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Best corded phones



  •  More and more consumers are ditching landlines for smartphones, but it's worth thinking twice before doing so.

  •  The best corded phones offer a number of useful features: high sound quality, better coverage, and reliable reception so you don't have an awkward dropped call during an important conference call or discussion with a client. In addition, a corded telephone is easy to use, which is why many older people prefer it to a newfangled mobile phone.

  •  We present you the best wired phones for home and office, as well as stationary cellular models that have positive reviews from Russian users and are sold in large online stores.



  • Number of tubes included: 1
  • Functions: number repeat
  • Weight: 575
  • Country of origin: China

  •  This elegant and modern corded phone is ideal for people who need a quality phone at a low price. It has the ability to adjust the volume of the call, is equipped with a microphone mute button and has a solid build quality.

  •  Users also praise this model for its simplicity and reliability in operation and convenient buttons. These features make the LG-ERICSSON GS-5140 an excellent gift choice for an elderly relative.

ProsFeatures: loud bell, large numbers, wall-mountable, wire does not twist.

Cons: no display and caller ID, plastic turns yellow over time.

9.texet TX-214


  • landline phone
  • redialing a number
  • phone book
  • microphone mute button
  • ringer volume control

  •  One of the best corded phones for home and office is suitable for both desktop and wall use. It is equipped with a phone book for 13 numbers and a light indicator that will notify you of a call.

  •  If necessary, you can turn off the microphone in teXet TX-214, and its call sound is so loud that it can be heard from all rooms of a three-room apartment. But even if you need to make the call sound quieter, there will be no problems, because this device has a function to control the volume of the ringing signal.

Pros: large buttons, excellent audibility, easy to use.

Cons: boring appearance.

8. KIT MT3020


  • Fixed cell phone
  • Talk time: 8 hours
  • Standby: 48 hours
  • Weight: 500 gr

  •  Here is an unusual model of a good home phone. It is equipped with a powerful antenna, which improves reception in rural areas and other places with poor GSM signal quality. It also allows you to make calls and send SMS messages using a SIM card of any Russian operator with 2G support.

  •  The KIT MT3020 phone has such useful functions as caller ID and alarm clock, and is equipped with its own battery, which ensures communication even during a power outage.

Pros: High-quality build, loud sound when calling and talking, easy to use.

Cons: in some regions, the Tele-2 operator does not work in 2G, which means that its SIM card is not suitable for this phone.

7. Push-button retro phone GPO Pearl


  • landline phone
  • number of tubes included: 1
  • color: ivory

  •  Top 7 best phones for home use opens with a beautiful retro phone, made in the spirit of the devices of the early 20th century. There are no modern functions like caller ID and a phone book in it, only good old buttons, stylish design and solid assembly.

  •  GPO Pearl is compatible with all standard analog telephone lines and is equipped with an RJ11 connector.

Pros: loud, beautiful.

Cons: Expensive.

6 Alcatel T06


  • landline phone
  • redialing a number
  • wall mounting

  •  Easy to use, compact in size and inexpensive option for a home phone up to 1000 rubles.

  •  It can be mounted on the wall, rings very loudly and has one feature: the handset cord connects directly to the telephone socket. The panel that comes with the kit is only needed to end the call. A somewhat strange choice of the manufacturer, but this does not greatly affect the usability.

Pros: large and clearly visible numbers on the buttons, you can adjust the volume of the call, there is a button to turn off the microphone.

Cons: no caller ID and display, slightly outdated design.

5Gigaset DA710


  • landline phone
  • redialing a number
  • wall mounting
  • microphone mute button
  • ringer volume control
  • handset volume control

  •  An excellent wired phone model for those who need everything at once, from the presence of a speakerphone to the screen and the ability to connect a headset. An interesting feature of this device is the ability to adjust the display, it can be raised and lowered so that it is more convenient for you to look at it.

  •  Gigaset DA710 is equipped with a phone book for 100 numbers, has a caller ID (it works if the telephone operator supports the CLI and CLIP functions), stores the last 5 dialed numbers in memory and supports call forwarding.

  •  If necessary, you can dial the specified number by picking up the handset and pressing any button. This feature is useful if there is a child in the house and he urgently needs to contact his parents.

Pros: there is a key lock, you can separately adjust the volume for the call, speaker and headset, there is an organizer with a calendar and clock.

Cons: The address book name can be up to 16 characters long.

4. Panasonic KX-TS2350


  • landline phone
  • redialing a number
  • wall mounting
  • ringer volume control
  • handset volume control

  •  An excellent choice if you need an inexpensive wired phone for the office. The model from Panasonic allows you to change the volume of not only the ringer, but also the speaker, as well as redialing the number.

  •  And if you connect it to a mini-PBX, then by pressing the flash button you can call another number by hanging up. If necessary, Panasonic KX-TS2350 can be attached to the wall.

Pros: simple and stylish design will fit into any interior, long cord, handset fits comfortably in the hand, good call quality and sound when talking.

Cons: Weak tactile sensation when a button is pressed, making it unclear whether it was pressed or not.

3. Telta-308


  • landline phone

  •  If you are a child of the 90s of the XX century, then you will surely experience a pleasant, or not very, nostalgia, just looking at this device. It was made by the Perm Telephone Plant, and, according to reviews, it is made to last.

  •  The Telta-308 telephone is equipped with a rotary dialer, can work through a blocker, as well as with a high-frequency seal (AVU) subscriber installation, if its two-wire cord is replaced with a three- or four-wire one.

Pros: maximum ease of operation, loud ringer, good audibility.

Cons: No function other than rotary dial.

2. Ritmix RT-005


  • landline phone
  • redialing a number
  • wall mounting
  • microphone mute button
  • ringer volume control

  •  If you want to buy a wired phone for less than 500 rubles, pay attention to this model. It is available in multiple colors, wall-mountable, ringer volume control, microphone mute button and redial function.

  •  Users praise the good communication quality of Ritmix RT-005, strong and comfortable buttons, as well as the volume of the call.

ProsFeatures: convenient to use, compact size,

Cons: no screen and caller ID.

1. Termit FixPhone 3G


  • Fixed cell phone
  • Support for 3G
  • Can be used as a USB modem
  • Weight 700 gr

  •  This is a convenient solution not only for home, but also for a temporary office, point of sale or representative office at an exhibition. With Termit FixPhone 3G, you can easily and cost-effectively connect with attractive rates that can be provided by local mobile operators. The cellular network that this phone will work on depends on the SIM card that you insert into it.

  •  When installed on a stationary object, it is more convenient to power the device from the mains so that there is no need for constant recharging. If the power is suddenly cut off, Termit FixPhone 3G will continue to work thanks to the built-in battery, which will last up to 60 hours.

  •  And if you connect this device to a PC or laptop via USB, it can be used as a modem. At the same time, the download speed reaches 7.1 Mbps, the download speed – up to 3,6 Mbps.

  •  Termit FixPhone 3G is equipped with a detachable antenna that amplifies the signal where the connection quality is poor, and if the connection is still poor, then the standard antenna can be replaced with an amplified one operating in the 900-2100 MHz frequency range.

  •  All menus of the device are Russified, and it allows you to exchange SMSn or English.

Pros: Loud call sound, radio, BabyCall function (automatically call a preset number when you pick up the handset), three-way conference calls are supported.

Cons: The phone and radio off buttons are located next to each other, easy to confuse.