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The best sled strollers of 2023



  •  Outdoor walks are useful for children, but it is difficult to carry a baby in an ordinary stroller in winter – it can be cold for a child open to all winds, and it is difficult for mom or dad to roll a stroller along a snowy road. This is where the comfortable and ideally suited for winter conditions wheelchair sleds come in handy. You should think about buying them in advance, because there are many sales ahead (11.11 on Aliexpress, Black Friday, etc.).

  •  About how to choose the best sled-carriage, and what to look for when buying a vending model, I will tell you in the article. The rating is based on customer reviews in popular online stores, and on the recommendations of experts in specialized publications.

10. Nika Our children 3

Nika Our children are 3 in the ranking of sleds

  • Features foldable, seat belts, push handle, toggle handle
  • Material: metal, textile
  • Back tilt adjustment: yes
  • Included: leg cover
  • Load: up to 25 kg

  •  Not too heavy (weight 9 kg) and inexpensive sled-wheelchair with a folding design – it is convenient to transport in a car. A special arc mechanism is a reliable solution so that the user can quickly fix the seat back in one of 3 positions. You can recline the back to a horizontal position if the child wants to sleep.

  •  Retractable rubberized wheels allow you to carry a small passenger not only on snow, but also on asphalt.

  •  The seat is ergonomic, it protects the child's legs from wind and cold. And the visor protects from snow falling from the sky.

Pros and consstrong three-point seat beltrubberized wheelsreversible handlewheels "switch" with effort

9. ND7-5SK


  • Features: footrest, seat belts, push handle, foldable
  • Material: metal, textile
  • Minimum age: from 1 years old
  • Back tilt adjustment: yes
  • Load up to 25 kg

  •  The advantages of this model include a rich package. It includes:

  • fur mittens,
  • foot cover,
  • removable mattress,
  • a bag for Mother.

  •  Thanks to the wide seat (40 cm), even a large child will be comfortable in the stroller. The wheels are rubberized, there is a footrest with an adjustable angle of inclination. The back of the stroller can be adjusted in three positions, including unfolding so that the child can lie flat.

  •  A folding visor with a fur trim protects the passenger from the snow. And the legs of the child are placed in a cover with two zippers.

Pros and cons warm maneuverable convenient device – flip handle is heavy – 13,4 kg

8. Arctic NEW 2022, Pikate

Arctic NEW 2022, Pikate

  • Features: reversible handle, footrest, seat belts, push handle, folding, with backrest
  • Back tilt adjustment: yes
  • Load: up to 50 kg

  •  The novelty of 2023 from the Russian manufacturer in the top sled-chairs offers a rich package. It includes:

  • insulated envelope with internal padding made of natural sheepskin and synthetic material,
  • fleece mittens,
  • raincoat,
  • a bag for Mother,
  • fur mattress made of 50% sheepskin,
  • foot cover with circular zipper.

  •  The child is securely held by a five-point harness, and when it's time to take a nap, the backrest can be lowered to a horizontal position.

  •  The wheelbase is retractable, so that universal children's transport will dexterously go through snowdrifts and dry asphalt.

Pros and conscomplete set three-position hood with fur trimdurable and foldable metal framelightweight – 11 kg wide seat – 39 cm

7.Galaxy Glory Gloss

Galaxy Glory Gloss

  • Features: folding, seat belts, push handle, flip handle
  • Material: metal, textile
  • Back tilt adjustment: yes
  • Included: mattress, bag for mom, foot cover, mittens
  • Load up to 25 kg

  •  Inexpensive and good sled for a child, with a fur mattress and a foot cover included. The backrest is adjustable in three positions:

  1. lying,
  2. sitting,
  3. half-sitting.

  •  The model is supplied with a step with an adjustable tilt angle, and a retractable wheel base. The 35 cm wide seat securely protects the deep hood with fur trim.

