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The smallest cock in the world (18+)


  •  Measuring the length of your “weapon of love” is a popular and very ancient male fun. According to the legends, even divine beings willingly participated in it. Let us recall the same Priapus, the ancient Greek god of fields and gardens, who measured the length of a member with the donkey of Dionysus, and won (although there is a version that he lost, got angry and killed the winner). And in the Renaissance, codpieces came into fashion – richly decorated pouches for the male organ. This main decoration of the costume was proudly put on public display, to the envy of rivals.


  •  Many men believe that how good they can be in bed depends solely on the size of their penis. And there is indeed a grain of truth in this, because several things related to sex depend on the size of the penis, including the likelihood of a woman reaching an orgasm.

The average length of an erect phallus is in the range 12,9-15 see. But the penis in an adult with a length of less than 7 cm is referred to in medicine as a "micropenis".

  •  After studying the statistics from Wikipedia and other sources, we found out in which countries men live with the smallest penises and who have not just “micro” but almost “nanopenis” in the world.

Countries where men with the smallest penises live

  •  Here is a picture that shows the size of manhood, depending on the country of residence. This data, cited by the Australian National Agency for Health and Welfare, is the result of both Internet surveys (in which many have probably added a couple of extra centimeters to themselves) and measurements from the tip of an erect penis to the pubic bone.


  • The title of men with the smallest penis in the world (on average – 10 cm) goes to the Koreans. However, there are other studies conducted in South Korea. In the first study (published in 1970), 702 men aged 21 to 31 took part, and the average length of the erect penis in the subjects was 12,70 cm. In another study (from 1998), scientists with rulers at the ready studied 150 Koreans, and the average penis length this time was 13,42 cm. But the third study (published in 1999) with 279 Korean men showed that the average penis length in the homeland of LG and Hyundai is 12,66 cm So guess: either the rulers dry out over time, or something else.
  • But men with the largest average penis size can be found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (18 cm in the “combat position”).
  • There is a "folk sign" that the larger the size of the legs, the larger the man's penis. And here it is not. The researchers found no statistically significant correlation between penis size and the size of other body parts. One study by Siminoski and Bain (1988) found a weak correlation between penis size and nose size and height; however, it was too small to be used as a practical estimate.
  • But the connection between the anomaly of the genitals and limbs of a person may exist. The development of the penis in the embryo is partly controlled by the same genes that control limb development. Mutations in some genes that control limb growth also cause abnormal genital development.

Men may well underestimate the size of their penis compared to others. Surveys of sexologists show that many men who thought their penis was too small actually had medium-sized penises. And marketers have long ago learned to play on the fears of the strong half of humanity, offering creams, ointments, means for potency and other "XNUMX% reliable" means for penis enlargement. This is despite the fact that there is no consensus in the scientific community about a non-surgical method that can permanently increase either the thickness or length of the phallus.

By reading below, you confirm that you are over 18 years old!

The owner of the smallest penis in the world

the largest penis in the world (not in an erect state) is 48 centimeters.

  •  Carson said that in his youth he was teased by peers, and most of his classmates believed that he was actually a girl.

“For a long time, I felt so bad (due to bullying) that I thought I was really a girl. The guys laughed at me and told me that I have such a big clitoris ", Carson said.

  •  However, now the American is even proud of his reputation as the owner of the smallest penis, and has no desire to have an operation to increase the phallus. Mike assures that since he gained fame, the ladies do not give a pass, wanting to give his "baby" a test drive. This is where the adage that size doesn't matter definitely goes wrong.

  •  Carson's closest competitor is the Pole Lee Pzhyzbylovych. His erect penis is only 4 cm long. If you look at a photograph of this man's genitals, it's hard to believe that it belongs to an adult and not a child.

Lee Pzhyzbylovich photo of an erect penis

The smallest members in animals

  •  Reykjavik resident Sigurdur Hjartarson knows exactly which animal has the smallest penis. He did not have to study photos and video materials for this. After all, all the exhibits at Khyartarson, one might say, are at hand. In his museum of mammalian penises.

Sigurdur HjartarsonThis strange collection, which the Icelander has been collecting for about 15 years, contains the genitals of all animals living in the country, and many species from different parts of the Earth. In total, the preserved penises of 95 species of mammals are stored in the phallological museum.

  •  The largest exhibit is the penis of a blue whale, 170 centimeters long and weighing 70 kg. And he is not yet entirely, otherwise he would be 12 meters long and weigh about a ton.

The biggest cock is the blue whaleBut the owner of the smallest member among animals is a hamster. The length of his penis is only 2 mm, while the body is from 5 to 34 cm long. To examine such a tiny organ, you need to use a magnifying glass.

The smallest penis in a hamsterThere is also a human penis in the museum, belonging to a fascist who died at the age of 95.