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20 cutest animals in the world (photos and videos)

"Animals are very nice friends: they don't ask questions or criticize" – George Eliot



  •  Among the huge variety of terrestrial fauna, there are both disgusting and creepy creatures, as well as animals that can rightly be called "cute".

  •  Having studied several sites dedicated to zoology, we selected 20 specimens that can claim the title of "cutest animals". This top is not only pleasing to the eye, but also useful, because it will give you positive emotions, which are so lacking in a stressful life.

20. Meerkat

SurikatDespite the fact that this animal looks almost the same as its other mongoose relatives, it is famous for its human-like posture and love for hugs. Meerkats hug at sunset to warm each other.

  •  These mobile creatures can be found in the deserts of South Africa and parts of Angola. Highly social meerkats live in "bands" or "clans" of about 20 members, although some larger families can include up to 50 individuals.

19. Koala

cute koalaThis marsupial "be-be-bear" (which is actually not related to bears) can be found in the wild in the eucalyptus forests of Australia. However, most of us are used to seeing these cute, fluffy animals in zoos.

  •  Despite the attractive appearance, the koala has a rather vicious disposition. But that hasn't stopped us from including her in our Top 20 Very Cute Animals.

18. Red panda

Red pandaThis small animal, also known as the red panda and red cat-bear, is famous for its thick red or hazel-colored fur with yellow tips on the back. The red panda is a real “owl”, it is active at dusk and at night, and usually sleeps during the day.

  •  Unfortunately, there are very few red pandas left in nature (according to various estimates, from 10 thousand to 2500 individuals). But these fluffies breed well in captivity, so there is a chance to see a red panda at least in a zoo.

18. Clownfish

The most beautiful fish in the world reaches up to 18 centimeters in length, and the smallest one barely reaches 10 centimeters.

17. Chinchilla

ChinchillaOne of the cutest pets. Because of their extremely soft, plush fur, the chinchilla was a favorite hunting ground and at one time was even on the verge of extinction.

  •  It is unlikely that you will be able to see these animals in the wild, as these rodents usually live at dizzying heights in the Andes, Argentina and Chile. However, you can easily find a chinchilla at your local pet store and choose as a pet.

16. Roe deer

Roe deer, honeyA beautiful and graceful creature belongs to the deer family. Its characteristic features are a brown-orange skin, slender legs and sharp little hooves. The roe deer has a tail, but you can't see it under thick fur. Roe deer are found in many countries of the world, including Russia.

15. Alpaca

AlpacaMainly used for sweaters and warm blankets, alpaca wool gives these calm, domesticated animals a cozy and inviting look. Unlike other members of the camelid family, alpacas do not spit at humans. But in each other when competing for food – easily.

14. Bee Hummingbird

bee hummingbirdThe smallest bird in the world comes from Liberty Island – Cuba. The bee hummingbird got its name from the fact that it acts like a bee – it pollinates plants. Her wings flutter at 80 beats per second – so fast that the human eye perceives them as a blur.

13. Belek

BelekA newborn harp or Caspian seal is one of the most attractive and innocent creatures in the world. They have large black eyes and white fur. Because of the fur, pups are the object of the fur trade. Would you raise your hand to such a lovely creature?

  •  In 2009, Vladimir Putin introduced a complete, albeit temporary, ban on hunting seal pups, khokhlush and gray seals (different age groups of seal pups).

12 Giant Panda

Big pandaPerhaps soon we will only have to admire this cute animal in the photo. Giant pandas are endangered and there are only about 1600 left in the world. The reason for this is mainly caused by deforestation as pandas are heavily dependent on bamboo trees. Adult pandas eat up to 30 kilograms of bamboo and its shoots daily.

11. Fenech

FenechThis little nocturnal fox lives in the Sahara desert. Its most attractive features are its large ears and pointed muzzle. The cute appearance makes the fennec fox one of the the most beautiful animals and an ideal candidate for taming, especially since this animal is a little larger than one of the smallest cats in the world.

10 Snowy Owl

Polar owlAn owl is not what usually comes to mind with the word "beautiful", but not in the case of a snowy owl. This large snow-white bird is found on some islands in the Arctic Ocean, as well as in the tundra zone in Greenland, North America and Eurasia.

  •  Snowy owls are predators and skillfully hunt rabbits, rats and other small animals at night.

9. Capuchin

CapuchinSome of the cutest animals in the world are easy to train, quick-witted, funny, in a word, ideal pets for active and cheerful people.

  •  They have a funny habit of rubbing their fur with odorous substances, so keep perfumes and strong-smelling ointments away from capuchins.

8. Eared hedgehog

eared hedgehogThis small spiny mammal is one of the cutest animals on the planet thanks to its small size, long muzzle and of course big rounded ears.

  •  As is the case with all animals, baby hedgehogs look much cuter than adults and can melt even the harshest heart.

7. Flying squirrel

Flying squirrelThe only representative of the flying squirrel family that lives on the territory of Russia. Between the front and hind legs, the flying squirrel has a wide fold of skin. It is called the flying membrane and plays the role of a parachute for the animal.

  •  The flying beauty has a long and thick fur (thicker than that of ordinary squirrels), but it has a thin mezdra. And for the better, as it saves flying squirrels from the fate of becoming an object of fur trade.

6. Wombat

Wombat"Wombat, kitty, kitty, wombat." Admit it, did the lines of this animal hit immediately appear in your head at the mere word “wombat”?

  •  In appearance, the fur big man is very similar to a bear cub or an overgrown hamster. The wombat weighs up to 45 kg, has sharp teeth and can run up to 40 kilometers per hour, and at short distances it is even faster. Basically, don't piss off the wombat.

5. Dolphin

DolphinThis delightful marine mammal is considered the national animal of Greece. As the ancient Greek poet Oppian said: “Nothing was created in the world more beautiful than a dolphin!” And looking at photos of the cutest animals in the world, it's hard to disagree with Oppian.

4. Raccoon

Raccoon cutieRaccoons may be the cutest animals ever to dig through trash cans. But most of them are not afraid to show you their teeth if they feel threatened. In addition, their small paws are equipped with very sharp claws. Therefore, it is better not to stroke a wild raccoon, and even a domestic one – only with the permission of the owner.

3. Arctic fox

Arctic foxThe beautiful white "coat" of the Arctic fox may suggest that this is a gentle and spoiled creature. However, this animal is able to withstand incredibly harsh conditions – up to minus 50 degrees during the Arctic winter. Arctic foxes may be charming, but they are certainly hardy and tough beasts.

2. Imperial tamarin

The Imperial TamarinA delightful white beard and mustache give this monkey the appearance of a mentor who is about to utter some ancient wisdom. However, the growth of the "mentor" did not come out. Tamarins grow up to 25 centimeters in length, making them one of the smallest monkeys on the planet.

1. Ili pika

Eli pikaIt is highly unlikely that you have heard of the Illian pika, let alone seen one in person. This cute rabbit-like creature was first discovered in China in 1983, and was only seen for the second time in 2014.

  •  This unique Chinese fauna is found in the mountainous regions of Northwest China and is believed to have declined by 70% in the past 15 years.