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Fobase Magic – DIY smart watch from China

Fobase Magic


  •  Fobase has released an inexpensive smart watch Magic with the function of measuring heart rate, pressure, body temperature and blood oxygen levels. In addition, the watch is equipped with interchangeable panels, which is why the manufacturer added the fashionable word DIY to the name today (from the English Do It Yourself – Russian “do it yourself”).

Fobase Magic cost

On the Chinese online platform Aliexpress you can buy for 3705 rubles. And by promo code FOBASE1028 You can buy a watch for 3000 rubles. Coupon validity period: from October 28 to November 13. At the same time, you can take advantage of expedited delivery and an official repair guarantee for an additional fee of 304 rubles.

Packaging equipment

DSC_0728The packaging is concise, the box is compact, has a photo of a smart watch in 3 variations, information on technical characteristics is placed on the back.


  •  Smart watch package includes:

  • Smart Watches
  • Charging cable
  • Replacement panels
  • Instructions

Pairing and application

c2ujkdqlThe instruction has a QR code for installing the Glory Fit application, which makes it very easy to set up synchronization between your watch and phone.
The requirements for the phone operating system are Android 4.4 and above, iOS9.0. Pairing takes place via Bluetooth 4.0.
Pairing was easy.

  •  The Glory Fit application, in addition to the main functions, allows you to change the design of the dial to choose from dozens of ready-made options, or create your own design.


DSC_0785Separately, I would like to say about the design of smart watches – it is strict, concise and modern. There is no desire to replace or add anything.

  •  The size fits both men's and women's hands. The shape of the dial is round, there are 2 buttons on the side – a classic design.

DSC_0796Black matte rubber strap, has 2 rings for attaching the strap. On the inside, the strap has a ribbed surface, which allows it not to spin on the hand. The watch sits very comfortably on the wrist.


  •  The dial is made of tempered glass, which protects Fobase Magic from scratches.

  •  The watch comes with 2 interchangeable panels – steel and black. They can be changed with one turn and change according to the mood or clothes. Nice addition to a smart watch.

Charging and autonomy

  •  A cable is included for charging. It is attached to the smartwatch case with 2 magnets. It needs to be charged from a 5V source.

  •  According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts for 5-7 days in active use, in standby mode – up to 30 days. From my own experience, we can say that only 1% of the charge was used up in 50 week of use, and most likely what the manufacturer said about the timing is true.

  •  The solution with the indication of the degree of charge seemed a little strange. She is not informative enough. Instead of a constant decrease in the charge level, the indicator shows only intermediate values: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%. At the same time, with the indication of 0%, you can use the watch for about a day.

Water and dust resistant

  •  The smart watch has IP67 water and dust resistance, which allows you to use the watch at a depth of up to 1 meter and air temperature up to 35 degrees.

Smart watch functionality

Activity: here you can choose the type of activity that you decide to do. This is necessary for effective tracking of indicators – heart rate, calories, distance.

DSC_0813The list of sports was pleasantly surprised by its diversity:

  • Run,
  • a bike,
  • jump rope,
  • table tennis,
  • badminton,
  • tennis,
  • mountaineering,
  • walking,
  • basketball,
  • football,
  • dance,
  • sport bike,
  • yoga,
  • squats,
  • Treadmill,
  • jumping,
  • gymnastics,
  • rowing,
  • baseball,
  • volleyball,
  • cricket,
  • rugby,
  • hockey,
  • zone 2 (fat burning mode).

Weather: synchronization goes through the phone, on the screen you will see the weather icon – the sun, clouds, precipitation, and the temperature itself.


Messages: shows the mentions in which messengers you have messages. They can be read through a smart watch. The storage period for synchronized information is 7 days. Convenient feature, no need to take the phone.

DSC_0800Find phone: this feature will be appreciated by those who often forget where they left the phone or if it is lost in the bins of a women's handbag. When pressed, the watch sends a command to the phone to play the ringtone.

Stopwatch: everything is standard here to the point of banality – the “start” and “reset” buttons.

Temperature: This smart watch model has the function of measuring body temperature and blood. Comparing the readings of an infrared thermometer and a smart watch, we can say that they show the temperature with an error of 0.5 degrees downwards. Perhaps this is due to the location of the clock itself. All the same, the temperature on the wrists is slightly lower.

Pressure measurement: we are always skeptical about when non-specialized devices are endowed with such functions. Comparison of indicators was carried out with an AND tonometer. The smart watch showed an almost unchanged performance of 113/73. The tonometer showed 95/65. Face difference. When measuring pressure to another person, the watch showed the same 115/73. Judge for yourself at the expense of this function.


Pulse: handy feature for those who play sports. It allows you to track how effective your workout is. Comparing the indicators with the AND blood pressure monitor and a smart watch from another manufacturer, they agreed.


Blood oxygen level: This feature was a pleasant surprise, especially during a pandemic, it is very relevant. For a week of use, the oxygen saturation indicator was not lower than 92%. Unfortunately, there is nothing to compare this indicator with. Let's hope he's correct.


Daily activity: here you will see how many steps you took, how far you walked and how many calories you burned.

Sleep monitoring: The smart watch tracks your sleep phases based on your heart rate. This information will help you improve your sleep efficiency and therefore reduce stress and fatigue.

Incoming call: when you call, the screen will show the name from your phone book. With the help of the clock, you can reject the call if you need it.

Overall Impression

  •  Summing up all of the above and based on the week-long experience of wearing the Fobase Magic smartwatch, I would like to say that the design, ergonomics and sports functionality of the watch turned out to be quite good, especially considering the price of 3 rubles. Of the minuses: clearly incorrect readings of the tonometer and unconfirmed readings of the level of oxygen in the blood. But for such a price, it would be naive to count on the correct operation of these functions. In addition, the manufacturer himself indicates that these values \u700b\uXNUMXbare approximate and cannot be considered true.

  •  If you are looking for a smart watch for everyday wear and sports, then Fobase Magic is a good option. If we consider them as a health monitoring tool, then it is better to refuse to buy.