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A3Tech Bloody V4M gaming mouse review

A4Tech Bloody V3M


  •  What qualities should a budget gaming mouse have – low price, comfortable grip and, most importantly, accurate positioning with fast response. Today we have one of these on review, we present A4Tech Bloody V3M. Looking ahead – design is also her strong point!


  •  While esports is not officially recognized as an Olympic discipline, you have a chance to develop your skills in your favorite games and prepare thoroughly. And what is the main weapon in the hands of a gamer? Definitely a gaming mouse. If you are faced with her choice, then our review can help in this difficult matter.

X'Glide multi-core bloody V3M gaming mouse

  •  The mouse comes in a cardboard box with Velcro opening lid. Before buying, you can visually evaluate the mouse.

  •  The most important information is printed on the box. The design is very bright and interesting, in the spirit of the Bloody gaming series.


  •  The main points that the manufacturer focuses on are located on the reverse side. Among them:

  • X'Glide Metal Armor Boot;
  • 3 left button modes (Core 1, Core2, Ultra Core 3);
  • color indicator of the selected mode on the scroll;
  • braided cable for USB connection;
  • two additional thumb buttons;
  • flickering backlight on the "palm" part of the mouse.

  •  It is also noted that the duration of the most used button is 10 million clicks.


  •  Inside the package is:

  1. Mouse
  2. 2 stickers with bloody logo
  3. Quick start guide with technical support information
  4. A business card with an address where you can download the bloody V3M software.


Mouse Specifications

A type: wired
Interface: USB(2.0/3.0)
Sensor: optic
Max Resolution: 3200 CPI
Polling frequency: 125~1000 Hz/sec (4 levels adjustable)
Number of buttons: 8
Memory:160 KB
Acceleration: 30 g
Tracking speed:75 inches/sec
Processing speed: 3.68 megapixels/sec
Metal legs:mileage over 300 km
Button life:over 10 million clicks
Cable Length: 1.8 M1.8 m
Dimensions:124x67x43 mm
The weight:160 g
System requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 / 8.1 / 10


  •  The first thing you notice after unpacking is the laconic design and pleasant coating. The classic case accommodates the usual set of buttons, and the surface is made of soft-touch plastic, ergonomic and pleasant to the touch.


  •  There are three mode buttons and a glowing bloody logo in the center.


  •  The side faces are made in the form of corrugated glossy plastic, for which it is convenient to hold the mouse. The thumb and ring finger are comfortably placed on them.


  •  In general, the mouse is suitable for owners of medium and large hands with a “palm” grip.


  •  The scroll wheel is rubberized, and the side faces of the wheel are made of transparent plastic and are illuminated in three colors – red, yellow or green, depending on the selected operating mode.


  •  The wheel works clearly and properly, no failures were noticed. Feeling good when using.


  •  Continuing to focus on ergonomics, I would like to note that the ease of sliding the mouse declared by the manufacturer due to the metal legs is really felt already at the first movement on the varnished surface of the computer table. By the way, experienced gamers still recommend using gaming mouse pads, and there are such ones in the bloody series.


  •  HoleLESS sensor design "no holes", powered by PixArt Imaging Inc.'s PAW3305DK-H sensor.



  •  The Bloody 6 software aims to fine-tune and unlock the full potential of the V3M and other mice in the series.

  •  First of all, these are the settings for the resolution of the sensor and the speed of the mouse.


  •  Setup page for wireless series models.


  •  Profile selection window, button configurator.


  •  And most importantly, 4 innovative shooting modes:

  • Core1 – suitable for role-playing games and strategies. Also suitable for FPS. Fastest mouse response with no lag.
  • Core2 – handy for FPS games, the ability to fire a burst of 2,3 and even 4 shots.
  • Ultra Core3 "Headshot"* is an auto recoil suppression and trajectory adjustment mode. Provides enhanced ballistics and well-aimed shots.
  • Ultra Core4 "Combo" * – allows you to configure the sequence of actions that will be performed by one click. Positioned for MMO/RPG games.

  •  * – modes are purchased separately by purchasing an activation code.


Cost in online stores

  •  At the time of publication of the material, the cost of the V3M gaming mouse in online stores, according to Yandex Market, averages 1500 rubles.

Review of bloody V3M after two weeks of use

  •  During the use of the mouse proved to be at a decent level. Both from an ergonomic and technical point of view, no negative points were noticed. The quality of the materials is decent, the sensor performance is adequate.

  •  Perhaps this is a successful example of a budget gaming mouse. It is quite possible to recommend it for those who just love to play and enjoy the game. What about esports? – It's a completely different story...