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The richest women in the world 2021, Forbes ranking



In order to get into list of richest women in the world 2021, it is not enough to get wealth by inheritance. It still needs to be preserved and multiplied. What are the women billionaires from the top ten of the Forbes rating doing successfully. And we will briefly tell you about the sources of their wealth and the amount of their fortune for 2021.

10. Iris Fontbona and family

Iris Fontbona

  • Net worth: $23,3 billion
  • Source of wealth: mining

  •  The widow of Androniko Luksic became a billionaire by inheriting Antofagasta PLC, a Chilean mining company. Iris also owns a majority stake in the Quiñenco conglomerate, which is engaged in the production of beverages, banking, packaging and several other areas.

9. Gina Rinehart

Gina Reinhart

  • Earned in total: $23,6 billion
  • Thanks to: mining

  •  When Gina's father passed away, she inherited a majority stake in the Hancock Prospecting Group. At that time (1992), the company's business was not going brilliantly, debts and mortgages hung on it.

  •  However, thanks to the efforts of Rinehart, the company has not only paid off its debts, but is also prospering. It owns land lease rights in Australia's Pilbara region, home to the world's largest iron ore deposit.

  •  Gina's fortune is made up not only of income from the sale of ore, but also of royalties that are paid to her by other mining companies operating in her territory.

8. Suzanne Klatten

Suzanne Klatten

  • Capital: $28,7 billion
  • Owner: BMW, Altana AG

  •  During the pandemic, people were not up to expensive cars, but the crisis passed and the Klatten family's fortune grew by $10,9 billion. And BMW's revenue over the past year was just under $119 billion.

  •  In addition to the German automaker, Suzanne owns Altana AG, one of Germany's largest chemical companies, producing metallic effect pigments, insulating materials, sealants and many other specialized areas.

7. Yang Huiyan and family

Yang Huiyan

  • Condition: $ 29,6 billion
  • Comes from: real estate

  •  This 39-year-old Chinese woman is the majority shareholder of real estate developer Country Garden Holdings. She is currently the youngest female billionaire and also the richest woman in Asia.

  •  Yang Huiyan does business not only in Asia, but also in the United States, where she owns the educational company Bright Scholar Education Holdings.

6. Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars

  • She owns $31,1 billion
  • Source of wealth: animal feed, sweets

  •  When you buy M&M's or Skittles, somewhere Jacqueline Mars is quietly rejoicing. Because she is one of the owners of Mars Inc., which produces M&M's, Skittles, Mars bars, as well as other foods and drinks for people and products for animals.

  •  Jacqueline's parents were the founders of the company, and the fortune was divided between her and her two brothers, John and Forrest.

5. Miriam Adelson

Miriam Adelson (left)

  • Net worth: $38,2 billion
  • Source of wealth: casino

  •  In January of this year, Sheldon Adelson, who owned a 56% stake in casino operator Las Vegas Sands, died. And his shares passed to the widow Miriam.

  •  The pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to resorts and casinos in Las Vegas, and Las Vegas Sands closed 2020 with a net loss of $1,69 billion. In March, it was announced that Las Vegas Sands was selling off its Las Vegas properties and would focus on its Asian destination in Macau.

4. Julia Koch and family

Julia Koch and family

  • Owned: $46,4 billion
  • Source: Koch Industries

  •  Widow of David Koch, who passed away in 2019. David owned a 42% stake in Koch Industries, which is engaged in oil refining, chemical production, the creation of plastics and man-made fibers. After his death, Julia and her three children inherited David's shares in the conglomerate.

  •  The chairman of the board of directors of Koch Industries is Charles Koch (David's older brother), he also owns 42% of the shares.

3. Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott

  • Wealth: $53 billion
  • Wealth Source: Amazon

  •  Ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. After the divorce, Mackenzie received a 4% stake in Amazon, which at that time was worth about $35 billion.

  •  During the pandemic, McKenzie donated $5,8 billion to various non-profit American organizations. This money went to support projects in the field of health, racial equality and to support the LGBT movement.

  •  Mackenzie plans to donate most of her fortune to charity, and her new husband Dan Jewett shares her desire.

2. Alice walton

Alice walton

  • Condition: $ 61,8 billion
  • How He Got Rich: Walmart

  •  Daughter of Sam Walton, founder of one of the most successful retail chains in the world – Walmart. She also founded the investment bank Llama Company in 1988, but it has since closed.

  •  Walmart, however, remains afloat and initially boosted its online sales by 69% with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

1. Françoise Bettencourt-Myers and family

Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers is the richest woman in the world today

  • Owns $73,6 billion
  • How He Got Rich: L'Oreal

  •  Françoise became the reigning heiress of L'Oreal when her mother, Liliane Bettencourt, passed away in 2017. She now runs a holding company as chairman, and her family owns a 33% stake in L'Oreal.

  •  In addition to leading L'Oreal, Françoise is actively involved in charity work, she founded the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, which helps children with autism in France, and also finances projects in the field of science and art.

  •  In addition, the richest woman in the world is the exact opposite of a socialite. She prefers playing the piano and intellectual pursuits to the attention of the press. She is the author of several books on Jewish-Christian relations, Greek mythology (The Greek gods. Genealogy) and a five-volume study of the Bible (A look at the Bible).