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Top 10 iPhone Selling Scams



  •  iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the secondary market. Sales are especially active in anticipation of the release of a new generation of apple devices – everyone is actively trying to sell devices that are losing or have already lost their relevance in order to quickly acquire a novelty. This time is a great way to buy a good smartphone for those who are not chasing the latest versions, evaluating things objectively.

Here you should be extremely careful not to run into an unscrupulous scammer. Below we consider The most popular iPhone sales scams, knowing about which, you can buy an iPhone from your hands, reducing the risk of being deceived.

10. Prepayment

PrepaymentThis type of fraud is popular not only when selling iPhones, but also other mobile devices.

  •  Of course, there is also a classic “divorce” with an advance payment and a further break in all contacts, but it has become much more difficult for modern youth to buy this. Fraudsters are now going more sophisticated ways, offering you courier delivery directly to your home with payment for the goods only after receipt and inspection. But then they start talking about fraud attempts, robberies of couriers, and so on, offering to pay with the protection code to the personal account, and hand the protection code to the courier after receiving the mobile device.

  •  In fact, you will simply send funds to someone else's card or mobile number, which will be issued under the guise of an agreement number, and you will no longer see any courier.

9. Refurbished iPhone disguised as new

Refurbished iPhone disguised as newFor many iPhone buyers, it is a mystery what the letters “ref” stand for on the device box. Ref or refurbished is a factory-refurbished device in which some manufacturing defects were found, which was broken, drowned, or for other reasons lost its functionality. Abroad, such devices are indeed completely repaired, tested, cleaned and resold at a slightly reduced price.

  •  In our country, under the guise of “ref”, they can sell iPhones with low-grade Chinese spare parts, low-quality replacement screens, etc. After such handicraft repairs, they will last a maximum of several months, after which the new owner will face a number of problems. So don't be tempted, especially by the privateers who talk about a brand new iPhone at such a nice price.

8. Chinese iPhone

Chinese iPhoneThe times when Chinese analogues of the iPhone were released with hieroglyphs in the menu and a television antenna are long gone. Today, it can be very difficult to determine the original afyon in front of you or the Chinese one, even upon close examination.

  •  Therefore, you should not be fooled by convincing stories that a person was suddenly given two identical phones, he has urgent problems with money, and even has checks from Svyaznoy or Euroset. All this is very easily faked in order to sell cheap stuff under the guise of an original device.

7. Faulty iPhone

Faulty iPhoneA device that looks brand new, but is faulty, is covered with films, packed in a box and sold under the guise of a new one at a reduced price. There are always a lot of people who want to.

6. Locked under the iPhone operator

Locked under the iPhone operatorDevices blocked for work with a specific US operator are sold there for about $200. By replacing the sticker on the box and sealing the device back in film, it can be sold at a price of about 20 thousand rubles.

5. Robbery of a buyer

Buyer RobberyOf course, everyone will now think that it would never occur to anyone to buy into such a stupid divorce. The iPhone is sold at an extremely favorable price, but, of course, they can only meet in some remote area at a late hour, because they are busy at work and all that. In fact, the victim is simply lured into some remote place with a lot of money with him.

4. Blocking a Sold iPhone with an Apple ID

Locking a Sold iPhone with an Apple IDDue to the fact that iOS 7 introduced the functionality to remotely lock the device in case of loss or theft, this option has become one of the most common methods of fraud when selling an iPhone.

  •  Literally a day after the transaction, the buyer receives a blocked device with an approximate message “This device has been stolen, I know your location. Give the phone back or I'll take the report to the police." Of course, most prefer not to contact the authorities and return the phone, after which the scheme can be repeated indefinitely.

3. iPhone layout

iPhone mockupUnder the guise of the original iPhone, dummies can be sold that are used to install on store windows. Like boxes, films and other necessary consumables, they can be easily bought for next to nothing in unlimited quantities.

2. Defective iPhone

Defective iPhoneHaving found a reputable store with good reviews on Yandex.Market or Avito, which has a discount price on the iPhone, you can place an order without going into details.

  •  The courier will rush and fuss, quickly talking about all the conditions. Already after his departure, you will find that the iPhone is not working, after which it will be fruitless to sort things out with the fraudulent store.

1. iPhone replacement during the sale process

iPhone replacement during the saleThe sleight of hand of some scammers can be colossal. Right at the meeting, they will show you the original device, and then, in the process of packaging and payment, they carefully replace it with a mock-up or a fake.

10 tips on how to buy iPnone off hand and not be scammed

  1. Check the completeness and originality of the accessories
  2. Make sure the device is not linked to an AppleID
  3. Require a hard reset and AppleID
  4. Inspect the device for traces of opening and repair
  5. Check the serial number on the box, in the device menu, imei on the website
  6. Examine the packaging for fuzzy printing and other signs of counterfeiting.
  7. Never prepay
  8. Do not go to a meeting alone and if possible do not take cash with you
  9. Install your own sim card to make sure it works.
  10. Try to call a friend and receive an incoming call.

  •  We hope that our material will help you to be aware of the most common ways of fraud and deceit when selling a used iPhone by hand or through an ad on Avito and warn you against buying mistakes.