  •  This sled stroller folds with a cane and fits easily into the trunk. Galaxy Glory Gloss weighs 12 kg.

Pros and cons

6. Nika Nika-children 7-6 ND7-6

Nika Nika-kids 7-6 ND7-6

  • Features: seat belts, push handle, toggle handle
  • Material: metal, textile
  • Back tilt adjustment: yes
  • Included: mattress, bag for mom, foot cover, mittens
  • Load up to 25 kg

  •  The Russian company Nika is one of the leaders in the production of children's goods. Therefore, in the ranking of the best sled-chairs, several models from this manufacturer are presented.

  •  One of the most balanced in terms of price and characteristics is the ND7-6 model. Designed for both boys and girls, it comes with everything you need to keep your baby warm and comfortable. The backrest can recline to a horizontal position. The wheels are durable, rubberized, and if necessary, they can be removed – there is a mechanism for changing to skids.

  •  The seat width of 40 cm allows you to comfortably accommodate a baby in spacious winter clothes in a sled-carriage. A visor with fur trim and a warm footmuff will protect the child from the cold and snow from above and below.

Pros and conslightweightmaneuverablebright design instead of an insulated mattress, only a fabric cape

5. Pikate Snowman

Pikate Snowman in the top 5 sleds

  • Features: flip handle, seat belts, push handle, foldable
  • Material: metal, textile
  • Back tilt adjustment: yes
  • Included: mittens, mattress, bag for mom, foot cover

  •  The top 5 best children's sleds are opened by a solid snowmobile for a small passenger weighing up to 30 kg. It is equipped with a soft and warm mattress, as well as a cover for the child's legs. A deep hood with fur trim protects the passenger from snow and rain.

  •  According to customer reviews, the wheels of the "Snowman" rise and fall jerkily, you just need to get used to it.

  •  Of the small but important amenities: the handle of the "Snowman" can be thrown so that the child is facing or back to the parent. And the back of the stroller reclines completely.

  •  Please note: Previously this model had a mechanical back, but new models come with a back with straps.

Pros and consdurable framedense, windproof fabricwide runnersshort handle

4. Velon Sledge-carriage for twins (cosmonauts)

Velon Sledge-carriage for twins (cosmonauts)

  • Features: for two, push handle, folding, with backrest
  • Material: metal, plastic, rubber, textile
  • Minimum age: from 0.5 years old
  • Back tilt adjustment: yes
  • Load up to 50 kg

  •  Double sled-carriage, with adjustable back (you can even spread it out horizontally), and large 21 cm wheels on bearings. Children will be comfortable and safe, because the stroller has a warm fur mattress and a five-point harness.

  •  There is a viewing window in the large canopy – through it the parent can watch the children without dropping the handle of the stroller. Dense stroller fabric is resistant to fading, rain and snow. The width of one seat is 35 cm.

  •  With the help of a foot pedal, the sanimobile quickly switches to sledge or wheel travel.

Pros and cons there is a bag for mom the stroller folds in one movement strong large wheels the price is heavy

3. Galaxy Snowflake Wagon

Galaxy Snowflake Wagon

  • Features: reversible handle, seat belts, foldable, with backrest
  • Material: metal
  • Back tilt adjustment: yes
  • Includes: rain cover
  • Load up to 25 kg

  •  One of the most inexpensive models in the wheelchair sled rating, however, “budget” in this case is not a synonym for “bad”. It weighs only 7 kg, has 2 backrest positions (for lying and reclining), and a flip handle with a rubberized pad.

  •  The fabric of the stroller is water-repellent, dense, and protects well from snow and wind. The wheelbase lowers and rises smoothly, and not jerkily, like many other sanimobile models.

  •  Otherwise, Snezhinka Universal does not stand out from modern competitors. Her equipment is the simplest (one might say, scarce), but the price is low. But the size of the seat could be done more. It is only 33 cm, so the stroller is more suitable for a slender child.

