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Sales of new Amazfit PowerBuds Pro TWS headphones with advanced health monitoring functions have started

PowerBuds Pro


  •  New PowerBuds Pro wireless stereo headphones with advanced health monitoring and multi-scenario active noise cancellation have appeared.

Heart rate monitoring during exercise

  •  Amazfit PowerBuds Pro are equipped with PPG, an in-ear heart rate sensor that monitors your heart rate during sports. By touching the earpiece, the user can check his pulse, and if the heart rate is excessively increased during training, the device will be sure to inform about it.

Determining the position of the cervical spine

  •  Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, PowerBuds Pro can determine the position of the cervical spine. If the user is too long motionless, the headphones will remind him to change the position of the head and neck, as well as monitor posture, which will help prevent headaches and health problems of the cervical spine.

Smart hearing protection

  •  The headphones monitor the volume of the audio content you listen to in real time and, in accordance with World Health Organization hearing protection standards, provide volume and listening time recommendations in the Zepp app.

Smart running recognition

Amazfit PowerBuds ProBy providing intelligent recognition of the start of a run and automatically starting tracking of the corresponding indicators, the gadget is able to make the workout smoother.

Multi-scene active noise reduction

  •  The PowerBuds Pro provide up to 40dB of active noise cancellation with hybrid digital adaptive noise cancellation and passive sound isolation technology. Multi-scene active noise cancellation allows users to switch between different modes throughout the day.

  • In the mode "In room" key sounds and air conditioner noise are blocked, and background speech is muted.
  • In the mode "Movement" the user will not be annoyed by the sound of an engine in public transport or an airplane, while important voice announcements will not go unheard.
  • Mode "Training" allows you to hear the sounds of traffic to safely play outdoor sports, but the wind noise will not disturb the user.
  • Adaptive mode automatically adjusts noise reduction according to the environment.

Call noise suppression

  •  Three microphones in each earbud enhance call quality with an intelligent noise-cancelling algorithm. The voice of the interlocutor during the call will be crystal clear.

Superior Sound

  •  The earbuds provide realistic surround sound and immersive listening experience for up to nine hours, while the charging case extends the battery life up to 30 hours.

Price and availability

  •  In Russia, Amazfit PowerBuds Pro can be purchased from the official Amazfit store on Tmall at a price of 10 rubles.