeing of countless Egyptian sights. At the same time, you don’t have to “push elbows” with other vacationers and look for where to hide from the scorching sun.

8. Maldives


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test: needed, regardless of vaccination certificate
  • Visa: not needed for up to 30 days

  •  The Maldives is one of the most popular and safe holiday destinations all year round. In February, it is warm (+28 degrees), sunny, and lush greenery, a piercing blue sky and fine white sand caress the look.

  •  The Maldives is a paradise for lovers, romantics and lovers of a lazy, relaxing holiday. Activities include fishing, snorkeling, seaplane flying, hiking and cycling, trips to the islands of the atoll, and various types of massage. The pleasure is not cheap, but those who have tried it say that it is worth it.

7. Belarus


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test: not needed with vaccination certificate and for children under 6 years of age
  • Visa: need not

  •  The country-reserve of the USSR will please those who are nostalgic for the Soviet Union with good-quality stalinkas, which are adjacent to modern buildings, cleanliness on the streets and numerous sanatoriums, many of which are located near picturesque lakes.

  •  Belarus is one of the most budgetary foreign holiday destinations in February 2023. A short (2-3 days) tour of Belarus will cost, on average, 15 rubles, for this money travel agencies usually offer a “basic set” – Minsk, Grodno, Dututki, Nesvizh or Mir.

6. Cuba


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test: not needed if there is a certificate of vaccination with any Russian vaccine, and for children under 12 years old
  • Visa: not needed for up to 90 days

  •  A country where beer and rum flow like water, and retro cars are still on the move – one of the few places on Earth where it is warm in February in summer. It rains, but rarely, the water warms up to 27 degrees – rest and rejoice. It's just that it's often cloudy.

  •  Delicious food, excellent fishing, beautiful girls and resorts – all this is just a tiny part of what Cuba is famous for. But don’t look for low prices there anymore, because of the coronavirus pandemic, they “rushed to heaven”.

It's important: from the beginning of 2023, to enter Cuba, you will need to fill out a single electronic form with passport data, vaccination information and other important information. Without this, they will not be allowed into the country.

5. Ski complex Arkhyz (Karachay-Cherkess Republic)


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test or QR Code: needed for settling and visiting public places
  • Visa: need not

  •  This all-season ski resort will delight outdoor enthusiasts with 27 kilometers of slopes and cable cars (4 chairlifts and the same number of gondola lifts).

  •  There are trails of different difficulty levels:

  • "green" for beginners,
  • "blue" for experienced,
  • "red" for the pros,
  • "black" for extreme sportsmen.

  •  Almost all tracks are artificially snowed, thanks to which the snow cover is always of excellent quality.

  •  You can come here with whole families, for children there is an open-air skating rink, a children's room and a tubing area.

  •  There are also ski touring and snowshoeing.

4. Suzdal


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test or QR Code: needed for settling and visiting public places
  • Visa: need not

  •  This quiet and small town is famous for its huge number of architectural monuments, including:

  1. The Suzdal Kremlin of the 10th century is the oldest part of the city.
  2. Museum of Wooden Architecture.
  3. Trading rows, where in the old days there were many merchant shops. Here and now there is a trade – mainly souvenirs.
  4. Pyatnitskaya Church.
  5. Mother of God-Nativity Cathedral.
  6. Lazarevskaya Church, etc.

  •  And if you get bored with admiring the old days, you can go for a sleigh ride (not a cheap pleasure – the price reaches 7000 rubles) or ride a snowmobile along the frozen Kamenka River.

3. Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi)


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test or QR Code: needed for settling and visiting public places
  • Visa: need not

  •  One of the best mountain and tourist centers will certainly be filled with freeriders in February, because this month is the peak of the “powder” snow season.

  •  But even tourists who are far from freeride will have something to do, and in a more or less calm environment, because the crowds of “New Year” visitors will already subside. You can ride a cable car, visit one of the two snow parks with areas for different skiing skills, or go with children to the Galaxy entertainment center with a water park, an interactive club, open slopes and other entertainment.

2. Taganay (Chelyabinsk region)


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test or QR Code: needed for settling and visiting public places
  • Visa: need not

  •  This huge national park includes trails for hikers of all skill levels.

  •  Picturesque mountain rivers, a trip to the Valley of Fairy Tales, beautiful landscapes of the mountainous Urals are the main, but not the only, advantages of Tanagay. This is an ideal holiday in February for those who dream of escaping from a gassed city and enjoying nature, clean air and snow, and not sour porridge mixed with reagents.

  •  January is the perfect time to book one of Tanagay's shelters, prices are already back to pre-holiday rates.

1. Karelia


  • Quarantine: no
  • PCR test or QR Code: required for visiting public places
  • Visa: need not

  •  If you are looking for original and unusual corners of Russia for a vacation in the winter of 2023, then there is no better place than beautiful Karelia.

  •  The unique architectural ensemble of Kizhi, built without a single nail, or the most beautiful mountain park Ruskeala, with its marble canyon and caves, or Mount Filina, or the Three Bears zoo complex – Karelia has something to surprise and interest you, you just need to choose the right tour.