Pros and cons insulated cover with two zippers the presence of a folding mechanism there is a windscreen with a zipper visor without a viewing window no mattress

2.Galaxy kids 1-1 Plus

Galaxy kids 1-1 Plus

  • Features: seat belts, push handle, toggle handle
  • Material: metal, textile
  • Minimum age: from 1 year
  • Load up to 25 kg

  •  This model has a wide seat (41 cm), and a durable steel frame. In addition to mittens with fur, the package includes a removable fur mattress and a bag for parents.

  •  The visor is foldable, and large enough for a child wearing a pom-pom hat to feel comfortable under it. In addition to the fur-trimmed leg cover, the child will be protected from wind and rain with a removable transparent awning.

  •  In this stroller, you can not only sit, but also recline and lie – three options for the backrest position.

Pros and cons wide full protection from snow, wind and rain beautiful design strong yet lightweight construction large wheels (lift up if skids are needed) no

1. Nika for children 7-3 ND 7-3

Nika for children 7-3 ND 7-3 best sled-carriage

  • Features: flip handle, footrest, seat belts, push handle, foldable
  • Material: metal, textile
  • Minimum age: from 1 years old
  • Back tilt adjustment: yes
  • Included: mattress, muff, bag for mom, foot cover
  • Load: up to 25 kg

  •  The best sled with wheels in the review, in terms of price, appearance and performance. They are equipped with a transparent awning – with it the child is protected from rain and wind, and the mother can see what the baby is doing in the stroller.

  •  Thanks to the soft cover for the legs with foam insulation and the removable mattress with fur trim, the child will be comfortable and warm.

  •  If the backrest ND 7-3 is laid out in a horizontal position, then a child up to 110 cm tall will fit in it. And in a sitting position, the child will be comfortable with a footrest, the position of which can be adjusted.

  •  One press of the foot on the pedal – and skids take the place of the wheels so that the transport easily glides along the snowy road. Another push and the wheels lower to help the vehicle move quickly over smooth or paved surfaces.

Pros and cons good build quality warm large and durable rubber wheels wide seat for a child – 40 cm weight – 13,4 kg

How to choose a sled

  •  This type of transport successfully combines the advantages of a classic sled and the comfort of a stroller. And in order for the child to be warm and safe in any weather, the sled-carriage must be equipped with:

  • Three-point (in some models – five-point) seat belt.
  • Insulated mattress.
  • Adjustable in two positions (or better in three – up to horizontal) backrest.
  • Windproof and insulated leg cover.
  • Moisture-resistant visor made of dense fabric.
  • A viewing window, but not mesh, so that dirt, rain and snow do not fly into the child.
  • Reflective elements.

  •  Many sled-wheelchairs come with a bag for small things, a rain cover and other accessories.

  • Are the seams even?
  • Are there any deformations and dents on metal parts.
  • Are there any chips in the paint?
  • Is it easy to remove and install removable parts.
  • Is it easy to switch from skids to wheels. A sharp switch with a toss up can scare the child, and it’s not very good for the spine either.
  • Is the back easy to adjust?

  •  If you take a sled-carriage for a child under six months old, a prerequisite is only with a backrest that folds to a horizontal position. It is also desirable that the selected model has a flip handle so that the child sits facing the mother.

  •  Each manufacturer indicates the permissible load on the stroller – usually up to 25 kg, less often – up to 50 kg. Depending on the load, the maximum allowable age of the child is calculated.

Folding design and weight. The first should be considered if you plan to take the sled on trips and / or the apartment has little storage space. The average weight of this vehicle is 11 kg, there are options and heavier – 12-14 kg. The exception is sled-carriages for twins, here the weight can reach 15 kg.

  •  Finally, the climate must be taken into account. The colder the winter months in your area, the warmer the stroller should be equipped. The “minimum” set includes: a fur mattress, a cover with foam rubber or sheepskin insulation, a dense awning made of windproof fabric.